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Biography APHEX TWIN
They say, though one American entrepreneur (actually, he became an entrepreneur thanks to the events indicated below), once stuck a sticker with the words "shit happens" on the bumper of his car. His friends thought it before it amusing that they asked the craftsmen to paste the same stickers on the bumper of their cars. Then it is like familiar friends, and so on. In short, the guy quickly patented the invention, put stickers on the production flow and become a millionaire. But, generally speaking, it is not about that, and that first ... but, sorry, sometimes the same happens. Aphex Twin was no exception to the rule, and, like the other five and a half billion fellow earthlings, for the time being quietly put up with the above-named itself the fact ... Richard D. James (Aphex real name) was born in the town of Truro, County of Cornwal, England, and was a gifted child. It is unclear how his father, Richard, miner by profession, and sister, whom he had much influence on his choice, but somehow or other major distractions were a little genius, electronics and hip-hop. In late 1991 the first multi-year studies for the first time make themselves felt, and the local studio comes first and, quite frankly, is not the most successful single, Richard called "Analogue Bubblebath".

It has always been called a freak. "My music - it's just the relationship between me and what I do," - says Richard. If you listened carefully to his records, you can not disagree that the music of James does not have manufacturing technology and that the musician is unlikely to explain to you how it is taken and what will result in some time. "For music, like any other art form, there should be no rules, all the established rules only constrain the creator, preventing it" - this, incidentally, his sentence. It has long been observed that genius manifested mainly in three areas: in chess, music and mathematics. They say even though it is explained from a purely scientific point of view. Perhaps that is true, because not for nothing that Richard is also a brilliant chess player, and a good mathematician. Early recordings of James, such as "Analogue Bubblebath" and "Didgeridoo", first announced to the world of techno on the appearance of something new genius. And here is Richard and missing the first star, and less and less repeats his favorite phrase - "shit happens". When James became for DJs, the club was not breaking through, as a remixer he simply did not have equal. It seemed that this was it, thank. But what is real fame, Richard learned a little later, with the birth of his first album, "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" in 1993, and "Selected Ambient Worksll" in 1994

. Not remember who, . but that is not important, . but someone very aptly brought the following formula for the stunning success of James: the secret of his mastery, . all his genius - in an intuitive ability to mix in an absolutely precise amounts of pop music and high art, and add to the mix a little mischievous humor,
. In my opinion, it is said very precisely. Perhaps it can be called in one word: surrealism. Released after the albums single "Ventolin" is best described in words of James himself: "I never really thought about what I create. If I did, then my music would come to the senses than anything else, and it would be the end of the whole meaning of my creativity ". Like all of Richard's, this single is fundamentally different from its predecessors, but one feature was for all the works of James integral. Neobdumannost.Skoree even thoughtlessness, but thoughtlessness genius. In 1995, Richard released a compilation "... I Care BecauseYou Do", which has silenced even the most indefatigable critics skeptikovego creative miracle to hold on the role of those before this release. Perhaps the album will go down in history as a record for the number of instruments used in it (everything - computer, of course). This orchestra's most bizarre and unusual, but very harmonizing with each other sound carries in the new, so unusual and a real world. The next step in the work of James was short (by the standards of such music) album "The Richard D. James Album ".

This name is not accidental, work is really more like a business card, musician. Each song seemed rasskazyvaetob some stage in the life of Richard. Music on it sounds like a separate language. Language Genius. Language Aphex Twin. Donkey Rhubard perhaps one of the best singles Aphex Twin. He was released after the album ... I Care Because You Do, and is an excellent complement to. The first two tracks, though not quite in the spirit of the measured mood of this album. The first of them - sparkling fun track, upbeat techno with a catchy melody. The second track is less interesting, it looks like a remix of Donkey Rhubarb, but the mood he is more inert and somehow a little monotonous. The second part of the single simply adorable. Remix Icct Hedral simply incomparable, this version with the missing bit and full orchestral arrangement much better than the original. Pancake Lizard made in the same vein as the original Icct Hedral - a complicated percussion and orchestral melody over it, it all merges into a single entity, which charms. Overall, an excellent single, decent law to be in any kollektsii.Window Licker long-awaited and, unfortunately, very short single Aphex Twin. This release combines three very different tracks. The first and title, Window Licker, this work is in the style of album, Richard D. James Album, with pleasant melodies, but adorned with unexpected delays, setbacks - in other words, it does not get bored. The second track is just as difficult to describe, as to pronounce her name.

This track - one of the most experimental, only what Richard did for his various pseudonyms. Who has a structure, it is at the same time totally insane, and sometimes looks as if the author simply experimenting with different effects. Finally, it ends all this outrage melody, which sounds as if Richard was doing music boxes. The very idea is not accidental, because one is used is very similar to the effect of sound coming from the key, which works the chest, and the melody itself changes the speed ... In general, very bad. Now, about the various editions of this single. In Europe, he left two discs: the first three tracks on the second video for Window Licker and a bonus track - demo version of the title track, its existence demonstrates what can be done with the idea if you want. A trial version of Window Licker - this is only a few times for main melody of this track. As for the American version of Window Licker, there are three tracks and videos. Choose, if you have the opportunity. Aphex Twin - not only a pseudonym under which he worked, Richard. His record also went under the alias Polygon Window (), Caustic Window (s). He participated in projects such as BLUE CALX, PCP and GLOBAL COMMUNICATION. By slovamsamogo Richard, in his rhivah more than one hundred fifty hours of music composed by. So, fans of Aphex Twin, get ready ...

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  • Embrion for APHEX TWIN
  • Embrion for APHEX TWIN
  • Sick for APHEX TWIN
  • Respect, Aphex twinu and all its pochetatelyam!
  • xtal. for APHEX TWIN
  • Hands and feet !)))
  • Resident Evil for APHEX TWIN
  • Apheex??? Sluugss! He is a genius! Course! I have all albums Richard'a Listening to this music you will live much longer ... Believe ...
  • Seven for APHEX TWIN
  • Excellent music, whoever he nibyl he mega, conveys to the listener a lot of sensations, the quality of his otstutstvovat can not, and individuality ... it can pozovidovat ...
  • Arthur Khubbiev [Influence] for APHEX TWIN
  • My girlfriend left me because of the fact that I fell in love with the song Cilonen
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