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Jeff Dounes and Trevor Horn (The Buggles) came to replace departed from YES Haystacks Veykmena and John Andersen. They joined forces with Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White. Album "Drama" ( "Drama") was the result of their joint work, and was followed by a trip around the world. It soon becomes clear that the native structure does not take Yes, Trevor Horn as a replacement for John Anderson. Yes disintegrates, and Horn and Dounes returned to the studio to work on the second issue of The Buggles "Adventures In Modern Recording" ( "Adventures in the Modern Records).

Coincidentally, another British group, UK, also broke. John Wetton was in search of new music since his work with Robert Fripp of King Crimson, and UK was the next logical step in this search. Originally consisting of a quartet with Eddie Jobson (Keyboards), Bill Bruford (percussion), and Alan Holdsworth (guitar), Bruford and Holdsworth leave the UK after the release of debut album. But the group joins the drummer Terry Bozzio, and the UK continue to play as a trio. The result of their collaboration are two more albums, . "Danger Money" ( "Dangerous Money") and "Night After Night" ( "Night by Night"), . have time to go before, . as a group there are differences between Wetton and Jobson, . led to irreparable schism,
. It's time for John Wetton to get a list of 40 best performers - the success that he so longed for. While waiting out the project, he records his first solo album - "Caught In The Crossfire" ( "In the crossfire").

Following the album "Love Beach" ( "Beach Love") of Emerson, Lake and Palmer make a farewell bow. Together with a group of American musicians, Charles Palmer, forming a new group - PM. They manage to release only one album before the collapse.

January 1981. Steve Howe and John Wetton meet and begin to write and play, intending to make a joint project. In the end, they decide to form a group. Dounes and Palmer collected a quartet and named him ASIA (say, what is the name suggested the band's manager Brian Lane). Entries are beginning to take place at a furious pace.

Released debut album, "Asia" ( "Asia"). It starts with a modest tour. However, what happens then just suddenly. The album, and with it, and the single "Heat of the Moment" ( "the middle"), take off the top of the charter. Nine million copies of their debut album sold around the world. Panel is not prepared for such success and attention, given that they have the material for a live show just for 45 minutes.

This is followed by a successful world tour. To complete the display, the addition of the individual solos and demo versions of songs for next album. Also released two videos for songs "Heat of the Moment" and "Only Time Will Tell" ( "Only time will tell"). During the tour, in support of the album, also released a video for the song "Sole Survivor" ( "survivor"). He rarely show (just live shots from the life of the group), and he soon disappears from the screen. The video for the song "Wildest Dreams" ( "wildest dreams") Party was 'too extreme' because of the graphic images of war.

. By the end of the tour begins to arise within the group split.

. 1983
. To avoid British tax officials, the Panel proposes to spend some time outside the UK
. They are sent to the mountainous areas near Montreal, Quebec. It is very cold, and this place is isolated from the outside world. Work begins again with Mike Stone. Dounes and Wetton joined as a 'team is writing a' for new album. Steve Howe, who wrote five tracks for their debut album, is not taken into account. Tensions begin to mount between Howe and Wetton.

Album "Alpha" ( "Alpha") finally released. There were two more official video - "Don't Cry" ( "Do not cry") and "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes" ( "The smile has left your eyes"). Tour continues. 10th September, John Wetton even without knowing the last time playing with the group at Pine Knob in Detroit, Michigan.

. Backstage, Jeff and leadership ASIA enraged by the fact that the album "Alpha" failed to meet expectations, due to the success of their first album
. They demanded a fundamental change in the group, and John Wetton was removed from the team. Greg Lake (made earlier in the ELP) was invited to replace Wetton to show the group in the show "ASIA IN ASIA" on MTV in December.

Lake goes, once it becomes clear that his voice is not suited for the material group. Geffen and leadership ASIA realize the commercial value Wetton as an artist and invite him back. Unable to work well together with Wetton, Steve Howe is leaving the group during the recording third album. Mandy Meyer (held earlier in Krokus) begins to play the guitar. Endless studio work continues.

The third album "Astra" finally released. Made another video for the song "Go" ( "Go"). "Astra" from a commercial point of view was not able to meet expectations, and tour with him lifted. At the Asia ended as a group.

. Never played with Asia at the concert, Mandy Meyer, developing a cadre of Katmandu in 1990, along with former restaurant singer Dave King, Mike Alonso on drums, and Caine Carruthers on bass.

. 1986
. Album EP "Aurora" ( "Aurora") released in Japan
. This - limited edition of 20,000 copies allegedly produced. It contains the song "Too Late" ( "Too late") from the "Astra", and trehsinglovuyu side with the songs "Ride Easy" ( "Go on"), "Lying To Yourself" ( "a lie") and "Daylight" ( " Daylight ").

. After the collapse of Asia Geoff Downes returned to the studio to record his first solo album.

. Steve Howe (with Geoff Dounesom as a producer) form a group of GTR with Steve Hackett (prior to Genesis) and Max Bacon
. They are sent on a world tour with moderate success is based on the single "When The Heart Rules The Mind" ( "When the heart controls the mind").

. Bassist Phil Spalding GTR Downes is well-known bassist and vocalist John Payne.

. John Wetton recorded duet album with Phil Manzanera (prior to the Roxy Music)
. Album is called "Wetton / Manzanera".

John Wetton gathers a group of friends at The Marquee Club in London. Wetton, Carl Palmer, Phil Manzanera, Robin George, and Don Airey played two nights, 4 and 5 June. A wide musical repertoire, including "Don't Cry", "Keep On Loving Yourself" ( "Go love yourself") and several other commonplaces hits.

Wetton writes "Gypsy Soul" ( "Gypsy Soul") under the name Asia for the soundtrack to the film "Over The Top" ( "over the top") with Sylvester Stallone. Here Wetton worked with Giorgio Moroder (programming and keyboards) and Dan Huffom (guitar).

As a favor to a friend, John Wetton joins Phenomena II: Project Dream Runner ( "Runaway Dreams"). There, he sings a solo track "Did It All For Love" ( "All for Love"), which, in turn, becomes a hit album. It turns out a video for this song. During her recording Wetton Gorhamom met with Scott and Michael Sturgis (both of 21 Guns).

. The first solo album, Jeff Downey, "The New Dance Orchestra - The Light Program" ( "New Dance Orchestra - Light Program") was recorded at Geffen Records.

. Wetton and Downes, along with Gorhamom and Sturgis practiced and written down, hoping for a possible reunion ASIA
. In Japan, the record has already been implemented, but it was hard to extend this experience in other countries. Wetton left, when they realize that their global distribution will be impossible. Some tracks still appear in other projects - "Summer Can't Last Too Long" ( "Summer can not be so long") (Then & Now) and "Kari-Anne" ( "Kari-Anne") (Live in Moscow ).

. In search of a partner, such as the Downs in September, comes to the concert of John Payne's The Passion
. That evening most stood out the demo version of the song "Love Like The Video" ( "Love as a video).

In late 1987 and in 1988, Downes working on a project album RAIN. No permanent membership, the question with vocalists. John Payne and Max Bacon (ex-GTR) performed some tracks. Bacon suddenly leaves. Payne and Downes strengthen working relationships, and continue to cooperate. Much of the material of this period eventually appeared in the album "Archiva" in 1996.

Carl Palmer joins again with Keith Emerson to create a new Group Three with the singer and bassist from California, Robert Berry. Their debut album does not represent a great interest in Emerson, and soon thereafter leaves.

. John Wetton collects his best songs do not belong to Asia in the album "King's Road" ( "Road King") to record with EG.

. After a long work with John Payne, Downes began working with Greg Lake on a possible project.

. 1989
. Responding to an invitation to play in a number of stadium concerts in Europe with the Beach Boys and It Bites, Wetton quickly joins forces with Palmer, keyboardist John Young and guitarist Alan Darby
. Jeff Dounes was temporarily out of reach of composing and writing with Greg Lake (project "Ride The Tiger" ( "Riding the tiger").

During the mini-tour, Wetton and Palmer quickly realize that there is an audience for music Asia. Another tour is scheduled for the autumn, first in Germany, for some smaller audiences. Darby resigned and was replaced by German guitarist Holger Larish.

Inspired by their success, Wetton and Palmer Downes persuaded to join the group. John Young leaves. Holger Larish also unceremoniously removed from Asia.

John Payne was invited to work in the Electro Light Orchestra in New York, followed by leaves and Jeff Lynne. Draft (not yet named ELO II) is in development. Payne, a little later, leaving the group forever.

Pat Thrall (from Hughes / Thrall, Pat Travers, and the group) joined the group as a guitarist in the 1990-91 year. Deal with Geffen (or the performance of the old contract) - release a collection of old and new material, follows in the album "Then And Now" ( "Then and Now"). Videoklim on the hit "Days Like These" ( "Days like these") is removed, but never released.

In search of inspiration for the new album Asia travels a lot. For performances in Germany, followed by shows in Japan, Britain, Russia, and, finally, in Brazil. Wetton was disappointed in the joint work and expressed a desire to start a solo career.

The two performances filmed in memory (Nottingham and Moscow). Nottingham called "Andromeda". Wetton left, and Carl Palmer switches to the re-establishment of ELP.

Pat Thrall continues to work in several projects, including work in the studio and touring with Meat Loaf. In addition, he also works with his old teammate Hughes-Thrall bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes, Hugh's solo on "FEEL" ( "Sense") 1995.

. 1991
. Not finding a reliable project, Jeff returns to the producer's activity, this time working with a group of If Only for the album "No Bed of Roses" ( "No Bed of Roses")
. Together with guitarist and vocalist Greg Hart (who later began working with Jeff on the album Aqua), Jeff produces and sells keyboards. Album released on Jimco / Czar in 1992.

Downes decided once again to lift Asia out of the ashes, and continues to restore the group with John Payne on bass and vocals. Work on the first studio album in Asia after 7 years starting with Carl Palmer and Steve Howe. American Al Pitrelli joins the group at the festival, and subsequently writes the majority of instrumental tracks. Drummer Michael Sturgis adds a few extra tracks on the drum.

Downes started the year by playing a series of concerts with Trapeze (Glenn Hughes). Later, he finishes work on what would be his second solo album "Vox Humana" in Advision studio in Brighton, England.

Released "Aqua", the fourth full-length studio album by Asia. Steve Howe is to make a tour as a 'Special Guest'. The world tour is successful with the drummer Trevor Thornton and guitarist Vinny Burns. Noticeable lack of Howe in all track of the album "Astra".

Jeff released his second solo album "Vox Humana" to recording Jimco Records.

In support of the album "Aqua" done more touring. Closer to fly Vinnie Burns goes to Ultravox, and in its place comes Keith Moore (later a group Arena). Summer festival performances in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania and Estonia complete the tour of "Aqua". For Asia comes well-deserved break from traveling. Steve Howe comes out of the composition, to create a solo project.

. Dissatisfied with his second solo attempt to "Vox Humana", Downes re-connects several tracks, and release a new album on the All at Once Records.

. Downes and Payne begin writing in the late summer, and return to the studio in November to begin recording the continuation of "Aqua"
. Al Pitrelli is returned to the group with a guitar, and Michael Sturgis again plays the drums.

In May '94 goes "Aria". Summer's gone to festivals, with Japanese and European perceptions. Michael Sturgis joins the group as a 'permanent' drummer enrolling. Al Pitrelli joins for the first part of the tour before his departure. Former Simply Red guitarist Aziz Ibrihim replaces Pitrelli during the second part of the European tour.

Downes and Payne regroup in London, creating his own studio. They decide to break off relations with their management, Huge and Jolly. A new management structure takes effect, and the group will take control of their own affairs. Starts recording the third album Asia with John Payne.

In 1996, out in the light of the long-awaited album "Arena". Boldly abandoning the previous traditions ASIA, "Arena" is trying to show the sound in the 21st century. Keyboards Jeff Downey occupy a central place, and John Payne delivers a vocal and beaten all that was in the "Aqua" or "Aria". At this time the group consisted of - Michael Sturgis, Aziz Ibrihim, Elliot Randall (guitar), Louis Zhardem (percussion) and Tomoyatsu Hotei (guitar).

. Group pays tribute to the progressive years, providing a staggering work of "Day Before The War" ( "Day Before the War")
. She was destined to be a major hit shows for many years. "Words" ( "Words") and "Turn It Around" ( "Turn around") makes moan Hall. "Arena" ends with a beautiful solo on the keyboard, which performs Jeff Dounes. Asia has returned!

After endless negotiations with Geffen Records, Duan Gvorek (longtime partner Jeff Dounesa) take measures to licensing Dounesa debut solo album "The Light Program" ( "Light Program"). For a lot of money looks for Gvorek usovershensvovanny classic keyboard instrument. However, Downes Gvorek re-released the album through the agency by Rob Eylinga Voiceprint Records. As a result Eyling agrees to reissue all three solo records Dounesa ( "The Light Program," "Vox Humana," and "Evolution").

Foothold in their new studio in Wales, Jeff and John opened archive. Demo recordings of the band from 1988 to date, collected for a double album not released material. "Archiva 1" and "Archiva 2" released June 17 in Resurgence Records in the UK. They contain the demo tracks from the early work of Downes / Payne, "Aqua", "Aria", "Arena", and some surprises. Rodney Mettyus once again provides the cover art.

Plans for touring the album "Arena" will not be realized, so that the group turns its attention to other projects. Four CD-ROM released with Voiceprint UK - "Live In Nottingham - 1990" ( "Living in Notingeme - 1990), . "Live In Osaka - 1992" ( "Live in Osaka, Japan -1992), . "Live In Philadelphia - 1992" ( "Live in Philadelphia - 1992"), . and "Live In Koln - 1994" ( "Live in Cologne - 1994).,

. The greatest hits collection, "Anthology: The Best Of Asia," released with DML in Japan, contains a few nuggets for collectors Asia
. Along with several newly recorded versions of classics Asia (with vocals by Payne), the group included two new tracks, "Different Worlds" ( "Different Worlds") and "The Hunter" ( "The Hunter"). The meeting was later released in Europe.

With the advent of free studio time, and Payne Dounes try to write the soundtrack for the first time. Documentary Bi-Bi-Cu "Salmon: Against The Tides" ( "Salmon: Against the Tide") shows the initial work of the duo, which has had a huge impact Downes album "Light Program". Another project is to perform music for Movie Games Sega collapsed because of disagreements with the producers of the game.

. In September, Dounes and Paine with Azizom Ibrahim performed live (acoustic) concert for the first three years of work for the German Progressive Rock Festival
. The balance was held in the writing of new material for their next studio album.

With the dawn of the new year, comes the creative impulse at work on a new album with guitarist Ian Crichton of Saga. Appearance Crichton has made a new direction in their music, adding a new progressive wave.

. Since recording a new studio album, it was possible the reunification of the initial composition of Asia, followed personal reunion Downes and Wetton.

. 1999
. Despite the long negotiations has long debated revival Asia could not take place
. Downes and Payne returned to the studio to finish recording demos. With them the band signed a new contract and continues to work on a new album, which should appear in 2000.

. 2000
. To continue the tradition of Asia to be the best of the best in the world of rock group concentrates all the talent to work on recording a new album
. Along with Downes and Payne in the studio working Elliot Randall, Winnie Koleuta, Tony Levin, Simon Phillips and former guitarist Pat Thrall Asia. By June 2000, the album was the last stage of production with even more attracted to the work of composition.

After several revisions released a new studio album "Aura" ( "Aura"). A world tour in support of this album began in February in the UK.

In October 2002 the group performed concerts in the United States, which under the name 'America: Live In The USA' was published in 2003 as a CD, and on DVD

. 14 and 15 March 2003 the staff to give concerts in Russia - two of their performances took place in Saint Petersburg on Malaya Arena DS 'Jubilee', and in Moscow in the UK 'Dynamo'.

. And in August 2004 they released their next album, 'Silent Nation', . violated the two-firm traditions of the team - his name does not begin with the letter "A", . and cover design was entrusted to or not Roger Dean Rodney Matthews, . and art studios Storm Thorgerson (Storm Thorgerson) Hipgnosis, . known for its amazing job for PINK FLOYD, . LED ZEPPELIN, . NICE, . WISHBONE ASH, . 10CC, . UFO and many other legendary musicians,
. Musically the album contained a very melodic and energetic numbers - such as 'Silent Nation', 'What About Love', 'Blue Moon Monday', made in the brand tradition of groups that for years allowed her to remain in show business. And, as usual, after the disk group went on tour in support of it, will continue in 2005.

. February 13, 2005 ASIA again visited Russia in the tour and were in St. Petersburg in DC "Jubilee."

. Trying to predict the future or to speculate about 'what would happen if' - a very thankless occupation
. Everything turned out how it happened, and for more than twenty creative biography ASIA took its place in the history of modern music. Some people really like what they are doing musicians collective. Some consider the music of the commercial mainstream, and prefers to listen to more serious artists. And someone completely indifferent to their creativity. Anyway, . but it is safe to say only one thing - a supergroup ASIA long since lost its prefix 'super', . and not only because of, . that not all its members currently are the status of superstars, . but also because their music has ceased to be a welcome development for the most serious rock fans,
. I worry about it or appeal to the musicians themselves - is entirely useless. ASIA-d Do not understand, sir!

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