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MULLER Henry (Meuller)

( Gestapo (IV administration RSHA), one of the main leaders of mass destruction of people)

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Biography MULLER Henry (Meuller)
Muller, Heinrich (Meuller), (1901 -?), The Gestapo chief (IV administration RSHA), one of the main leaders of mass destruction of people. Deputy Reinhard Heydrich, the SS Gruppenfuhrer (Lieutenant General).

Heinrich Mц?ller was a descendant of Bavarian peasants malointelligentnym, but extremely stubborn and obstinate. He was short, stocky, massive, with nearly a square head. In the past, the criminal police officer in Munich, until 1933, he paid a lot of painful blow to the Nazis during their underground struggle. After Hitler came to power, Muller was also zealously serve the new regime, as in the past served as the Weimar Republic. Himmler, drew attention to the quality, as blind obedience discipline and professional competency. Mueller did not reapply for admission to the Nazi party, but within six years of receiving the refusal, a party member, he was only in 1939 that has not stopped him nonetheless effectively manage the Gestapo in 1935. The high patronage of Himmler, Muller tsenivshego abilities, enabled him to secure and retain for themselves, despite all the changes, a privileged and enviable position in the structure of independent Gestapo. Himmler entrusted him with many "delicate" mission, which required a person is not burdened with complexes of conscience. One of the first "masterpieces" Mueller was the case Blomberg-Fritsch. He is the development and implementation of the sting operation in Gleyvitse. He led the investigation of the underground organization, the Red Orchestra. Very rude manager, "functionary" to the marrow, Mueller lived and worked for the "papers", statistics, and memo. He felt good, just doing notes, agendas, and instructions.

. January 20, 1942 Muller was among the fifteen top Nazi leaders who were present at Vannzeeskoy conference, where the decision was taken on the Jewish question
. Autumn 1942 Himmler ordered Mueller to create its own system of concentration camps for extermination of the Jews (Judenfrei). Thanks to the Miiller, in January 1943 was shipped from Holland 45 thousand. Jews, 3 thousand. Berlin, 30 thousand. from Bialystok and 10 thousand. from Theresienstadt to send them to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. In June 1943 Muller was sent to Rome to ascertain the reasons that allowed Italian Jews to escape arrest. Until the end of the war transports of Jews from different countries, on the orders of Muller, were sent to Auschwitz. In the last days of the Third Reich Muller was in the Hitler bunker. It was he, Hitler ordered the interrogation of Hermann Fegelein, the husband of Eva Braun's sister, who tried to escape from the bunker.

A faithful henchman Heinrich Himmler Muller disappeared from view in early May 1945, and continued his fate rather obscure. Some German officers who have been in Soviet captivity, claimed on their return that Mueller allegedly seen in Moscow. If you believe the claims of Walter Schellenberg, the Muller managed to take a matter of "Red Orchestra", which he appeared to make contact with Soviet intelligence and move on to her service at the time of the collapse of the Third Reich. These same sources say that Muller died in Moscow in 1948. According to other reports, Muller moved to Chile to Martin Bormann. There were also other evidence, for example, that Muller was killed during the fighting in Berlin, or that he was allegedly seen in Brazil and Argentina among the fleeing war criminals. In 1973 his name was included in the list of the most important of wanted Nazi war criminals.

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MULLER Henry (Meuller), photo, biography
MULLER Henry (Meuller), photo, biography MULLER Henry (Meuller)  Gestapo (IV administration RSHA), one of the main leaders of mass destruction of people, photo, biography
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