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Joachim von Ribbentrop (Ribbentrop)

( Minister of Foreign Affairs)

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Biography Joachim von Ribbentrop (Ribbentrop)
Ribbentrop, Joachim von (Ribbentrop), (1893-1946), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nazi Germany, Hitler's advisor on foreign policy. Born April 30, 1893 in the Wessel family officer. He studied in Kassel, and Metz, then worked in England, the U.S. and Canadian commercial representative of a small export-import trading companies wine. This gave him a certain outlook, experience and excellent knowledge of French and English languages, which it subsequently valued the Fuhrer. Since the beginning of 1 st World War II, Ribbentrop returned to Germany and became a volunteer in the Hussars. He participated in battles on the Eastern Front, was wounded and awarded the Iron Cross I degree and rose to the rank of Oberleutnant. In 1915 Ribbentrop was sent to work in Germany's military mission in Turkey. After the 1-st World War II engaged in commercial activities. Marriage with the daughter's largest producer of champagne germanskogo Otto Henkel opened before him a broad perspective. By 1925, Ribbentrop was already a successful businessman. Its luxurious mansion Berlin eagerly industrialists, politicians, journalists and cultural figures. Since 1930 the house became a frequent guest Ribbentrop, Hitler, Goering, Himmler and other Nazi leaders. Ribbentrop played a crucial role in ensuring the Nazis came to power. His house was negotiated on the appointment of Chancellor Hitler's Nazi Party between the leaders on the one hand and representatives of President Hindenburg and right-wing bourgeois parties - on the other.
. May 1, 1932 Ribbentrop joined the Nazi Party and was promoted Standartenfuhrer SS
. While the vain and arrogant Ribbentrop irritated many Nazi leaders, Hitler was fond of him put him in charge of a specially crafted foreign body NSDAP - t. n. "Ribbentrop Bureau, designed to operate in parallel with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bureau gradually filled with people from the SS, and the Ribbentrop, was close friends with Himmler, soon got a high rank Obergruppenfuhrer SS (General). In autumn 1934 the Fuhrer instructed Ribbentrop to prepare the ground for a strong Germanic-Japanese cooperation, . assigning him the rank of "authorized foreign policy at the headquarters of the Deputy Fц?hrer Rudolf Hess," and "Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Third Reich",
. He was commissioned to negotiate and sign the Anglo-Germanic naval agreement in 1935. August 11, 1936, Ribbentrop was appointed Germany's ambassador to Britain, and in the February 4, 1938 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich. Since then he has played an important role in implementing Hitler's aggressive plans. August 23, 1939, Ribbentrop went to Moscow where he signed with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in. Molotov Non-Aggression Pact in 1939 between Germany and the Soviet Union, in fact settled the beginning of 2 nd World War. There was not one stock in the preparation and promotion of methods of diplomacy which Ribbentrop did not take part. Anschluss of Austria, . occupation of Czechoslovakia, . attack on Poland, . occupation of Denmark and Norway, . Belgium and Holland, . defeat of France, . attack on Yugoslavia and Greece, . formation of aggressive blocs, . economic plunder of occupied countries - a measure of personal responsibility Ribbentrop for all these crimes was a huge,
. Gloomy role played led his agency in the destruction of Jews in the occupied countries of Germany. In particular, the spring of 1943, Ribbentrop strongly demanded from the Hungarian Regent Horthy that he "brought to the end" anti-Jewish measures in Hungary. Jews must be exterminated or deported to concentration camps - the other option does not exist ", - emphasized Ribbentrop. Regarding the fate of downed in the skies of Germany by British and American pilots, Ribbentrop strongly insisted that all of them lynched on the spot.

In April 1945, Ribbentrop was able to escape. He went to Hamburg, where, under the noses of the British military commandant's office rented a room in the unremarkable house. However, 14 June 1945 he was arrested by British occupation authorities and brought before a judge of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. While in prison, Ribbentrop said: "Appear in this cell Hitler and tell me" act ", I, like everyone else I know, still has to act". The court found Ribbentrop guilty on all 4 counts, including conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity and sentenced to death. He was hanged on the morning of October 16, 1946.

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Joachim von Ribbentrop (Ribbentrop), photo, biography
Joachim von Ribbentrop (Ribbentrop), photo, biography Joachim von Ribbentrop (Ribbentrop)  Minister of Foreign Affairs, photo, biography
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