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Udet, Ernst (Udet)

( German pilot, chief technical management of the Luftwaffe.)

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Biography Udet, Ernst (Udet)
Udet, Ernst (Udet), (1896-1941), German pilot, Chief of Technical Department Luftwaffe. Born April 26, 1896 in Frankfurt. He took private lessons in Munich flying skills, which are paid for by his father. During the 1-st World War was an observer-spotter, is awarded the Iron Cross II degree. From 1916 - a fighter pilot, from February 1918 - Squadron celebrated the 1 st Fighter Regiment, Baron Manfred von Richthofen (after the death of Richthofen regiment commanded by William Reinhardt, and then Hermann Goering). Shot down 62 enemy planes.

After the 1-st World War Udet was a car mechanic in Munich, took part in the demonstration of air combat (his partner was Robert von Graham). Some time flew passenger planes airline Rumplera on the line Vienna-Munich. Tried to engage in the construction of sport aircraft. 1925 Udet moved to Buenos Aires. Was a pilot for charter airline, flew in from South America to Africa. He lived in the United States, starred in several Hollywood films, performing aerobatics. He was of the globe until Hitler came to power. Back home, Udet was warmly received by his former commander Hermann Goering, who offered him in June 1935 to join the Luftwaffe. Supported Reichsmarschall career Udet was swift. February 10, 1936, he became inspector of fighter and bomber aircraft, and June 9, 1936 led the technical management of the Luftwaffe. Without appropriate education, experience, staff work and technical training, Udet, in fact, ruined the program for building the Air Force in Germany. Weeks did not appear in the service, he indulged in unrestrained drunkenness, orgies arranged, took horse drug dose. Subordinates, which he scored, as their boss does not conform to their posts. It is headed by Udet technical management was guilty of the fact that the aviation industry Reich failed to meet the needs of the Luftwaffe in modern airplanes, which eventually led to the defeat of Germany in the Battle of Britain. Nevertheless, the rank and position fell on Udet as from a horn of plenty. April 20, 1937 he was awarded the rank of Major General, 1 November 1938 - Lieutenant General. February 1, 1939 Udet was appointed head of military supplies Luftwaffe. April 1, 1940, he became a general aviation, 19 July 1940 - General-Oberst.

. In October 1940, despite the poor results of flight tests, Udet ordered to run in production bomber Heinkel-177 "with a turbojet engine
. In the first cars coming down from the pipeline, were found numerous defects. Aircraft in this series blown up or crumbled in the air. Of the 1,446 aircraft Hye-177 "on the front has got only 33. A failed Udet Reich worth many millions of brands and hundreds of lives experienced pilots. Finally ruined career Udet project "Messerschmitt-210". Relying on the high reputation of the designer, Udet ordered to run this plane into a series. The result was even more disastrous than in the case of "He-177".

While Udet sinking morally and physically lower and lower, the technical management of the Luftwaffe gradually took possession of Erhard Milch. With the acquiescence of Hering he managed to replace all aides Udet on their henchmen.

November 15, 1941 Udet depressed suicide. From promotional considerations, the people of Germany reported that Udet was killed testing a new plane. At his funeral sentimental Goering shed rivers of tears, but later said: "It completely ruined our program development Luftwaffe.

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Udet, Ernst (Udet), photo, biography
Udet, Ernst (Udet), photo, biography Udet, Ernst (Udet)  German pilot, chief technical management of the Luftwaffe., photo, biography
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