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Gregor Strasser (Strasser)

( Nazi Party leader)

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Biography Gregor Strasser (Strasser)
Strasser, Gregor (Strasser), (1892-1934), Nazi Party leader in 1926 - the imperial head of the NSDAP in the promotion, since 1932 - on orgpartrabote while Hitler's deputy. In the early Nazi movement Hitler's rival for leadership of the Party. Brother Otto Strasser. Born May 31, 1892 in Geyzenfelde (Lower Bavaria). Participant 1-st World War II, the captain, was awarded the Iron Cross II and I degree. Settled after the war in Landshut, was a chemist. During the "Beer Hall Putsch" in 1923 led a group of volunteers and led them to Munich to help Hitler, but late. While Hitler was serving a sentence in Landsberg Prison, Strasser substituted for him as the leader of the Nazi party, showing himself a capable organizer, a sober politician, an indefatigable, though not a brilliant orator and advocate of decisive action.
. In 1924, Strasser had sold the pharmacy transferring the money for the publication of the Nazi newspaper "Berliner Arbeiter Zeitung, the editor of which was his brother
. At the same time founded the newsletter "NA-the brief", Goebbels invited for the post of editor. Having become in 1924 a deputy of the Bavarian State Parliament, and taking advantage of parliamentary immunity and the right of innocent passage by rail, Strasser developed a vigorous activity to capture the leadership of the Party. In an effort to take the place of Hitler, Strasser, who considered himself an intellectual, self-confidently believed that the party is able to offer far more than emotional and unbalanced rootless Austrian.
. From the outset, Strasser and his brother were the socialist wing of National Socialism
. As a representative of urban revolutionaries, Strasser believed in "undiluted socialist principles". National Socialism, he said, should hasten the destruction of capitalism by any means possible, including cooperation with the Bolshevik Russia. At Bamberg party conference, held on February 14, 1926, Strasser was represented by a radical socialist wing. Having initially supported his protцLgцL of Goebbels, he started a fierce verbal battles with Hitler on the degree of socialism in the Nazi movement, the struggle lasted for eight years. However, Goebbels, feeling that the power is on the side of Hitler, Strasser brothers threw and threw them to the opponent. Since then, angry Strasser, Goebbels called only as "dwarf-schemer."
. In 1932 Hitler was appointed head of Strasser's imperial organization of the Nazi Party (Reichsorganisationsleiter), that did not prevent them constantly quarrel
. In the elections of 31 July 1932 the Nazis got 230 seats, becoming the strongest party in the Reichstag. Hitler was about to appoint the head of the Nazi Strasser faction, but at the last moment chose Hermann Goring. December 7, 1932, seeking to split the Nazi deputies, Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher Strasser invited to become the vice-Chancellor and Secretary of State of Prussia. Hitler, the other secret to these positions Goering, flew into a rage. Met in Kaiserhof with Strasser, he accused him of attempting to blackmail and willingness to split the party. Rejecting the allegations, Strasser said that he, by contrast, wants to preserve the party, and Hitler sought to strike him in the back. After the meeting, outraged Strasser 8 December 1932 left his post in the party leadership, told friends that he intends to go with his family to Italy to relax. Hitler, who left not only the Strasser brothers, but Gottfried Feder, was depressed, feared that he was losing its influence in the party. But quickly recovering himself, he used his brilliant oratorical skills to break the recalcitrant left-wing. Meanwhile Strasser disappeared reappeared, but now as a consultant on labor disputes one chemical company. Removing Strasser from the party leadership, replacing him with Hitler, Rudolf Hess, by appointing him head of the Central Political Commission of the Party. Strasser was out of work. But Hitler did not forget his most dangerous rival. June 30, 1934 during the "Night of Long Knives" Strasser was arrested and shot through the window of a prison cell.

In 1969, in Frankfurt Strasser's book "Mein Kampf" - a posthumous blow to Hitler through the mirror.

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Gregor Strasser (Strasser), photo, biography Gregor Strasser (Strasser)  Nazi Party leader, photo, biography
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