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( king of Imereti)

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Biography SOLOMON I
Solomon I (1752-1784) - the king of Imereti. In 1757, the sultan dispatched a large army against the Solomon, the bulk of which is located on Hresilskom field. Before the battle of Solomon blocked all roads leading out of Poti, Guria and Akhaltsikhe, the Turks were unable to get reinforcements. December 14, 1757 the Georgians launched an offensive, and despite the fact that the first success was on the side of the Ottomans, the Georgians, not sparing himself selflessly fought to the end of the battle and won a brilliant victory.

. In 1758 the king of Kartli Teimuraz II, kahetsky King Irakli II and the king of Imereti Solomon I made a covenant of mutual assistance against a common enemy
. In 1759, Solomon convened an emergency church meeting at which it was decided to impose the death sentence for taking part in the "trade of prisoners".

In 1766 a large army of the Ottomans (some say 100 thousand people) invaded Imereti. They occupied the whole of Kvemo (Lower) and put the king of Imereti Kutaisi cousin of Solomon - Teimuraz Mamukovicha. Solomon again appealed for help to Russia, but this time the attempt was futile. Despite this, as soon as the Ottomans left the country, Solomon regained the throne. Teimuraz escaped from Kutaisi. Uncompromising struggle against the Georgians, led by Solomon, I had forced Turkey to begin peace talks. Under a contract signed in 1767, Turkey recognized the Imereti is not a vassal, and under his patronage. In 1768 at the Battle of Solomon Tshratskaro finally defeated Teimuraz Mamukovicha and imprisoned him in jail.

In 1768 Solomon I sent an ambassador to Russia Maxim Kutateli. Arrival of the Georgian ambassador coincided with the start of regular Russian-Turkish War. Russia was interested in military actions against Turkey in the Caucasus, so she decided to send to Georgia's small detachment under the command of General Totleben. In autumn 1769 Totleben was already in Imereti. Russian-Georgian squad took Shorapanskuyu fortress. At this time, Co-lomon received news that the Ottomans invaded Imereti and went to meet with the enemy. Totleben is returned to Kartli. Russian only in the spring of 1770 after Aspindze battle back in Imereti. Totleben act on their own, completely disregarding the Solomon. Soon Totleben replaced Sukhotin. Despite repeated warnings not to launch military action for the liberation of Poti (because of the swampy terrain) Sukhotin yet launched an attack, resulting in most of the soldiers fell ill with fever. In 1772 Russian troops left Georgia.

In 1773, Solomon and Heraclius renewed treaty of mutual. In 1774 Akhaltsikhe Pasha decided to oppose Imereti. Zamani Ottomans in the narrows of the river Chherimela, Imereti army routed them.

. By Kucuk-Kaynardzhiysky treaty in 1774 between Russia and Turkey, Russia recognized the sovereignty of Turkey over West Georgia on the condition that Turkey will refuse the tribute from the kingdom of Imereti.

. In 1778, Solomon rebelled against his own son, Alexander
. The king suppressed the uprising, but the fact was a big blow for Solomon. Soon after this event, Alexander died.

In 1780 the Ottomans invaded Odishi (Mingrelia) from Abkhazia. Solomon helped Megrelian Prince Dadiani and Georgians defeated the enemy in battle at the fortress Ruhskoy. After this, the Ottomans were threatening an attack by Adzharo-Guria. The king decided to rebuff in the direction of Batumi-Kobuleti and began secretly preparing to attack. But the enemy found out about the plan of the king and the effect of surprise failed. Georgians still have had some success. They took Kobuleti region and reached Batumi. On the way back to the king faced with barricaded in an ambush by the Ottomans, and only saved by the dedication of the Georgian king of captivity.

In 1784 King Solomon I died. He was buried at the Gelati.

A year before his death, Solomon, I declared heir to the throne of his nephew David Archilovicha, the grandson of King Heraclius (David's mother was the daughter of Heraclius). When Solomon died, David was 12 years old and he grew up at his grandfather's. Took advantage of his cousin Solomon, David G. and supported by some Imereti Imereti Tawada took the throne.

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SOLOMON I, photo, biography
SOLOMON I, photo, biography SOLOMON I  king of Imereti, photo, biography
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