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Gurtskaya Diana

( Musical Performer)

Photo Gallery Gurtskaya Diana (18)
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Biography Gurtskaya Diana
photo Gurtskaya Diana
Diana Gurtskaya born in Abkhazia, Sukhumi. Person's family Gurtskaya Georgian, so no leaning. In early childhood, the girl was no different from other young children, and parents had no idea of her congenital blindness, until one day a little Diana with a bang not fallen off the couch and not rasshibla itself in the blood face. Woe to the parents, learning about the ailment of his late beloved child, it is difficult to describe in words. Best ophthalmologists confirmed incurable disease. The very same girl for the time being no inkling that something is different from other children.

- My father and mother for a long time did not dare to tell me my fortune, but I could not understand why the world to me is black. After all, parents and friends talked among themselves about some flowers and colors ... But gradually I formed in any seventh or eighth sense, which is painted and my world, understandable only to me. In it, I have since lived. This world is just a way I had imagined it. But at least for me it comfortably.
Diana dreamed of becoming a singer almost from infancy.

- The stories of mom and dad, I started to sing at the same time, when he learned to speak. Yes, I myself remember that I first catchy melodies and sounds of the world, trying to repeat them.

Seriously treated the girl's singing talents mother Diana. She immediately and unconditionally believe in the lucky star of his daughter.

- The first in my life a musical instrument - a toy piano, which gave the mother - recalls Diana.

Due to its insistence, had already been formed character, eight-Diana managed to convince teachers of the music school that she could learn to play the piano.

Diana studied at two schools at the same time: the middle school and music. She grew up in a boarding school for blind children, where her parents gave to her to get a full education.

- Of course, I was difficult, as any man who sees and tries to remember everything by ear. I almost forgot everything when he came home, and I had several times to start from scratch. But without music, I could not live. Music and songs - exactly what I live. And what is so interesting!

At one of the music competitions saw her well-known Georgian singer, and the first step on the big stage in the life of Diana was a speech in Tbilisi Philharmonic, along with Irma Sahadze.

Then he realized another dream of Diana: after the family moved to Moscow, she was admitted to the Gnessin School, after which in 1999. began his theatrical career as an independent. And success came fairly soon. But even before Diana won the famous song "Tbilisi" the general public at the festival "Yalta-Moscow-Transit" in 1995. , Where she was awarded the Special Jury Prize. Among other members of the jury was Igor Nikolaev. Her penetrating singing very much Maц-tre Russia platform, later wrote the song for Diana, which became her calling card. "When I was visiting the studio of Igor - recalls Diana - the following happened. I was sitting with his back to the entrance. The room quietly entered Igor, and I turned in his direction. He was very surprised and asked: "Do you see anything?" "No, - I replied - I felt that you were here". These words became the beginning of songs - "You're here, I feel you".

In March 2000 the studio "ARS" releases the debut album, the singer, which included songs Igor Nikolaev and Sergei Chelobanova. Later Diana is not just resort to the help of these authors, whose songs have brought her success on the big stage.
. Currently Diana's released two albums: "You're here" and the new "You know, Mom", released as the first debut under the label of "ARS"
. Came out several pirated discs, are widely known in the country.

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  • Diana Gurtskaya
  • Diana Gurtskaya
  • Diana Gurtskaya
  • Diana Gurtskaya
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  • Diana Gurtskaya

Photos of Gurtskaya Diana
Gurtskaya DianaGurtskaya DianaGurtskaya DianaGurtskaya Diana

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  • Yanna for Gurtskaya Diana
  • DIANA good singer. Good man. Council to all Listen to her SONGS.
  • pragatur.boxmail.biz for Gurtskaya Diana
  • The wonderful songs, wonderful man.
  • RFP for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Garbage lyrics ..
  • I for Gurtskaya Diana
  • RFP-idiot
  • DRAGENIYA for Gurtskaya Diana
  • olik for Gurtskaya Diana
  • nice and very good singer, I love you very much PSchem something at you like:)
  • KISA for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Her songs, her soul! She just Seper!
  • Kisa for Gurtskaya Diana
  • I wanted to say SUPER ...
  • elizaveta for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana Gurtskaya the best singer in the world and those who it oskorbllyaet you would have been so managed as Diana. So for a look fools.
  • ~ DarkAngel ~ for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Previously respected her, but after the Eurovision 2008 concluded that it is a radish!
  • vayay for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana was the one who insults the most stupid hick !
  • http://cztour.eu for Gurtskaya Diana
  • We look forward to the Czech Republic with a concert. Take over org.voprosy on advertising and organizing a concert in Prague.
  • CzTour.eu for Gurtskaya Diana
  • We look forward to the Czech Republic with a concert. Take over responsibility for advertising and organizing a concert in Prague.
  • CzTour.eu for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Beautiful singer! Welcome to the Czech Republic with a concert. Take over responsibility for advertising and organizing a concert in Prague.
  • monster for Gurtskaya Diana
  • I am delighted with Diany.Byl at a concert in the city of Tambov.
  • Anonymous for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Though I only listened RAP BUT STILL YOU SUPER ! !
  • MARINA for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana hello! We lived with your parents in a house in Mr. Tkvarcheli mine? 6 Greet parents of Papava. I wish you success in your work.
  • Anonymous for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Dianochka you better than anyone Liu cha))))
  • Moldova for Gurtskaya Diana
  • I love Diana Gurtskaya I am from Moldova
  • Nastyona for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Dianochka you are super, I love your pesni.Byla on your concert in 2002godu in Kremenchug, I was then 13let, very much like to talk with you!
  • Irina for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Cп©п¦я¦пTп¦п+, Diana, for your charming voice, your beautiful performance of all the songs. They want to hear again and again. It will take many of the summer, and your songs and voice will always listen with great vnimaniem.Udachi you around and in the upbringing of his son.
  • Aisulu for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana is the most beautiful singer on the stage of Russia! her best songs, I strongly advise you to listen! not regret it !
  • Shakhnoza for Gurtskaya Diana
  • I love you very much. You are so beautiful. You are like an angel. I am your fan. I'm from Kazakhstan. I wish you luck happiness.
  • HATA for Gurtskaya Diana
  • DEAR DIANOCHKA! You're beautiful In all fascinate us with their appearance, soulful voice, PESEN.RADY performance is good for you, that you have devoted to Thee relatives, friends and many fans in including us. Health to you, success, happiness and EXECUTION ZHELANIY.PROCBA: Do not take to heart SEND COMMENTS dregs.
  • NASTYA for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana is the best I have her songs are very long and listen to almost everything I know ... but he who offends Diana, they just do not understand yet how it was difficult but she did not put her hands .. Dianochka I love you!
  • Sonya for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Irina for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Though I, too, on the disabled of sight, but I'm no zaviduyu.Posle teredachi ekstrosensov battle (in which you participated), I in you completely razocharovalas.PSNelzya be so rude, Diana. Be simpler and people to see you stretch.
  • Elvira for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana Gurtskaya best singer in the world! the best songs from her! She is very strong and has very strong willpower! DREAM VISION TO HER BACK! Dianochka! You're doing fine! DO NOT listen to all gossip! THEY envy you! SET FOR THE BEST! Diana Gurtskaya FOREVER!,
  • Murat for Gurtskaya Diana
  • Diana you simply let the beauty of the earth your world will be colorful and sschaslivoi for you as these creatures do not pay any attention to you clever. KChR Murat
  • Dane Eric Russell for Gurtskaya Diana
  • I am a cosmopoliitan whtie American male of >ish
    decent with autism. I fount Miss Gurtskaya on the Internet by accident THE VERY FIRST SONG I HEARD BY HER was "Peace Will Come" AND I LOVE THAT SONG! And I myself,being autistic,I HAVE LEARNED ONE THING: LEARN TO SEE THINGS WITH YOUR HEART BEFORE YOU SEE THINGS WITH YOUR EYES! And to so called "normals" who make fun of her blindness: Even though her eyes don't function,DIANA CAN SEE MORE CLEARLY AND BETTER WITH HER HEART THAN YOU SO-CALLED "NORMALS" WITH 20-20 VISION...AND HER HEART IS BEAUTIFUL! And to promote and to support Diana Gurtskaya here in the U.S.A.,I carry her videos in my cell phone and I will use my cell phone to promote and support her until she has her first U.S. tour. THE U.S.A. LOVES YOU DIANA GURTSKAYA! PLEASE PLAN A U.S. TOUR REAL SOON! Love Always, Dane Eric Russell U.S.A.
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    Gurtskaya Diana, photo, biography
    Gurtskaya Diana, photo, biography Gurtskaya Diana  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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