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DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)

( Aktis)

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Biography DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)
photo DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)
Kristin Davis has proven himself as a talented and multifaceted actress already in her first role recluse Brooke Armstrong in the movie "Melrose Place". At the present time it is released in the HBO television series "Sex and the City" as Charlotte, the seller works of art, which is struggling with its own complex, surrounded by friends.

Christine has recently completed filming "Take me home, or history of John Denver" (starring - Chad Lowe), produced by CBS Television. In addition, Christine starred in several television movies, among which worth mentioning thriller "Atomic Train" (starring - Rob Lowe and Isai Morales), "Deadly Vision", "Thinking about the murder" and "The most horrible lies". Christine also played several bit parts in several TV series: "ER", "Lonely Man", "Dr. Quinn - a female doctor," "Larry Sanders Show" as well as in the television movie "Heidi Chronicles".

Davis was born in the town of Boulder, Colorado. Then, together with her parents, she moved to g.Kolumbiya, California, where her father, a professor of psychology, taught at a local university. Davis studied at the Universitц? Rutgers, but after its end moved to New York where he started acting in commercials, as well as participated in classical and modern theater.

Even before filming the movie "Melrose Place" Davis, along with his friend, opened in New York School of Yoga. His spare time, she still devotes yoga, jogging and running and knitting. Kristin Davis lives in Los Angeles

. Kristin Davis on the TV series: "I think, . that the scenario of "Sex and the City" is much more plausible, . than the usual scenario, most serials ", . - Explains the reasons for their participation in the project, Christine, . - Especially with regard to, . to talk about women in his circle,
. It is impressed with their freshness ".

Kristin Davis on his heroine: "In my heroine I most like to have something that distinguishes it from other characters - it is full of hope. She does not have this fatigue and cynicism. Perhaps its simplicity - its negative, but I like it. Charlotte believes that the play should be on Regulation - with a capital "P".

Kristin Davis on the reasons for the popularity of the series: "Men feel as if they were spies from the shelter, if they listen to women talk, which in either case, they could not be heard. And women, I hope, recognize the situation, in which themselves falling, and will suffer along with our characters, ".

Kristin Davis on Darren Stare: "We Darren, I think, have an uncanny ability to choose the right time. I think that he knows how to recognize good ideas at the very moment when the public is ready to accept. In our series, he uses his sense of humor and comic gift in a truly interesting and dramatic situations, but we look at them with a lighter perspective.

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  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin Davis (Kristin Davis)
  • DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)
  • DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)

Photos of DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)
DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)

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  • Nando for DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)
  • Kristin is the most romantic, exquisitely and sexual woman and actress.
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    DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis), photo, biography
    DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis), photo, biography DAVIS Christine (Kristin Davis)  Aktis, photo, biography
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