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NIXON Cynthia (Cynthia Nixon)

( Aktis)

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Biography NIXON Cynthia (Cynthia Nixon)
photo NIXON Cynthia (Cynthia Nixon)
Cynthia was born and raised in New York near Manhattan. From an early age she managed to successfully combine a successful career on stage, in film and on television with a normal life in New York teenager. At present, it is no less successfully combines shooting in the series "Sex and the City" and raising four daughters.

At one time, the brilliant New York-based actress Cynthia Nixon was distinguished by the fact that she was able to simultaneously play roles in two Broadway productions. At eighteen, she also played in the play by David Rabe's "commotion" and the performance of Tom Stoppard's "Real thing". Cynthia Broadway career includes roles in "The Last Night of the absurd", . "Angels in America", . "Reckless step" (for his role in this performance, Cynthia has been nominated for a theatrical prize "Tony"), . "Heidi Chronicles" and "Philadelphia Story" (for his role in this formulation Cynthia was awarded the World Theater Award),

In addition to theatrical career on Broadway, Cynthia Nixon is a co-founder of the theater company Drama department ". She participated as a producer (and, incidentally, has received favorable reviews from critics) in the project by Douglas Carter Bean's "Country Club", and also played in five of the nine performances, set in the framework of this project. For the role of Tiny in the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" by Edward Albee directed by actress was awarded the Drama Critics Award in Los Angeles.

Actress film debut took place in 1980. Since then, she managed to work with many famous film and theater directors such as Louis Malle, Milos Forman, Mike Nichols and Robert Altman. Cynthia Nixon starred in the films "Amadeus", "King City", "Baby's Day Out", "Pelican Case," "Marvin's Room" and "newcomers"

. Cynthia Nixon also appeared in several television movies: "kitty, kitty, . baby!, . Love, . she was looking "with Angela Lansbury in the title role, . "Fifth of July" with Richard Thomas and Swoosie Kurtz, . as well as in films produced by HBO Murder Mary Fagan "with Jack Lemmon and face stranger" with Gina Rowland and Tyne Daly,

Cynthia Nixon about the show: "There it is about four single women 30 - 35 years living in New York. Their relationship to men for marriage and a career, to have sex and to what they want out of life? ". "There were points on which I personally do when reading the script was just in shock:". "Each of the four women are very different attitudes to sex, men, marriage, to morality, life in general, so we are constantly discussing different points of view. These women - a whole new world ". "It's very sexy, but not as the usual soap opera. It's sexy and a bit shocking, but funny at the same time, so that even if the most sexual or sensual thought goes, it is accompanied by a joke ".

Cynthia Nixon on his heroine: "My character - lawyer by the name of Miranda. It is very logical thinking, and she a professional debater, and with all his credibility - not a very happy man. It is a realist and looking at the world through rose-colored glasses is not. Her derogatory humor - sometimes shocking. I myself a little this. I really like my character, it is sad and very funny - it is very pleasant to play ".

Cynthia Nixon on Darren Stare: "He is very faithful to the spirit of the book. He very clearly gave her a sense, turned it into a more general plan, and many wonderful places honed to maximum. In my opinion, it is very difficult. "

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NIXON Cynthia (Cynthia Nixon), photo, biography
NIXON Cynthia (Cynthia Nixon), photo, biography NIXON Cynthia (Cynthia Nixon)  Aktis, photo, biography
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