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CARL III The simple

( The King of France)

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Biography CARL III The simple
The simple Charles III - King of France from the Carolingian type. Who ruled in 898-922 years. Son of Louis II Zaiki and Adelaide.
Spouses: 1) with 907 g. Frederuna 2) Ogiva, sister of King ц├thelstan.

Genus. Sep 17. 879 g. + October 7. 929 g.

* * *

Karl was born five months after the death of his father, when he was the fifth year, the death of his elder brother, King Carloman. During his childhood counts sought to outdo each other in immoderate greed, and every captured as he could. Nobody cared neither about the king, nor for the Protection of the kingdom. Each, according to Rihera, was only able to assign property of others. Meanwhile Normans cruelly plundered coastal lands. Finally, the nobles began to deliberate on the election of the king, and, as Charles was still very small, the throne passed to Count Paris Edu. But not everyone accepted this choice. Fulkon, Archbishop of Reims, announced Ed usurper, and in January 893 g. Carl solemnly anointed and proclaimed him king. At the outbreak of war, then was victorious on the side of Ed. He captured Reims and drove in Lorraine Charles. Carl began to think seriously about how to summon assistance of the Normans, but Fulkon dissuaded him from this disastrous venture. 897 g. Kings reconciled. Ed received the Carl very graciously forgave his followers and gave Lan. We agreed on the fact that Charles inherits childless Edu. G.od after Ed died, and Charles unhindered came to the throne. He was well built, had a simple and good character, was not sufficiently trained in the art, but also well versed in the liberal arts, very generous and not greedy. At the same time, Karl was distinguished by two shortcomings: it was too full of adultery and some sloppy justice.

At a time when he received the throne, the royal government turned into a ghost. Immediately he rules only a small area enclosed between the cities of Laon, Nuion, Soissons and Reims. Here he still owned the land, several abbeys mi, a small army, collected taxes, revenue, minted coins, oversaw the election of bishops and officials. In all other areas he had only nominal power, and entirely dependent on their vassals, who could give him help, but could and deny it. Pressed by strong internal enemies, he could not inflict decisive blows at the Normans, located in different places on the coast of the fortified camps and carried out devastating raids into the country. In 911 g. Norwegian Viking Rollo mastered Ryan and made it his capital. At the head of many of the Normans, he reached the walls of Clermont. Enforces the complaints of his subjects, Charles entered into negotiations with him. He suggested Rollo hand of his daughter Gisela and part of the coastal possessions, but on condition that Rollo and his companions will take Christianity. All conditions of the world were exactly fulfilled. Rollo divorced his wife, heathen, baptized and received a new name, Robert. Then he married Gisela, and took possession of the newly formed Duchy of Normandy. Since that time France got rid of the devastating raids of the Normans. Having dealt with the Normans, Carl turned his forces on the east. At the end of 911 g. He moved to the Lorraine and mastered it with the support of Regnier, Duke of Lorraine.

Thus, the first twenty years of the reign of Charles, during which he enjoyed the support of the Dukes, were for him more or less successful. But everything changed after he quarreled with the powerful Duke of the French, Robert, brother of King Ed. In 920, when King was at Soissons, the rebels led by the duke, tried to arrest him. Archbishop of Rheims Herivey, appearing with many armed men, managed to release Charles, and then reconciled with his rebels. But next year, Robert again rebelled against the king. He was immediately supported Gizilbert, Duke of Lorraine, Heribert, Count Vermanduassky and Radulf, Duke of Burgundy. He joined their alliance and Archbishop Gauthier Sana'a, the eternal enemy Archbishop of Rheims. The rebels were much stronger than the king, robbed. Lahn him where he usually lived, and forced to flee for the Meuse. In June, 922 g. they proclaimed Robert King, and Archbishop Gauthier solemnly crowned him in Reims. But Charles did not lose hope to regain the throne. With great difficulty he had collected the remains loyal to his people and moved to Soissons. On Sunday 15 June 923, the day when Frank hitherto not dared to fight, Charles crossed the enu and went to Robert. Robert moved against those soldiers who were with him, engaged the enemy, many on both sides were killed, died, and King Robert, pierced with a spear.

However, those who were with Roberts, that is, Hugh, his son, Heribert, and with the other, defeated and fled with Charles lotaringtsami, but did not pursue them because of the death of King Robert. Then lotaringtsy lost carts and throwing Charles returned to his. Karl has sent many messengers, begged the Count Heribert, archbishop Seulfa and other distinguished gentlemen to return to him, they also refused, they sent in the Duke of Burgundy Radulfom and elected him king. Count Heribert sent his cousin to Charles and invited the king to his negotiations. The king, convinced of their vows, came to Heribert with a small retinue. The count received him in his castle of Saint-Quentin Sonya, and then releasing those who came with him, took Charles to his castle Chateau-Thierry, situated on the river Marne, and placed him under arrest. This Charles was imprisoned until his death.

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CARL III The simple, photo, biography
CARL III The simple, photo, biography CARL III The simple  The King of France, photo, biography
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