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Dana Borisova

( Leading television)

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Biography Dana Borisova
photo Dana Borisova
Image - stubborn thing. If for years you appear on the screen in the form of blonde - beautiful, but the "charm, a silly", it seems - is forever. And this has nothing to be done. Only this, and you will perceive the producers, directors and audiences. The new co-host talk show "The Domino Principle" Dana Borisova decided to wrestle with a term such as "well-established image, and part with her overexposed itself the label of" charming ", but how would it mildly ...

- Dan, a true saying, "that can not be in this world such a beautiful"?

- I will not hide the fact that it was because of my good looks a lot in my life I was given, may be easier than others. And when I was invited to the "Army Shop", the bet was placed on the exterior, and then on my quality TV presenter. But then I was only sixteen years old, and you understand that about any professionalism speech could not be. Therefore, almost artificial and was created image edakogo sex symbol Russia Army. I myself believe that I am sympathetic, but not enough to qualify as an official sex symbol. There are other actresses and models, which, in my opinion, more fall under this definition. And I'm just a nice blonde, which for many years has been such a "bright spot" for many soldiers of. They wrote me a very warm heartfelt letters, declarations of love, thanks for the transfer. And I was not for them simply a beautiful picture.

- And in "The Domino Principle" already managed to acquire such fans?

- The fans, of course, already there, but they do little. At least, the letters to the recognition of love from them, but fall. But I do not regret it, because internally has long been ready to make change. I realized that already grown out of the current image and I have long time to change the view of spectators on a.

- And when exactly you decided to change so dramatically?

- Ideas are hatched long ago, and the case presented to the "last hero-3, when we were in an extreme situation. And then I'd probably on a subconscious level, realized that now I can afford something from me, well, the viewer does not expect. And what exactly is unusual behavior to play me "on hand" in the future will help change the image.

- Behaved you there really is not a usual girl-angel from the "Army shop. You are in life is not deprived of such bitchiness?

- No. I think that I'm. But you do not forget that while we are still doing a reality show. Directors expect from each of us something, what would be interesting to see. I understand and worked on the program, and at the same time a new image.

- So, Lena Perova really not going to fight?

- I, at least, not going. There was a time when we quarreled, and she invited me to go and "deal", but I did not go.

- And why? After all, half-savage atmosphere of island life could well explain and forgive a little brawl between two charming blondes. And much as the audience would have been interesting!

- Well, first of all, you can see what I am fragile, where I fight! And secondly, I understood perfectly that Lena did this not out of malice. Just her at that time had their own personal problems and she sought out emotions. Now we had a wonderful relationship, and thank God!

. - And with his co-presenter Helen Hang in what respects? They say that it is "oh how not simple, at least Ischeevoy them, as they say," not fused "?

. - I do not know the whole essence of the conflict Ischeevoy and Hangi
. I think there were some personal claims against each other, but I do not regard. Now I work in the "Domino Principle" and admire the professionalism of his colleagues. Especially since it is her professionalism helps me "fish out" in difficult situations in a live broadcast.

- And what are these "difficult situation"?

- The most difficult to "round off" the interlocutor, when time is running out. I like that I can not just up and close the man's mouth. I sometimes say that I am interrupting the guests that do not give them to finish. But the point is not me! Personally, I could sit and listen to at least three o'clock. But time was not made of rubber! There are clear guidelines that the program should be two advertisements, and like it or not this should follow. That Helen is very tactfully, smoothly and intelligently can finish the conversation and announce commercial breaks. And she does so, and that the source is not offended, and in the allotted time, we fit. You yourself probably seen.

- What else do you want to learn from Hangi?

- I have this feature: I'm learning very quickly and learn from others all the good things that they see. From Lena I, for example, try to learn from its self-restraint, wit and ability to keep cool. Even me as a person, not deprived sense of humor, very much, as Elena jokes. This is not just a "ha-ha-ha", but really subtle humor intelligent woman. And I also like how she behaves, as holds, dresses.

- Well, you're not too badly dressed ...

- Well, it's all the work of stylist and make-up artist. At home I prefer to wear jeans and a sweater. And furthermore, I am very, very casually dressed. Can a week go to the same, until I say: "Well, you finally take off those jeans!" Then I finally pay attention to what really is time to change clothes.

. - To dress for you no problem with some of your figure!

. - Oh, that you already have and cellulite ...

. - And as the fighting? Perhaps, in the gym is lost?

. - No
. I love the different spa treatments, swimming pool, solarium. A train the muscles in the gym - it's not for me ...

- Dan, you lazy?

- Why? I watch face masks do. And in sports just do not like. And besides, as I said, I do not consider myself a sex symbol, and therefore not chasing a perfect appearance.

- What about your erotic photos on the Internet, they are ideally you look like?

- And I do not deny that she acted in "Playboy". Moreover, these images for ten years. Then the guide "Army store literally took me by the ear to the shooting.

- What does "ear"? Forcibly, or what?

- Well, just I have a sense of humor and I say: "ear". But in fact it was necessary to simply increase my transfer, and management has invented such a course. But I never banked on their looks. After all, people are no fools: they also see that there are women who have breasts and beautiful, and yes you never know what more ...

- And this survey does not prevent your personal life?

- My personal life I try not to make the pages of newspapers. I believe that I have there everything is normal, and that's enough. And the popularity I have the yellow press and without missing. If you see me every day, come for two or three journalists and we talk about work, then I'm interested in people and without his personal life.

- Yet a few years ago, you talked about their relationship with Danko, and for you it was not such a taboo as it is now ...

- Then I just starred in his clip, and that shooting had to give a course. Normal PR campaign, you know? And now I have another style, and the other image, and other methods of popularity. And I do not need for this "lit" with those who gave me that and where I went with someone. I'm on it, too, do not bet.

- And what are you doing now bet on intelligence?

- Rates do not I. Betting leadership program "The Domino Principle". And as shown by special studies, the audience loves me for my sincerity, for a sense of humor and a spontaneity. That and interesting.

- According. But now many of these "direct" questions you are forgiven because of their age. But it will still be 5-6 years, and this kind of questions you'll have to forgive will not be. What then?

- You want me to ask, improve if I am reading a book? Of course, reading! Very much classic. I read and contemporary authors.

- That is, we can say that the presenter Dana Borisova all is well: it favorably changed its image and harmoniously joined the popular talk show, she's all right to private life and it is constantly engaged in self-improvement. Is it so no problem and no?

- Well, of course, is: my mother, for example, alone, can not arrange their personal lives. Grandmother is sick. I am very worried for them. And in general, are facing due to the fact that due to the large employment in the workplace are rarely with their families.

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