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Tommy Lee JONES

( Actor)

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Biography Tommy Lee JONES
photo Tommy Lee JONES
Tommy Lee Jones was born September 15, 1946 in San Saba in the west Texas (then the city's population barely exceeds three thousand people). The family had another son, but he died in infancy, when most Tommy Lee was three years. Tommy Lee - of mixed blood who had three-quarters uellskoy blood and a quarter - Cherokee. His father, Clyde C Jones, was a specialist in drilling mechanism and worked in oil fields not only in Texas, but also abroad. During school holidays, Tommy Lee also worked on oil rigs, and together with his father, and self -. In his own words, Jones suffered physically horrible "childhood, in which the lightest event was the divorce of parents.

Texas is famous for its irresistible passion for football, and Tommy Lee briefly thought, where he was hiding from family turmoil. When his father decided to go to work in Libya, Jones Jr. was so firm in his intention to stay in the States, which has managed to get into the elite school for boys in Dallas. Initially, the school also proved sadly, but from the taciturn, surly and belligerent young man in the result was one of the best graduates and great player protection. Another opening for Tommy Lee was theater scene. Soccer opened before him another holy door - Tommy Lee received a scholarship for admission to Harvard, where he took up the study of English language and literature, and simultaneously acting.

On the account of Jones appeared several Shakespearean plays, including the title role in "Koriolane". Soccer has not been forgotten, and a video of the famous game with the team at Yale University in 1968 ended in a tie 29-29, Tommy Lee is still considered one of the best films in which he ever appeared. Unfortunately (for Tommy Lee) and fortunately (for cinema), the lanky athlete was too easy for professional sports, so I had to say goodbye to the dream of "Dallas cowboys". Instead, Tommy Lee went to New York and the first role on Broadway was a record for the unknown, rather childish term - ten days after arrival in the city. The next few years he suffered from a lack of work in theater and on television, but in the movie appeared only twice, including in slezogonnoy "Love Story" (1970) Arthur Hiller.

In the end, his career has reached a point where two or three times the producers said that "I was suited for the role of an actor, but not enough for her famous". Bouncing Jones immediately changes the place of residence - Hello, Hollywood. Soon he got a part in the pilot episode of "Charlie's Angels" (1976), . and even some time - a major role in the film by Michael Miller, "Jackson County Jail" (1976), . where he played a prisoner, . followed by chase federal court bailiffs,
. In the end, for it is firmly established reputation as a strong, explosive, intelligent actor who is able to cope with both the primary and the secondary role. However, it is usually secondary role and get him, and only now an opportunity to turn in all its glory. For which he clung with his usual acumen.

Nominated for an Oscar for her role as Clay Shaw in "jfk" Oliver Stone in 1991 was the beginning of hurricane. Eight blockbusters in a row: 1992 - "Under Siege" by Andrew Davis, . 1993 - his "The Fugitive" (which brought, . by the way, . Jones, Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor), . 1994-th - three films: "Demoman" Stephen Hopkins, . "Client" by Joel Schumacher and "Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone,
. 1995-th - "Batman Forever Joel Schumacher. After resting a year or two, in 1997, Tommy Lee - after the successful rescue of Los Angeles in a catastrophic thriller Mick Jackson "Volcano" - almost without rest took to save the entire planet in a mega-blockbuster Barry Sonnenfeld, Men in Black ". 1998-th - "Bailiffs" Stuart Baird is not a blockbuster, though, the sequel "The Fugitive", but the movie is interesting - and not just hard plot, but also by the fact that this is the first time that a sequel was withdrawn without reference to the protagonist of the first film.

He was twice married and twice divorced. He has two children from his second marriage, Austin and Victoria. He lives not far from the same dusty Texas town, which was born, on his own ranch, raised cattle and horses to play polo. Member of the polo team of San Antonio. Communicates with few neighbors and friends and absolutely does not tolerate stupid questions about his personal life. His father, Clyde Lee Jones, died of a heart attack. His mother, Lucille, Mary Jones, changed many jobs, among which are found and the police station, and school. Now with her second husband, she lives in Cameron, about a hundred miles from San Saba and fifteen hundred miles from San Antonio.

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Tommy Lee JONES, photo, biography
Tommy Lee JONES, photo, biography Tommy Lee JONES  Actor, photo, biography
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