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Ludmila E. TITOVA

( Soviet athlete (speed skating), Honored Master of Sports)

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Biography Ludmila E. TITOVA
photo Ludmila E. TITOVA
Lyudmila Y. Titov was born March 26, 1946 in g. Chita., Soviet athlete (speed skating), Honored Master of Sports. 1968 Olympic champion in skating, the absolute champion of the USSR (1968), champion of the USSR in the sprint all-around (1971-1972), at selected distances (1967-1972), the world record-holder (1970-1972). Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute.

About Titova first talked in December 1965, during the popular tournament in memory of Jacob Melnikova. In those years on the ice tracks glittered great masters such as Inga Artamonov, Lydia Skoblikova, Valentine Stenina, Tamara Rylova. In their company timidly entered the stranger, a sophomore MAI Lyudmila Titova. In running the 500 meters, she won an honorary sixth place.

. And once in January 1966 in the qualifying rounds of the strongest country run before Titov became the third sprint, and at a distance of 1000 meters - the second, it was included in the team of the USSR
. She made her debut at the World Cup. I never thought Lyudmila, that she would have to start overseas, in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. In frost escape was very difficult to. Nevertheless debutante brilliantly coped with its task - she brought home a silver medal, getting it on pyatisotke.

It has defined its Role pure sprinter. Since then, the most victories Titov was connected precisely with the distance of 500 meters. But love for Sprint did not interfere with Ludmilla successfully start and the classic all-around. Thus, the winter sports of the USSR in 1966 Muscovite gave way to eminent rivals battle. In the sprint, she lost the title of champion only Stenina and Rylov, but thousands - only Tatiana Sidorova, one of the fastest konkobezhek world. In the all-around same Titov won the big silver medal. Perhaps only one distance - 3000 meters aroused the active hostility Ludmilla. 'It bores me to run for such a long road - said Titova. - I love the enthusiasm, the vortex speed, I love to fly over the ice, to cornering breath away '.

Pre-Olympic athlete in 1967 brought more big victories. True, soccer is not gone, because the exams in the institute. Already in the late spring of water ice drenched Kirov Ludmila first became a champion of the country, winning a thousand of time 1.36,9.

This season of the Olympic Games in Grenoble. Titov joined it already acknowledged master of skate. The All-Union Championship in Almaty, she won two gold and two silver medals - more than any other participant, becoming absolute champion of the USSR.

. And then there was an Olympic triumph - 'gold' on pyatisotke and the 'silver' in running for 1000 meters (here its result - 1.32,9)
. In its home winning collections appeared, inter alia, two gold medals at the world championship for the success of their favorite distances.

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  • Faith for Ludmila E. TITOVA
  • Lyudochka! Respond! June 22, 2008 to meet classmates Chita school? 9 in Moscow! Very glad to see you. Jura Dzyubenko
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    Ludmila E. TITOVA, photo, biography
    Ludmila E. TITOVA, photo, biography Ludmila E. TITOVA  Soviet athlete (speed skating), Honored Master of Sports, photo, biography
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