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Comments for VENTRESKA Vincent
Biography VENTRESKA Vincent
photo VENTRESKA Vincent
Date of Birth: April 29, 1965.
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
Full Name: Vincent Paul Gerard Ventreska (Vincent Paul Gerard Ventresca).

His middle names - Paul and Gerard - were given to him in honor of the saints who prayed for his mother during her difficult pregnancy (she was then already 47 years old). Vincent was her last, the eleventh child. He graduated from the University of Indiana with a double specialization - theater and psychology. This was done at the request of his father, who did not believe in acting talent son and asked him to buy another, more profitable and useful specialty.

Vincent opened his gift of the actor during his college. That's when he first tried to play in a movie. In hometown Vincent film was shot with the actor Gene Hackman. In the story needed a basketball player, and Vincent is just a well-played basketball. Samples were unsuccessful, Vincent still lacked experience, but an actor playing Hackman so inspired him that he had decided, in that at all costs, to become an actor.
. Since then, Vincent has played many roles in theater, television and in cinema, and also co-founded the experimental theater company called "All that you can swallow"
. Actors in the experimental troupe recruited from among graduates of Indiana University. Vincent participated as an actor in several new projects this studio.

Vincent Ventreska married. His wife name is Diana, a young son - Benjamin. Vincent - a loving and gentle father, that's what he says about his Benji: "My son taught me to enjoy life every day. Recently, he taught me to smile for real. "
Vincent - a man with varied interests, multi-faceted personality, actor-wagon. He loves different styles of music (in particular, Vince like Ben Harper and the Beatles "), different genres of cinema. Vincent equally well succeed roles in comedies, dramas and science fiction films. He did not exclude any possibility of writing a script, or directing some episodes of "The Invisible Man. In his spare time, Vincent likes to work in the garden and cook. Vintreska - actor-workaholic, he loves to rehearse and removed, rehearse and removed, although his schedule is often very tense, and free time is very little. Vincent believes that the Internet helps bring TV to the theater. The advantage of the theater in front of TV is that in a theater actor stands in front of a live audience, he feels a connection with the audience and can observe their reaction to his game. When a television show this connection the audience and the actor is lost, but communication over the Internet helps to restore the lost link.

. Filmography:
. Feature films:
. Madison (paired with Bruce Dern)
. Space between us
. Love and Sex
. I can not dance
. Macarena
. The reunification of Romy and Michele (the main role in a duet with Mira Sorvino)

. TV Shows:
. Friends
. Maggie Winters
. Victim
. Familiar Boston
. Degree of guilt
. Meditsinbol
. Jack and Jill
. Diagnosis - murder
. Almost home
. Life goes

User comments
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  • funky_lock for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Great actors! Judging from the TV series "The Invisible Man," which, perhaps forever, for me, remain the most! (Strictly speaking, the only acceptable way to view TV series)))
  • Natusik for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Actor really super)))) A series Man Nevedimka simply the bomb! By the way No one knows where you can download it?? I would be grateful Pts =))))
  • Vlad for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • п п?п°я?пҐя?п№ actor! Only small quadrupeds, in the category of high-level films.
  • Lucky for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Bright, memorable actor. I still liked his role in the film "slippery slope", where he played the bad guy. I would often see him on screen.
  • irishka for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • hayu
    it! told her boyfriend that if I ever changed, only Invisible! :-) But do not know where the pictures you can download it?
  • Svetlan.Ka for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Cool guy! Who knows it of.sayt?
  • Nastyuha-ha for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • sereal pro-Man nevedschimku I looked more maaalenkoy girl! but now revise it and ochken glad this fact! Ventreska wonderful actor! happy to look all the movies with him in the lead role, =)) who have not watched-Man nevedimku - advise =)),
  • Hope for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Why then before I knew about the existence of such a fine actor, but viewing the film "Invisible Man" just fell in love with him. In the best sense of the word. Now would not miss his film.
  • MAX for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Great actor! The Invisible Man - the best film of his performance! Always, when I look this series, I want to watch again and again! Who has not watched TV series - must see!
  • Natali for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Actor super! I like so many in love with him (in a good sense of the word). Thanks to him, well, a certain degree his buddy movie to get the best, fun and interesting! (Invisible Man) Now his show is on TV3.
  • Anonymous for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Yes this is the best actor ! No one better than him in the film The Invisible Man has not played this role would Derian Fox
  • Julia for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • I really like Vincent vintreska, in the best sense of the word, and all his movies, he had looked the day and night, he's so cute!
  • Julia for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • I would like to have such a brother would п?п?п°я?пҐпЎ ! !
  • Anonymous for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Vincent simply Sugar ! talented actor! And on the exterior I generally keep quiet, Lord, What a figure he! Just CHIC! I love it !
  • Semen Semyonitch for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • Man nevedimka one of my favorite movies. You need to download all the series.
  • valchik for VENTRESKA Vincent
  • adore? that the actor, just download the invisible man, with great pleasure reviewing, you can download at kinozal.tv
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    VENTRESKA Vincent, photo, biography
    VENTRESKA Vincent, photo, biography VENTRESKA Vincent  Actor, photo, biography
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