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Osama Dedzaki

( Classic anime, film director)

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Biography Osama Dedzaki
photo Osama Dedzaki
Dedzaki Osamu (p. 8/11/1943, Tokyo) - classic anime and one of the best directors in its history.

In childhood and adolescence Dedzaki dreamed of becoming a manga artist. However, after the beginning of the anime boom, he changed his "orientation" and in 1963 came to the studio Tezuka Osamu "Mushi Productions".

His first job (as fazovschika, then raskadrovschika and directed a few episodes) became the first in the history of the studio (and second in the history of Japan) TV series "Mighty Atom" [Tetsuwan Atom] (1963-1966).

During the work on the TV series Dedzaki met with a number of future classics of anime, with whom later cooperated and after the collapse of the studio. The most productive was his collaboration with the artist and character designer Akio Suginami

. Later Dedzaki worked as an animator and director of individual series of such well-known TV series, . as "Big X" [Big X] (1964-1965) studio "TMS" and "The Adventures of Goku" [Gokuu no Daibouken] (1967) and "Mysteries-rogues" [Wanpaku Tanteidan] (1968) studio "Mushi Productions",

In 1968 Dedzaki left the "Mushi Productions" to "free bread", but continued his collaboration and with the studio, and Tezuka, and other team members Tezuka.

In 1970 Dedzaki (director) and Suginami (character designer) started work at the studio "Mushi Productions" on the TV series "Tomorrow's Joe" [Ashita no Joe] (1970-1971). He was devoted to the life of a hooligan who became a professional boxer. Like the manga, this series became a cult hit and still remains one of the most popular anime in the history of Japan

. In 1972 Dedzaki together with a group of friends and colleagues on the "Mushi Productions" (including with Rintaro) created a studio "Madhouse" and became its first president, . however, . long it is in this position did not last - he was interested in more creative, . than manual,

New sports hit Dedzaki and Suginami became TV series "Bay Ace!" [Ace o Nerae!] (1973-1974), created by them in the studio "TMS" and dedicated to the young tennis player. This was their first shе█jo anime, and that it has made tennis popular in Japan's view of women's sports

. During the 1970's Dedzaki as a director created in the studio "TMS" TV series "Fool Karate Itiday" [Karate Baka Ichidai] (1973-1974), . "The first man Giatrus" [Hajime Ningen Giatrus] (1974-1976), . "The Adventures of Gamba" [Ganba Bouken Tachi] (1975), . "Fairy Tales of the world" [Manga Sekai Mukashi Banashi] (1976-1979, . with Rintaro), . "Three-dimensional anime about a homeless child Remy" [Rittai Anime Ie Naki Ko Remi] (1977-1978), . "Treasure Island" [Takarajima] (1978-1979),

. In the new decade Dedzaki (along with director Tadao Nagahama), . Studio "TMS" and Suginami (as an animator) came with a new cult TV series "The Rose of Versailles" [Versailles no Bara] (1979-1980), . created on the basis of historical cult manga Ikeda Rieko,

In 1980 Dedzaki and Suginami founded the studio "Annapuru"

. In the first half of 1980 with Dedzaki Suginami (as a designer of characters and the second director) have created a TV series "Space Cobra" [Space Cobra] (1982-1983) and "Mighty orboty" [Mighty Orbots] (1984), . latter - a joint Sino-American production for U.S. television,

In those same years Dedzaki and Suginami created two major feature films: "Incredible space adventure Cobra" [Space Adventurer Cobra Gekijouban] (1982) and "Golgo-13" [Golgo 13] (1983). The second of these became classics of anime fighters and was the first anime, which used computer graphics.

The second half of 1980 Dedzaki switched to the "general direction" creating anime. So, . under his leadership in 1988, was released OAV "pound gospel" [Ichi Pound no Fukuin] explanation of the manga by Takahashi Rumiko, . in 1990 - full-length anime of the Lupine III, . OAV-series "Legend of the King-dragons" [Souryuuden] (1991-1993) and the TV series "The Old Testament Tezuka Osamu" [Tezuka Osamu no Kyuuyaku Seisho Monogatari] (1997),

Nevertheless, in 1991, and Dedzaki Suginami reunited and released the studio "TMS" a cult regular Shе█jo TV series "Dear brother ..." [Onii-sama e. ..] (1991-1992), created in explanation of the manga Ikeda Rieko.

In 1992, the same restless pair began at the studio "Tezuka Productions" creation OAV-series "Medical Cards Black Jack" [Black Jack Carte] (1993-1997) - screen version of the classic manga by their teachers, Tezuka Osamu.

The last of their joint work at the moment - TV series "Legend of White Whale" [Hakugei Densetsu] (1997, 1998-1999), film adaptation of Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick" [Moby Dick].

Like many of the students Tezuka Dedzaki in the first place - the master storyteller means of animation and convey emotions through the "game" characters. It is through these two talents Dedzaki could actually create a genre of "from time immemorial" and make stories about sporting achievements of stories about the spiritual path of their main characters.

Feeling the specificity and male and female anime Dedzaki successfully worked in both directions and created a number of cult TV serials and films, not aging and not forgotten with time.

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Osama Dedzaki, photo, biography
Osama Dedzaki, photo, biography Osama Dedzaki  Classic anime, film director, photo, biography
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