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Hayao Miyazaki

( Actors anime)

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Biography Hayao Miyazaki
photo Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki (p. 5.01.1941, Tokyo) - one of the biggest directors in the history of anime.

During the war, Miyazaki's father owned a small company that manufactured items empennage famous fighter series A6M (American name - "Zero") Corporation, Mitsubishi. Therefore, from childhood the boy was delirious and adored all aircraft flying.

Military supplies were in Japan a very profitable. Therefore, after the war the family, Miyazaki is not stricken, unlike many, and many of their neighbors and fellow. The resulting guilt complex Miyazaki later led to socialist ideas.

Seen Miyazaki in 1958, the first feature-length Japanese anime film "Legend of the White Serpent" [Hakujaden] turned his life. The young man, and before that tended to draw, turn on animation. He also tried his hand at manga, but his first experience a young man not entirely satisfied.

In 1963, Miyazaki began working animator in "Toei Douga". The first movie in which he worked fazovschikom was the feature film "The faithful servant-dogs" [Wan Wan Chuushingura] (1963), "animal" film adaptation of the classic plot of the 47 samurai to avenge his master. The director of this film was Daisaku Shirakawa.

But really talent Miyazaki able to show in the movie "Space Gulliver's Travels" [Gulliver no Uchuu Ryokou] (1965), directed by Kuroda LESAs. Miyazaki still working fazovschikom, but he suggested a few changes to the script of the film and led the effort to animate the scene changed them. Talented animators noticed by the bosses and start to charge him more responsible job.

Huge contribution to the training and promotion of young animator has made a prominent artist and animator Yasuji Mori, who became a teacher for a whole generation of young people "Toei Douga".

While working in "Toei Douga" Miyazaki met and became friends with Isao Takahata. Together they created and led (Miyazaki was chairman, and Takahata - Vice-chairman) The union of young animation studio "Toei Douga" and sought to increase wages and various social benefits. In those days, Miyazaki shared many of Marxist ideas, although never a Communist.

The political and trade union struggle has Miyazaki and Takahata many problems. So, . their first joint feature film "The Adventures of Prince of the Sun Mountain" [Taiyo no Ouji Horus no Daibouken] (1968), . directed by Takahata, . main raskadrovschikom - Miyazaki, . and lead artist - Mori, . was removed from the rolling direction "Toei Douga" ten days after entry screens,
. After that, the authorities accused Takahata in the commercial failure of the film, lowered it into position and set up two friends and their colleagues absolutely intolerable working conditions.

However, Miyazaki continued to work. So, . He took part (as raskadrovschika) to create feature films "Puss in Boots" [Nagagutsu wo Haita Neko] (1969) directed by Kimio Yabuki and "Ghost ship" [Sora Tobu Yureisen] (1969) and "Animals on the Island Treasure [Doubutsu Takarajima] (1971) directed by Hiroshi Ikeda,
. In the best part of these films are readily visible hand and designs Miyazaki.

In 1969, Miyazaki, under the pseudonym Akitsu Saburo published in the newspaper "Shounen Shoujo Shinbun" his first manga "People of the desert" [Sabaku no Tami]. However, in those years, his experience with the manga continue not received.

In 1971, Miyazaki and Takahata, as well as their colleague Otabe Yoichi created their own studio, which was titled "A Pro". Their dream was filming the classic book by Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking", but this project failed, as holders of rights to the book did not give consent to the anime-screen version.

In the end the failed "businessmen" have gone to work at the studio "TMS", where they began work on the TV series "Lupine III" [Lupin III] (1971-1972), and directed by Takahata and Miyazaki became. During the work on the TV series they met his future friend and colleague, Yoshifumi Kondo.

In 1972, Miyazaki wrote the screenplay for the short film "Giant Panda and the little panda" [Pandakopanda], directed by Takahata. This small but very popular film released in the wake of "panda-boom" in Japan early 1970. Linked this boom was the emergence in the Tokyo zoo two pandas, specially imported from China.

In 1973, Miyazaki and Takahata have gone to work at the studio "Zuiyo Enterprise", which was later renamed "Nippon Animation". Here they took part in the creation of several TV serials - adaptations of American and European children's classics. Their first significant work on the new place has TV series "Heidi - a girl of the Alps" [Alps no Shoujo Heidi] (1974). Takahata was its director, and Miyazaki - a leading designer.

In 1978, Miyazaki has finally had a chance to prove themselves on the "Nippon Animation" as an independent director. He wrote and directed his first TV series "Conan - the boy from the future" [Mirai Shonen Conan] (1978), created based on the book by Alexander Cay "incredible surge" [The Incredible Tide]. However, he only used the image of the world described in the book, as well as several characters from it - the plot, he completely reworked.

In 1979, Miyazaki returned to the studio "TMS", to put his first independent feature film "Lupine III: Castle Cagliostro" [Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro], for many years known as the best anime in Japanese history.

After all these achievements, Miyazaki returned to his old dream of a career manga. In 1982 the magazine "Animage" began publishing manga Miyazaki's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds" [Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa] (1982-1994).

Animage ", company" Tokuma Shoten ", proposed to film Miyazaki" Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds ". By agreeing to this proposal, Miyazaki drew Takahata as a producer and hired a studio "Topcraft", previously worked as a subcontractor of American studio "Rankin-Bass".

In 1984, the film came out and became a sensation in the world of anime. The success inspired Miyazaki, and in 1985 to create his next film he and Takahata founded the studio "Studio Ghibli"

. During his work in "Studio Ghibli" Miyazaki as a director made: "Castle in the Sky" [Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa] (1986), . "Our Neighbor Totoro" [Tonari no Totoro] (1988), . "Kiki's Delivery Service" [Majo no Takkyubin] (1989), . "Porco Rosso" [Kurenai no Buta] (1992) and the video for the song J-POP groups "Chage & Aska" "Ready!" [On Your Mark] (1995),

In 1997, after the release of the next masterpiece "Princess Mononoke" [Mononoke Hime] Miyazaki announced his retirement from the commercial and animation studio "Studio Ghibli". He said that he was going to do experimental non-profit film project.

However, the commercial animation was too strong "drugs" that from it can be simply dismissed. In 2001, Miyazaki has released a new feature film "Sen and Chihiro, gone with the spirits of" [Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi]. Now the director once again declares that he intends to abandon large-scale production of the anime. However, he has few believe.

Parallel work in the studio "Studio Ghibli" Miyazaki has continued to be published as a manga. Thus, his manga "Epoch hydroplanes" [Hikoutei Jidai] (1990) served as the basis scenario "Porco Rosso".

Miyazaki - artist generation of the sixties ", the director of family films. Therefore, his works were essential and universal humanist ideas, including the concept of ecology. However Miyazaki can not debase those ideas, not reduce them to a statement of the obvious, and anime - their retelling. Miyazaki knows how to build a fascinating history of the audience, usually not very attracted to Japanese culture, and it is interesting not only in Japan but also outside.

Miyazaki loves flying and all sorts of aerial devices, so they are present in each of his film. Schedule Miyazaki features high accuracy, calibrated and realistic, focusing on exploring landscapes and landscapes.

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Hayao Miyazaki, photo, biography
Hayao Miyazaki, photo, biography Hayao Miyazaki  Actors anime, photo, biography
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