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Yasuji Mori

( One of the classics and founders of modern Japanese animation)

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Biography Yasuji Mori
photo Yasuji Mori
Yasuji Mori (25.01.1925, Tottori - 02.09.1992, Tokyo) - one of the classics and creators of modern Japanese animation.

Mori grew up in Taiwan. As a teenager, got into the occupation, he watched a lot of American cartoons and dreamed himself to become an animator.

In the late 1940's, Mori came to the studio "Nippon Douga", which led the early classics of Japanese animation, Kenzo Masaoka and Yamamoto Sanae. The first movie in his career was "Kitten Torah and the bride" [Tora-chan to Hanayome] (1948), on which he worked as Melter.

His first job as an animator was 13-minute film "Mr. Poppoya - carefree stationmaster" [Poppoya-san Nonki Ekichou] (1949) directed Kumagavy Masao. Just in case, let me remind that the whole Japanese animation at that time was black and white.

For "Lord Poppoey" followed by another short anime - "Gnome and caterpillar" [Kobito to Aomushi] (1950) directed by Hideo Furusawa. Following three years of studio "Nippon Douga" experienced organizational difficulties, and Mori at the time went to work in a department store "Seibu", for which he drew posters. At the same time the cooperation of Mori with publishers of children's literature and the magazine "Manga Shounen", for which the rest of his life he drew illustrations.

In 1953, Mori returned to the studio "Nichidou Eigasha" (renamed "Nippon Douga") and together Yabusitoy hills near Taizo withdrawing her first movie as a director - "The Tale of Bunny" [Kousagi Monogatari] (1954). For the film "Black Woodpecker and White-headed Woodpecker" [Kuroi Kikori to Shiroi Kikori] (1956) all of the same Yabusity Maury wrote the script. But no direction, no scripting truly Mori did not attract. His paths forever remain animation, drawing and character design.

In 1956, the studio "Nichidou Eigasha" becomes animated studio unit "Toei" - company "Toei Douga". Mori is one of its leading animators and mastering the technique color animation. Together with other Mori creates a full-length anime such as "Legend of the White Serpent" [Hakujaden] (1958), "Young Sarutobi Sasuke" [Shounen Sarutobi Sasuke] (1959), "Journey to the West" [Saiyuki] (1960)

. During production of the film "the rebellious prince and vosmiglavy dragon" [Wanpaku Ouji no Orochi Taiji] (1963) directed by Serikavy South Mori actually created the profession of the director-animator (ensyutsu) - Technical organizer and controller of the process of creating animation,

In "Toei Douga" Mori has brought a whole galaxy of future classics of Japanese animation, of which the most famous Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and Sugii Gisaburo. It helped Mori Takahata and Miyazaki's "punch" through the bosses of their first joint project - a feature film "The Adventures of Prince of the Sun Mountain" [Taiyo no Ouji Horus no Daibouken] (1968). In gratitude, after the death of Mori Miyazaki became the editor of a collection of his drawings.

Separately, it is worth noting the work of Mori as a character designer and director on the film directed by Kimio Yabuki "Puss in Boots" [Nagagutsu wo Haita Neko] (1969). The protagonist of this film became a symbol of the studio "Toei Douga".

In 1973, Mori went to the studio "Nippon Animation" and began working on TV series as character designer and lead animator. It was at this time had a significant complication and improve its graphic style

. The best known of his works at the studio "Nippon Animation" are TV-series "Heidi - a girl of the Alps" [Alps no Shoujo Heidi] (1974) Takahata, . "Dog Flanders" [Flanders no Inu] (1975) directed by Yoshio Kuroda and "Theater of the masterpieces of the Brothers Grimm" [Grimm Meisaku Gekijou] (1987-1988),

After the "Theater of the masterpieces of the Brothers Grimm" Mori no longer worked in the animation. Nevertheless, until his death he continued to be friends with all your colleagues and illustrate children's books and magazines.

Mori is one of the "lesser-known classics". While at home he is still remembered and revered, he was known abroad badly, though, and saw many of his works. The fact that children's animation, which Mori never changed, not considered a strong point of the anime.

But Mori's always known that adults and teenagers grow out of children, and they also need animation - intelligent, kind and beautiful. Not chasing not for glory, not for honor, not for leadership positions, Mori still has one of those without whom the anime would have never became what it is now. And for some of its finest sons were tales: and Japanese, and overseas.

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Yasuji Mori, photo, biography
Yasuji Mori, photo, biography Yasuji Mori  One of the classics and founders of modern Japanese animation, photo, biography
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