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Mamoru Oshii

( Actors anime)

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Biography Mamoru Oshii
photo Mamoru Oshii
Oshii Mamoru (p. 8.08.1951, Tokyo) - one of the most talented contemporary anime filmmakers.

Starting as a film director, and took several short films in 1977, Hosea went to the animation and started working at the studio "Tatsunoko Production". His directorial debut was the documentary-educational animated film "Tears in the Eyes of the Dragon" [Ryu no Me no Namida] (1979).

In the same 1979 Hosea went on to the newly created "Studio Pierrot". His first job at the new place was directing TV series "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" [Nils no Fushigi na Tabi] (1979-1980), created by the fairy tale by Selma LagerlцІf.

Was famous as a director of Hosea TV adaptation of the manga by Takahashi Rumiko "Bores aliens" [Urusei Yatsura] (1981-1986). He did some full-length anime movies in explanation of this manga.

In 1983 he made at the "Studio Pierrot" first in the history of Japan OAV-series "Dallas: Order to destroy Dallas" [Dallos: Dallos Haikai Shirei].

In 1984, Hosea left "Studio Pierrot" and together with Yoshitaka Amano on the studio "Studio Deen" made a strange but very beautiful and became a cult OAV "Angel's Egg" [Tenshi no Tamago]

. In 1988, Hosea, along with manga artist Masami Yuuki, . character designer Takada Akemi, . Fur designer Izubuchi Yutaka and screenwriter Kazunori Ito created the group "Headgear" for the development and creation of manga and anime series "Mobile Police Patleybor" [Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor],

In the same year he became director of OAV-series "Mobile Police Patleybor" [Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor] (1988-1989) and took off on the show two full-length anime (1989 and 1993, respectively). In 1989 he started publishing self-titled TV series (1989-1990).

OAV-series and the first film co-created "Production IG" and "Studio Deen", TV series - studio "Sunrise", the second film - "Production IG". That it first appeared super-realistic animation style, later used in "Ghost in the Shell".

In 1995, he became known throughout the world with access to the screens in Japan, Britain and the U.S. adaptation of Shirow Masamune manga "Ghost in the" Armor "[Ghost in the Shell] in the studio" Production IG ".

In addition, Hosea took a few movies with live actors, wrote scripts and novels ...

In 1999 he became the author of the script-length fiction anime "Wolf pack" [Jinrou], which took off at the studio "Production IG" his pupil - a young director Hiroyuki Okiura. The script was written in explanation of manga Hosea and Fujiwara Kamui Legend about the dog-wolf "[Kenrou Densetsu] (1988), which tells an alternative history of postwar Japan.

In 2000, in explanation of one of the stories Hosea Kitakubo Hiroyuki created in the studio "Production IG" feature film "Blood: The Last Vampire" [Blood: The Last Vampire].

In 2001, the screens of Japan released full-length feature cyberpunk Hosea "Avalon" [Avalon]. He was shot, by the way, in Poland, and played it Polish actors. The main role was the young actress Malgorzata Foremnyak. Poland was chosen for mercenary reasons - for little money, the Polish Army has agreed to provide for the shootings of soldiers and military equipment (tanks T-72). In addition, Hosea - admirer of the great Polish director Andrzej Wajda.

Hosea - a close friend of Miyazaki, they have often contemplated joint projects, but none of them, unfortunately, was not brought to end.

As director, Hosea - "seventies". It is more cynical than Miyazaki, and also committed to the principles of animation realism, particularly manifested in the "Ghost in the Shell". In the film very carefully worked out the finest image details, used a lot of real cinema and photographing places and things. This is achieved hitherto unheard of in anime and technical perfection, unanimously acknowledge and critics, and audiences.

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Mamoru Oshii, photo, biography
Mamoru Oshii, photo, biography Mamoru Oshii  Actors anime, photo, biography
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