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Masamune Shirow

( Classic modern manga cyberpunk)

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Biography Masamune Shirow
Shirow Masamune (real name - Ota Masanori p. 23/11/1961, Kobe) - a classic of modern manga cyberpunk.

In 1983 while studying at Osaka University of Arts Siro for the collection dе-jinshi amateur magazine "Atlas Magazine" drew a cyberpunk manga "Black Magic" [Black Magic]. For this manga, he invented a pseudonym - Shirow Masamune. Shiro was never published under his real name, and even do not know exactly what it. "Ota Masanori" - only the most famous version, not officially confirmed.

After graduation he worked as a teacher of drawing Shiro in high school. However, the creation of the manga he liked, and he continued to work in this direction. In his work drew the attention of Harumiti Aoki, president of Osaka small publishing company "Seishinsha", and offered a professional contract Siro.

In 1985, "Seishinsha" began publishing the first commercial manga Siro - "apple seed" [Appleseed] (1985-1989). The publication has been so successful that Shiro had left work at the school and dedicated himself to creating manga. In 1988, the manga has been dramatized in the form of full-length OAV, which, however, could not convey all of its scope and complexity. In an annex to the "apple seed" Shiro published in 1990 a collection of "Information about Seed apple" [Appleseed Databook] - a detailed description of the world and characters in manga.

In 1985, "Seishinsha" reissued "black magic" and start typing continued - "Black Magic M66" [Black Magic M66] (1986). In 1987, in explanation of this manga studio "Animate Film" was created the same name OAV, and Shiro took part in its creation. It was one of the first cyberpunk-OAV in the history of anime.

In 1986, Shiro published manga "Dominion: Tank Police" [Dominion Hansai Gundan], filmed in 1988-1989.

In 1990, "Seishinsha" founded the magazine "Comic Gaia", specially designed for the publication of works of Shiro and working in his style of artists and manga. However, in mid-1993 the magazine went bankrupt and closed (in connection with the start of the recession).

In 1990, Shiro began to publish in "Comic Gaia" comedy manga "Magic superbroni Orion" [Senjutsu Choukoukaku Orion] (1990-1991), combining humor with a complex game of mixing all the eastern religions.

It is because of the closure of the magazine "Comic Gaia" Shiro has not finished work on the sequel to Tank Police and color manga "Warehouse exons" [Exon Depot] (1992). "Exon" and referred to below "intron" - terms of genetics, are relevant to the process of transfer of genetic information.

In 1991, Shiro began to publish his main work - the manga "Opergruppa" armor "[Koukaku Kidoutai] (1991 -), Mamoru Oshii filmed at the studio" Production IG ", entitled" Ghost in the "Armor" [Ghost in the Shell] (1995 ). A screen, however, was significantly different in style from the manga, and therefore has not been enthusiastically accepted by fans Siro.

In 1992, Shiro gathered all his painted for various projects, color illustrations and published their collection of "Warehouse introns" [Intron Depot]. In 1998 he was issued his second collection of illustrations - "Warehouse intron 2: Blades" [Intron Depot 2: Blades]. Both publications were parallel Japanese and English texts.

From 1993 to 1995, Shiro published in the journal "Dragon Comics" project "Neyrokrut: Planet of bees" [Neuro Hard: Hachi no Wakusei] - a detailed description of the fictional universe

. Shiro also repeatedly took part in the creation of console games, . including explanations of his works: "Sampaguita", . "Gundress", . "Horned Owl", . "Ghost in the Shell PSX", . "Black Magic M66 PC" and so, . published calendars, . participated in the development of online RPG, . illustrated novels and stories,

In addition, Shiro was a character designer and participated in the creation of OAV-series "Lendlok" [Landlock] (1995-1996) and full-length film "The Goddess with weapons" [Gundress] (1999) studio "ORCA". Both anime, however, are considered to be relatively unsuccessful (except for designs Siro).

Shiro very jealous of his personal life: he never appears in public and prohibits a photograph. Few people can boast that they know him in person. In the manga Shiro usually depicts his "alter ego" in the form of Octopussy Takotyu.

Unlike many other manga, Shiro, becoming famous, did not leave the native of Kobe, where he lived until 1995, when the city was badly damaged by the earthquake and the house was razed to the ground Siro. However, after the accident he did not go far from home town.

Interests Siro very versatile, he reads lots of books and magazines, both artistic and scientific. It is not bad (for manga), speaks English and often uses them in his works. He is not very fond of work (prefer to read or meditate), and therefore often do not keep the time of publication. In his spare time, he also photographs of spiders and making figurines of papier-mache.

Shiro more talented artist than a writer. His fur-designs have already become classics of the genre, and the baroque splendor graphics simply unequaled. Scenes for the most part connected with the description of the future technologically sophisticated, they are ironic and light, though Shiro no stranger to tragedy and shades common to classical works of cyberpunk.

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Masamune Shirow, photo, biography
Masamune Shirow, photo, biography Masamune Shirow  Classic modern manga cyberpunk, photo, biography
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