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Colin Farrell

( Actor)

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When the main roles for "Hart's War" were approved by Edward Norton and Bruce Willis, casting agents look for a left Supporting Actor. Among them and hit Colin Farrell, by that time known only for her role in "Tigerland" Joel Schumacher, and even then only a narrow circle of people. By a lucky coincidence for Farrell, Norton withdrew from the project, after which it was Colin and became a partner of Willis. This time fortune smiled the young actor: As always though: after reading the biography of the actor, it is clear that luck is a constant companion of our hero:

. : The rapid ascent of a young Irishman on a Hollywood career began in 1998 in London, where Joel Schumacher spent casting for his new film
. Farrell, along with hundreds of other young actors sent his videoprobu, shot his sister with the help of amateur camera. And although the focus was far from Colin Texas, as required by the script, the director saw in the young Irishmen of his hero and invited him to one of the main roles.

Eventually Taygerlend collected 140 ml. in the U.S. box office, and Colin Farrell immediately became lure casting agents. Some even made bets on how quickly Farrell will be on the cover of the Hollywood Bible: the magazine Vanity Fair

. "It's just madness! If something out of this was planned, . is clearly in heaven, . and not on earth! I always moved forward slowly, . as suddenly just jumped a few steps and now I'm working with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg! This is madness! ",

. Colin was born March 31, 1976, in Dublin, the son of Eamon Farrell, a professional football player, and his wife Rita
. Being the youngest of their 4 children, Colin, had planned to go in the footsteps of his father, but too much in his character was sloppiness, not allowing him to focus on something a. Football players had not happened, and indeed in childhood and adolescence, Colin, in his words, dealt primarily with simply "knowledge of life in all its manifestations". But the most vivid impression of his youth was a trip around the world, on his return from which he entered the School of Drama. But there he stayed not long, because he did not like: the rules and restrictions. Nevertheless, he still managed to play in a performance with Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey:

. After a not entirely successful "Hart's War" restore confidence to Colin enabled his role in the film unsurpassed Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, where he became a partner of Tom Cruise
. Also, he gave assurance that the proposal studios began to pour in on him one by one. 2003 truly was the year of Farrell - every few months on the screens came out the next tape with his participation. "Daredevil," in which Colin went to perhaps the most memorable role, add some color to the little gray for his movie: "The Recruit," in which Colin had the honor to make himself a decent pair of Al Pacino. And, finally, "Phone Booth", which can rightly be called a picture of one actor, the actor, recognized by law the best breakthrough in 2003 (at least, according to MTV Movie Awards). But the year is not yet finished and is already approaching a new blockbuster movie featuring young talent - "SWAT" with Samuel L. Jackson in one of the main roles will be one of the main action role-year period paintings. In addition, the work are still a few bands, including a grand project by Oliver Stone on Alexander the Great:

. Farrell himself calmly perceives sensation, raised around his name and when asked about his plans, otshuchivayas responds: "I'm going to grow a beard, wear a backpack on his shoulders and: vanish
. Movement - is what gives me life ... "

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Photos of Colin Farrell
Colin FarrellColin FarrellColin FarrellColin Farrell

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Colin Farrell, photo, biography
Colin Farrell, photo, biography Colin Farrell  Actor, photo, biography
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