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Biography SMASH
photo SMASH
Sergey Lazarev
Born April 1, 1983
Height: 182 cm
Age: 20 years
In ordinary life, known as a student of the school-studio of. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater with them. A. Chekhov. It can be seen in the role of Romeo in a production of "Romeo and Juliet" Moscow Drama Theater named after a. S. Pushkin. Has a level in gymnastics.

. Vlad Topalov
. Born October 25, 1985
. Height: 178 cm
. Age: 17 years.
. In ordinary life, known as a law student Rossiyskogo State Humanitarian University.

. These two became stars when they were still quite young, and their friendship began with the first minute, as soon as they saw each other
. "We first met when I was nine years - confirms Vlad. - I was very shy child, . and mother took me to listen to the music the youth team - she had hoped, . that so I'll be more liberated: "So the best friends and cousins began their ascent to Olympus showbiz, . speaking children's ensemble "Neposedy",
. "Then, Vlad went to study in London, and I took his place in the group - adds Sergey - and became a real star. All the girls just love me "- he laughs. "When three years later I returned, we spent time together," - continues to Vlad. The result was the idea of working together. Both felt that we have achieved in the group of all, what could, and prepared to sing a duet.

It all began with a gift - Vlad's father was a fan of the musical "Notre Dame de Paris", and the guys decided to write Belle to the day of his birth. "We tried at first to record in English, because I do not understand a word of French ... but soon realized that this aria can be played and heard in the language of the musical, and we have completed this task. The result turned out amazing! .. "" Yes, the director of my school so much like our execution, it allows me to occasionally miss classes for rehearsals "- giggles Vlad. Hearing the "Belle" on the air one radio station, CEO of Universal Music Russia David Junk interested in the project. His voice struck boys, and he offered to listen to music for Simon Napier-Bell. Thus was the duet "Smash!!".

"I left school and enrolled in theater school. Although I have always wanted to sing, and this is the only thing that I really enjoy doing now, the theater was for me at least an important part of life ", - says Sergei. : And I want to be a lawyer - says Vlad. - I think it is useful to have a good education: in case you did not emerge career musician ". Despite the differences of views on the life of Sergei and Vlad has one, but the most important factor in common - friendship. "Sometimes we quarrel, but it briefly. It's really hard to control your character. If I do something not like it, I go out of control ", - says Vlad. "We never argue on personal matters - only the work because I like light music, and he listens to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and sometimes we yell at each other, when I, for example, like the song, and he said that is too sweet. "

. The first appearance of "Smash!!" broadcast radio and television channels (April 2002) made a real explosion among the musical community
. The first clip of the duet was filmed for the song "Should Have Loved You More". His shooting took place in Thailand and brought the boys, they said, a lot of fun. Songs sung by all - from children to the producers, but the guys themselves were unable to beat off the invitation to speak on a particular event.

. In late July - early August 2002 "Smash!!" participated in the contest of young singers "New Wave" in Jurmala, which won first place
. The Group was among the six contestants from Russia and together with 15 other participants proved its right to the big stage. Under the terms of the organizing committee, was selected three tracks - for each competition day. The first day of Vlad and Sergey performed a song Alexei Rybnikov of the rock opera "Juno and Avos" "You wake me at dawn". The second song you guys have submitted in the competition, has become "Belle" from the musical. In the third competition day, "Smash!!" performed the track "Talk To Me". This hit so impressed the audience that all members of the jury set the highest mark - 10 points.

. Group was taken to Moscow, the grand prize in the amount of twenty thousand dollars and the figurine in the form of a crystal wave (which they broke due to the large accumulation of people who came to the duo to Moscow)
. After the first single "Should Have Loved You More" and victory in Jurmala became clear that the Belle should be the second single from their debut album "Smash!!". Shooting the video for the song Belle took place in August last year in one of the pavilions of "Mosfilm". Video was directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Sam movie made in the style of fantasy: the script all the action takes place also on the video shoot, but only in: the distant future. Thus, in the role of a futuristic video attendants were young boys and girls Mongoloid race, and in the role of security guards "" Smash!! "" - African Americans. And Vlad and Sergey, observing the contrast, dressed in beautiful costumes: blonde Vlad got a white suit and dark-haired, Sergei - black.

Clip a few weeks in a row was on top of the charts MTV Russia. Then there was the debut album, the recording of which took place in the best studios in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Despite the busy schedule: an active concert life, study, work by Sergei in the theater - the main task was to work on the plate. Thanks to the dedication of its "Smash!!" and got the opportunity to become an international star.

They are very optimistic about the future. "Audiences always feel the sincerity of the Executive - the only way to bring attention to students'. "If you want to become a star just for the sake of fame and money that people stood in line for your autograph, you should not run because of this, you must love and the hardest part of success - the recording, concert tours, the sleepless nights ... You must be concentrated on this one hundred per cent, otherwise it does not work. "

However, the guys did not refuse to spend their leisure time in night clubs with friends, socialize, read. Their courage, independence and self-confidence sometimes amaze! They actively participate in the establishment of arrangements to his songs and are ready to argue with the most venerable sound-producers, if you do not agree with the proposed material. Young, charming, they are not only complementary, but did not disagree on the future of his team. Thus, the question that will bring a new group, they answered: "Lots of things. People see the artists in their ideal, then, what they seek. Not every team can cause people some friendship. Each of us - the identity. The fact that we sing, many have heard what you expect for a long time. Finally in Russia show business came a group that knows how to sing. We have not heard from one person! It's nice because we really have a natural voice, which are not brought up on a computer. Voices, songs, melody and sincerity - all components of our team under the name of the group "" Smash !!"".

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  • smash very best! and ........ they are not gay! I can prove it! pshite to address - barbi_smash@mail.ru! WAIT!
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  • Flash for SMASH
  • Hello how are you?
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  • they are the super!
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  • very talented, nice and wonderful.
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