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MEYOLL John (Mayall John)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography MEYOLL John (Mayall John)
photo MEYOLL John (Mayall John)
John Mayall One of the veterans of pop music, . nicknamed "the white king of black blues" and "Great Father of British Blues", . brought up and gave the name of the lion's share of Britain's leading rock instrumentalists, . John Meyoll born November 29, 1933 in Macclesfield, . Cheshire, . Domestic Servant, . enthusiastic admirer of jazz, . in the case of playing the guitar, . and culminated in his "blues Way of the Cross" in 1967, . when tens of thousands of young Englishmen took up guitar, . trying to express himself in the blues boom,

. John became interested in the blues at age 13, . a year later, . leaving their homes, . went to Manchester, . where, . settling in a wooden shed, . rehearsed first boogie-woogie, . and then moved on to more complex instrumental compositions, . music announcing the sole purpose of his life,
. In 1950 he enrolled in art school and began playing in the Manchester team The Powerhouse Four, and two years later, when he fought in Korea, I bought in Tokyo to mark the six-string guitar, and instructed the three additional strings
. After demobilization finished art school, . some time worked as a designer at an advertising agency, . and then at the invitation of Alexis Korner's moved to London, . where in 1963 he organized a team Bluesbreakers, . the first consisting of the bassist John McVie and guitarist Bernie Watson, . but to record the album John Mayall Plays John Mayall were further invited guitarist Roger Dean, and drummer Hugh Flint,
. This album was recorded "live" during a performance group in the London club Klook's Kleek.
In 1965, Dean has replaced Eric Clapton, who had just left the band Yardbirds. This lineup released the album Bluesbreakers - John Mayall with Eric Clapton, classic blues disc, dramatically increased the reputation as the most Meyolla and Clapton. And although the fact that in the name of the album next to the name of John stood the name of another musician, was unprecedented in his career Meyolla, for his excellent guitar playing Clapton got no money above the rate seyshnmena.

Composition, in which he announced bassist Jack Bruce, short-lived, and when Bruce and Clapton eventually went for the organization Sream, appeared in the Bluesbreakers drummer Aynsley Danber and guitarist Peter Green. Album A Hard Road - probably the best of the recorded Meyollom showed that the new guitarist was completely adequate substitute for the departed Klzptonu. Then came recorded with American Paul Butterfield, and then together with drummer Kifom Hartley Meyoll released a solo album, The Blues Alone with producer Mike Vernon, was recorded in one day in Hampstead.
During this period of the Bluesbreakers, Peter Green was the ideal partner to Meyollu, his reliable support. Categorically refusing to concert performances, Green made a lot of new things in the music of this period, which is documented excellent compilation Thru 'the Years, contains an interesting previously unreleased material. But, to share Meyollom and songwriting and vocal duties Greene in early 1967 decided to leave the group in order to organize together with McVie Fleetwood Mas.
And in the Bluesbreakers, extended to the sextet, first appeared performers on wind instruments - Chris Mercer and Rip Kant. Besides them, the group hit the former members of the ensemble Artwoods, Hartley and the aforementioned 18-year-old guitarist Mick Taylor with the still fairly crude manner of playing. This lineup released the album Crusade, reproducing the material of American bluesmen who have not received so far decent wide acceptance.
The record fairly ordinary two-part live album Diary of a Band of there bassist Keith Tillman and saxophonist Hekstol-Smith (instead of Kant). In those days, changes in the Bluesbreakers were quite common, and no one was surprised when it became known about the next intake of "new blood". In the disc recording Bare Wires, except Mercer and Hekstol-Smith, attended bassist Tony Reeves, drummer John Hayzemen and Henry Lauter (violin, trumpet). This album marked some changes in musical accents Meyolla previously prefers to deal with the processing of the blues in Chicago style. Containing only their own compositions guitar album was a definite assignment of the nascent "progressive" style - but it was somewhat spoiled obvious shortcomings Meyolla as tekstovika

. Soon the backbone of this composition, . withdrawing from Meyolla, . ensembles Colosseum and John, along with Taylor, . bassist Steve Thompson, and drummer Colin Ollenom began to speak in the quartet, . which recorded a very successful and successful album Blues from Laurel Canyon - impressions Meyolla three-day holiday in the U.S.,

This was the heyday of the British blues boom, and the performance of the group Meyolla become an integral part of it. Sam guitarist, . dressed in a hat stetsonovskuyu, . cowboy outfit, . armed with a huge revolver and cartridge-belted, . which he kept his collection of harmonica, . has, . in his own words, . "stuffed energy, . but rough-hewn vocals ", . tried his expressive guitar style to convey the emotional richness of Negro standards,
. Sound his suite Bare Wires and Blues from Laurel Canyon turned out as one piece stylistically, as the remarkable record of Chicago's Negro ghetto and the Mississippi Delta.

Meyoll, never cared musicians, very jealous of the fact that any of the invitees played better and more visible than he. In their songs, mostly autobiographical, it tells of the adventures during the tour, his dreams, his ranch in California, Laurel Canyon, children, "grupiz, countries and lyudah, as well as the death of Jimi Hendrix. This usually taciturn artist himself is the producer of their records, sort of the static, devoid of glitz, music. "I've never been inclined to commercial compromises, all that I do, I do for myself".
Soon collapsed, and this composition. Taylor, the longest working with Meyollom guitarist, joined the Rolling Stones, who retired Ollen later joined up with Thompson in the rhythm section band Stone the Crows.

In mid-1969 who challenged the traditions of blues and fatal Meyoll organized ensemble without a drummer and electric guitarist, and announced his intention to "explore seldom-developed areas of music for small group". The new composition, which included an acoustic guitarist Jon Mark, Johnny Almond duhacha and Thompson, debuted in the United States and during a speech in the "Fillmore East" 12 July 1969 recorded the album Turning Point.
Name ( "turning point") turned out to be symptomatic. Remaining within the framework of the blues, jazz group demonstrated a mature approach with an impressive contribution Almond. Together with bassist Jerry Taylor was the disc Empty Rooms, which together with subsequent concert tours have become very successful event.

To record the album USA Union were first used by American musicians - violinist Don Shugeken Harris and guitarist Harvey Mandel, and bassist Larry Taylor. The album was somewhat spoiled the lack of time for rehearsals and not quite high-quality lyricism Meyolla, carried away by this time ecology.

The next album (in the discography are and American editions) Back to the Roots was recorded with the participation of almost all former pupils Meyolla, as well as guest "stars", but critics and the public has not been recognized. Since Meyoll moved to live and work in America, and in his music more and more inclined to jazz-blues. Discs recorded in 1972-3 he was mainly composed of: Blue Mitchell (TRB), guitarist Freddie Robinson, Clifford Solomon (SCS), bassist Larry Taylor and drummer Ron Celik. In early 1975 Meyoll changed the recording company for ABC and released the album New Years, New Band, New Company, which declared him an old associate of violinist Harris. Singing John returned to his blues roots, which were typical for him ten years ago, and also connected to a recording singer Dee McKinney. But it was obvious that the muse had long since left Meyolla - songwriting has never been his forte, and now stretching become particularly noticeable. At the end of that year, after the complete collapse of the ensemble he went to New Orleans to record his solo album, Time Expired, Notice to Appear with producer Allen Tyussenom.

After a one-year pause in late 1976, he scored himself a new composition, which included 10 people and a few unusual instruments for blues layout.

Although the burning desire to constantly strive for something new part of the plant Meyolla a musical dead ends, he remained an influential figure in the development of world pop music.
In the early 80s Meyoll bounded by recording their activities and settled in Kalifopnii. In 1988, he choose a to gastpoli in europium, where auditopiya, although not very big, with its ppinimala derived microcontinents such enthusiasm. His performance in Bayreuth, Germany gave MATERIAL for "live" album The Power of the Blues. At the same time signed kontpakt with shape, Island and released LP Chicago Line and A Sence of Place, ppichem latter became his best for many years.
In 1992, he flew with several short visit to Rodinia and revealed himself as happy, pabotosposobnym and as ppezhde, uncontrollable kommepcheskim traps. Album Wake Up Call failed even better ppedshestvennika, and on avenues in European agent for such a successful Mayall longpleya was already п¦п+п¦pя-я- twenty years.

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MEYOLL John (Mayall John), photo, biography
MEYOLL John (Mayall John), photo, biography MEYOLL John (Mayall John)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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