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MIRANDA Juan Sebastian Campuzano

( Actor)

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Biography MIRANDA Juan Sebastian Campuzano
photo MIRANDA Juan Sebastian Campuzano
This attractive blue-eyed boy, who was born in Buenos Aires, long an actor's biography - his talent manifested itself even in childhood. Sebastian Campuzano Juan Miranda - such is his full name - the grandson of a diplomat with the government Peron, his parents were a housewife named Lucy and employee, Juan Carlos, who died in 1996. In the family, except for Sebastian, there were three more children - Alejandro Solanhe (Solange), and Maria Noel.

Sebastian first appears on the screen in 4 years, Maria Noel - in 6, both participated in countless commercials. His first big role was Sebastian in 1978. in the famous TV series producer Martha Reger's "Dear Mama" (Mama Linda), which appeared along with Alice Brousseau, Emilio Guevara and Osvaldo Brandi.

In 1979, as a small, Manuel, he is involved in filming the series Entre la vereda y el cielo y director Jorge Maestro (Channel 11 TV).

. In 1980, . when in Argentina there is a color TV, . Sebastian gets a major role in the remake of the telenovela Estacion Terminal, . whose script was written by Marcia Serretani and Elsa Martinez, . it, . besides, . Raц¦l Aubel filmed and Beatriz Dц-a Quiroga,
. In 1980-1982gg. he plays Piguzhi in the popular series El Rafa, where the main character played the famous Alberto de Mendoza, and one of the roles performed while still a beginner artist Carlos Andres Calvo. In 1981, he first won a role in the theater, playing in the play by Ernest Thompson's "Until next summer," together with Ana Maria Campo and Pepe Sibrianom addition, he participated in theatrical productions of the famous Hollywood movie "The Golden Lagoon".

Just another young, at age 10, he was withdrawn in telenovelas deemed to be "mixed", together with such renowned figures as Miguel Angel Sola, Rodolfo Ranni and Ricardo Darin. He performed significant roles in serials Nosotros y los miedos (1982-84), Que nos pasa che (1984), Compromiso (1984-85), Un toque de conmocion (1984), El teatro de Irma Roy (1985), Las 24 horas (1985), Ciencia y Conciencia (1987, dir. Diana Alvarez, 13 channel). Among his other works distinguished role in serials De Fulanas y Menganas (1987) and Vinculos II (1988)

. In 1986, . aged 16, . Sebastian made his debut in film, . in two films: Memorias y Olvidos director Simon Feldman, . which were taken as Arturo Mali, . Juan Leyrado and Lorenzo Quinteros, . and Las aventuras de Tremendo, . together with the then popular teen group - This painting entered the studio Victoria,
. In 1988-1989. He participates in the youth series Clave de Sol becoming one of the young TV star. This was followed by serial Vendedoras de Lafayete, its historic joint work with the young actors Adrian Suar and Fabian Hianoloy
. Top 90 Sebastian brings several important roles in various comedies, an artist who combines the successful work in productions of La pension de la Porota, Teatro para picaros, Asi son los mios, Regalo del cielo and Amigos son los amigos
. Thus he is gaining a solid reputation comedian, . which gives him the opportunity to play one of the most memorable characters of the Argentine TV - daredevil Ramiro Chichareli, . employee of Don Arturo Arauzo (Arturo Puig) in the most successful comedies in the history of local television: Grande Pa!,

. After earning a rating of almost 60 points, . This telenovela has broken all records of popularity, . its success is shared by subsequent theatrical, . marching for two seasons, . then came the various attributes, . quickly raskuplennoy admirers,
. In 1993, Mr.. actor continued to act in the theater, presenting the audience their work in a play directed by Elio Gallipoli "El Dormitorio", shown on the stage of San Martin. In 1994, Sebastian took part in the drama "Phone" Para toda la vida, together with Christine Murtha and Patricio Contreras, and played a role in the telenovela Genaro Nano where his partners were Gustavo Bermudez Araceli Gonzalez. Since 1997, he was withdrawn without rest, participating in serials De Corazon (1997), Chiquititas (1998), La Nocturna (1998) and Trillizos (1999).
. In 1999, Sebastian won the hearts of audiences in the role of the brave Chamuko, . which, . first appeared on the screen in the 80 th series Muneca Brava, . with Natalia Oreiro in the main role, . his charm and wit, adorned staging, . bringing into force of the telenovela humor and freshness,
. In late 2000. He finished shooting a series Amor Latino, in which the director Raoul Lekouna cast gathered from across the continent
. At the beginning of the new millennium, actor gets role in the successful projects in 2001 - serials Ilusiones, . Provocame and 22, . el loco and, . besides, . returns to the theatrical scene in the play Armando Dissepolo El Organito, . received the most favorable reviews from critics,
. Over 20 years of his work in theater and on TV Sebastian was a great acting school next to such prominent figures of the Argentine scene, as the late Ignacio Quiroz, Lito Cruz and Augusto Fernandez.

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MIRANDA Juan Sebastian Campuzano, photo, biography
MIRANDA Juan Sebastian Campuzano, photo, biography MIRANDA Juan Sebastian Campuzano  Actor, photo, biography
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