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BARTON, Emma Lee

( Musical Performer)

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Biography BARTON, Emma Lee
Name Emma has Germanic roots. Emma - is a short version of the medieval name Ermintruda. Full-Bunton is derived from the English bunting - the zoological name of the bird oatmeal.

Emma grew in the suburbs of the English Finchley. From an early age she enjoyed performing in front of an audience and make representations. When the three years she won the beauty contest among the kids, Emma appeared irresistible desire to become a dancer and actress. Seeing one statement Olivia Newton-John, she told her mother Pauline that he wants to become a singer.

The image, which was to seek a future star, Emma chose Madonna (By the way, like other participants Spice Girls). After primary school Emma managed to get into a prestigious school Sylvia Young Theatre School, which is something of a launching pad for young people seeking to enter the world of show business. However, given its origin (her father was a milkman), we can guess that she could not afford to study there for a long time - soon she had to move in regular secondary schools. This was the first bitterness of disappointment:

Luckily, Emma's despair did not last long: three months later she phoned Representative Sylvia Young Theatre School and offered to return to the training budget to the payment of scholarships. Emma gladly returned. In 1992, she decided to undergo a two-year course of Dramatic Arts in Barnet Technical Community College. In parallel, she moonlighted as a model, appearing in several commercials on television, in advertisements in newspapers, magazines and catalogs. Emma even try his hand as an actress in the popular British TV series "Eastenders", where she landed after a few preliminary auditions.

. In 1994, Bunton answered an ad in the newspaper business "The Stage" about listening to recruit a new female pop group
. The group originally called Touch, the fruit of conception, Chris Herbert, who auditioned thousands of girls before you finally select the five most-most, and which were to become members of the team. Emma brilliantly coped with the task and together with Gerry Halliwell, Victoria Adams (now Beckham), Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm joined the group.

. Herbert outlined a two-year plan preparation team, hiring an instructor in vocal, having rented a rehearsal studio and arranging recording sessions
. But less than a year, as the Spice Girls run out of patience. Halliwell persuaded the group to withdraw from Herbert, and when in 1995 the quintet signed with the record industry giant Virgin Records, they hired Simon Fuller as their new manager. The following year, Spice Girls have released their first single and debut album, Spice, sales of which exceeded 20 million copies worldwide. Soon followed by concert tours and global recognition.

But not everything went so smoothly. Two years later, headstrong Halliwell again initiated a transition to a new management team, and soon she left the group, starting a solo career. For the remaining group it was a great loss. After the departure Halliwell ha group was served a lawsuit, and later Bunton even had to testify in court: At the time the band released their last album together Forever.

. Officially staying together, all the participants Spice Girls manage the development of his solo career, and Bunton is no exception
. First, she took a break in his musical work, concentrating on television, where for a time worked as the lead, in parallel pursuing the action for charities. In 2001, Emma returned to the musical Olympus with the hit single "What took you so long?" and the new album "A girls like me". It was a personal triumph for the former baby spice, despite the fact that her work did not superhitovoy. Bunton was herself to write songs for himself. Being the author of their own products - this is what a long time she wanted to do: "Two years ago I decided to record her own album, and the lyrics began to write to him long before that."

. In addition to speeches, Bunton loves to read, watch movies and play sports
. Despite his very busy, she manages to find time for family. And with the profits earned more in the Spice Girls, she bought a house for his mother (her parents divorced). And, despite the constant ups and downs, Emma stands firmly on the ground and optimistic about the future.

Here's a short interview with Emma about her new solo career. Recently released second album in a row, recorded its self. So, as has been given to write new material at this time:

- On my last album took me much longer than the debut solo. I had about a year when I could relax with family and walking with friends. We have a lot changed for me, record companies, management: During this time I changed dramatically and became a different person, you can feel it in my new album. Now I have twenty-seven, and I have to rethink ourselves and the world around me. My new album - a symbiosis of modern style, the style of 60's and classics. There are a lot of emotions, colors, states, and I am proud of my new job.

- How much help you in the beginning of his own career experience acquired in the Spice Girls?

- It helped. I would not have been the fact that I now have. We were free and very open. All of our tracks we have written ourselves. It gave me confidence. The girls supported each other, and I was the support for them. We still support each other, we have an incredibly warm atmosphere. I am very happy that we were together and remain large, friendly company. An excellent acquisition since our group began to experience the knowledge of different cultures, sounds, communicating with different people because we traveled around the world and everywhere something taken for itself.

. - Do you think that your new solo material to attract a more mature audience than the one that had been hired by singing Spice Girls?

. - Yes, the whole Spice Girls listening to young people, but, you know, my grandmother, too, liked our songs
. In my new album more motley material in it I put a lot of emotions. There are so many different sounds. Where is he recalls the style rhythm and blues, somewhere - dance. But in general it pop. So he can appeal to audiences of different ages.

- What are the difficulties you face, making her solo career?

- I am a little afraid to do everything alone, I am nervous. After all, before me were three girls, who answered questions, which I did not want to answer, and sang what I could not sing. And now I'm completely left to itself, and it is a little confusing to me, but at the same time, cheer up, fills me with energy for creativity. This is a new milestone in my life.

- What has the greatest influence on the texts of your songs?

- A lot of. Everyday experience, my emotions, my mother. It generally means a lot to me in life. Even groups such as Texas, Gabrielle, too, have an impact. Every day, teaches me something new, and this is reflected in my music.

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BARTON, Emma Lee, photo, biography
BARTON, Emma Lee, photo, biography BARTON, Emma Lee  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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