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( Footballer, midfielder, defender)

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Biography BEKKENBAUER France
photo BEKKENBAUER France
Born September 11, 1945.
Country Germany.
Position midfielder, defender
Clubs: Bayern Munich (1958-1977 gg.), Hamburg (1980-1982 gg.), Both of Germany; Space (1977-1980 gg.), United States. Per club teams conducted 428 matches and scored 49 goals.
Team: In Germany squad had 103 matches and scored 14 goals.
Achievements: World Champion 1974. Vice-world champion in 1966. 3rd World Cup winner 1970. European Champion 1972. Vice-champion of Europe in 1976. 3-time Cup champion (1974-1976).. Intercontinental Cup 1976. Cup Winners' Cup in 1967. 5-times champion of Germany (1969, 1972-1974, 1982.). 4-times Cup winners Germany (1966-1967, 1969, 1971.).
Individual prizes: Winner of the Golden Ball as the best footballer in Europe 1972, 1976 years. Best footballer of Germany 1966, 1968, 1974 years.

Franz Beckenbauer has always accompanied by good luck - the kind which deserves only truly brilliant player.

His distinguished career has not ended with the departure of the great football. He brilliantly distinguished himself as coach of Germany, which led first to the second place at the World Cup 1986. in Mexico, and then four years later led to victory at the world championships in Italy.

Thus, the "Kaiser Franz" was the only one in the history of football player who won the world title as team captain in 1974. and coach in 1990

Perhaps no other players is not reached in his career such dizzy heights, which have also been so tangible embodiment of the achievements and victories. Beckenbauer was the first of the German players who played for the national team more than a hundred matches. By setting this record, he resigned from Bayern Munich in the New York Cosmos, and then moved to Hamburg, where he completed his career as a player.

Ranks and titles Beckenbauer really impressive: World Champion 1974. (second place at the World Cup 1966), European Champion 1972. (second place at the European Championships in 1976), Intercontinental Cup (1976). European Cup (1974, 1975, 1976.) Cup Winners' Cup (1967), several times champion of Germany and Cup countries. As part of Hamburg, he was a finalist of the UEFA Cup, and in the "Bavaria" - Super Bowl. As part of the New York Cosmos Beckenbauer won the Cup three times the North American Soccer League (NASL) - in 1977, 1978 and 1980.

. But the victories and achievements - not the only criterion that determines the true greatness of the player and his contribution to the development of world football
. An innovative approach to the role of "Cleaner," Beckenbauer, who demonstrated in the late 60-ies. with the support of then-coach for Bayern Chica Tchaikovsky, in many ways changed the face of modern football.

The first steps towards a glittering football career Beckenbauer did, while still a schoolboy, in the youth team of the club "Munich 1906". Soon he joined the youth section of Bayern Munich and joined the junior team of Germany. And just a year after its debut in the starting lineup for Bayern (when Beckenbauer played in the position of left winger), he was invited to "adult" national team.

. And invited to such a point that could be fairly pat nerves and more experienced players, not to mention the "green" startups: West Germany met in Sweden, where she was to play a crucial qualifying match for the World Cup 1966
. The chances of the Germans were small, and yet they defeated the Swedes - 2:1. Germany has secured a ticket to the World Cup, Beckenbauer and secured his place in the national team for almost a decade.

At one time it was called the best player of the year in Germany and Europe. On the field Beckenbauer presented an epitome of grace and elegance. He combined in his physical strength athlete and amazingly sharp mind. His head is working, . a computer: he instantly considering every combination, . found a "hole" in the defense of rivals before, . they opened, . and saw such potential chances to score (for themselves and their teammates), . which the rivals were absolutely unprepared.,


Gourmet manipulator

Almost the entire football career Beckenbauer took place in Bayern Munich, where he played the position of the attacker's counsel
. Some argued that it needlessly wasting his talent. However, Beckenbauer believed that in today's game, which is becoming more dense, the position of the attacker's lawyer gives him time and a wide field for action, and this allows him to play in full force and affect the course of the match. He was like a puppeteer in a puppet theater, which does not see the audience, but who pulls the strings and controls the performance. And I must say that all his team a big victory for Germany and Bayern Munich owe the humble "Cleaner" Beckenbauer.

Beckenbauer has never missed an opportunity to attack, if it seemed. It was he who scored the goal that inspired the Germans in the depressed match against England in the quarterfinal World Cup 1970

. During those four seasons, which Beckenbauer held at the New York Cosmos, he made many friends and admirers in the U.S.
. However, he found another occupation.

When Beckenbauer finished his career, he had some time appeared on television and gave interviews to the press. And soon he was asked to translate their words into action and to assume the head coach of the national team, succeeding Yuppa Dervalya, who resigned after an unsuccessful intervention of Germany at the European Championship in 1984.

. Not all players after his career is becoming coaches and generally influential people
. But Beckenbauer managed to win the World Cup not only as a team player in Germany, but as her coach. Then he became president of the club Bayern Munich. He has already offered to lead the German Football Union, but he flatly refused to do this. What he will in the future, it is difficult to say. In any case, there was talk that it was Beckenbauer, head of FIFA.

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BEKKENBAUER France, photo, biography
BEKKENBAUER France, photo, biography BEKKENBAUER France  Footballer, midfielder, defender, photo, biography
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