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Rainer Bonhof

( football player)

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Biography Rainer Bonhof
photo Rainer Bonhof
Born March 29, 1952 in Emmerich (Germany).
Country Germany.
Position Midfielder
Clubs: 1964-70 - Emmerich-09, 1970-78 - Borussia Moenchengladbach, 1978-80 - "Valencia", 1980-82 - "Cologne", 1982-83 - Hertha Berlin.
In the Bundesliga: has 311 matches and scored 57 goals
Team: 53 games, 9 goals.
Achievements: World Champion (1974), 2-nd CHE-76 winner, 3-times champion of Germany (1975, 1976, 1977). Cup Germany (1973), winner of the HEC-80, UEFA Cup-75.

As a talented footballer Rainer Bonhof lit early. At the age of 18 he signed a professional contract with gladbahskoy Borussia. Mobile midfielder with a well-delivered blow, possessed the makings of exceptional manager, could not be out of focus bundestrenera Helmut Schon. Debut Bonhof in West Germany took place in the friendly match against the USSR, held May 26, 1972 in Munich and dedicated to the discovery of "Olympiastadion". In the second half Bonhof replaced Hetgesa.

A month zapadnogermanskaya team celebrated a victory in the European Championship. But it happened without the participation of our hero of the day. Still young - spoke about it then - his time will come later ... "Later" came two years later, although it could and go in a different way.

Reiner was in the application team to the World Cup, but in the first group matches in the tournament not held. Chance Bonhof was presented at the second stage, and he made full use, adding from game to game. Why not minion of fortune and a favorite of fortune? As a result, Rainer, . having played four matches and scoring a goal mundialya Swedes, . became one of the heroes of the final match, . before which the fans from MцІnchengladbach raised over one of the tribunes poster: "And who is this Cruyff? We know only Bonhof!",
. Acting on the midfielder, he helped his teammate to cope with Berti Vogts, Johan Cruyff and assisted Gerd Muller in the help combination that brought victory for West Germany.

. Further playing career Bonhof also held good
. A few seasons in a row, he was one of the leaders of his "Borussia" (as they were years of greatest prosperity the team), staff penaltistom club and national team. In bundestime Bonhof been reserved for a permanent seat, and only injury prevented him from time to time to play another match. Meet our hero looked at the continental championship in 1976, although in general the second place team of Germany was seen as a major setback.

By his second world championship Bonhof went in his prime and talent. He played all six matches of the Argentine championship, but the German team failed to break into the quartet's strongest. But in the victorious Euro-80 Bonhof has not participated - the old Shen replaced Jupp Derval and began to pour in a team of young blood. Farewell Bonhof with the national team took place on Jan. 7, 1981 in the match Brazil - West Germany and ended with the same score as the debut match - 4:1. Only in favor of rival ...

. Hang up his boots, . Bonhof graduated coaching courses, . worked as an assistant at several clubs in the West, and only gathered to do self-coaching activities, . I received an invitation from his old friend Vogts, . headed bundestim,
. From 1990 to 1998, Bertie and Rainer worked side by side: The main responsibility of Bonhof was the selection of players in the team. In this regard, Vogt said: "It is I have such a strict, that if I always listened to his recommendations, he would have to put the match no more than three people ..." The successes and failures of the national team of Germany in that period are well known. When the coach for the bridge team boarded the new people, Bonhof to rescue writhing on the bottom of the tournament table native Borussia. Soon joined him and Vogts, has taken over as director of the club and as usual took up the case as if it is higher on the post. Although obedient assistant under Vogts-bundestrenere tried to recall that the role changed and for the team is now responsible not Vogts, but he Bonhof, who's in charge here, each pulled the blanket over. The standoff ended with the fact that Borussia flew out of the Bundesliga. But it happened already after the Bonhof, recognizing his impotence, left the team ...

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