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Rainer Werner Fassbinder

( Director)

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Biography Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Date of Birth: 31/05/1946

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the future leader of the new German kinovolny seventies and one of the most productive directors of world cinema, was born in the Bavarian physician. When Rainer was five, his parents divorced and his mother to raise a child alone. The only hobby was a teenager movie: he watched all the films, which managed to get - it came to that in high school boy was expelled from school for systematic absences. After unsuccessful attempts to enter the Berlin film school young Rainer started shooting amateur short films (including those involving his mother, who later appears in many of his paintings under the name of Lilo Pempeyt). Simultaneously Fassbinder got carried away playing on the stage and began to work in the Munich theater (1967), and in 1968 he collected his own experimental troupe "antitheater."

. In 1969 Fassbinder first turned to filmmaking, making full-length film "Love is colder than death"
. Then he produced a furious pace film for the film, shooting mostly on grants and subsidies provided by government funds. His harsh, uncompromising, rebellious bands one hundred percent showing different sides of personality of their creator. Fassbinder worked with almost constant composition of actors and technical staff, . combination of fondness for his subordinates with strict control, . resulting in his films are examples of "director's cinema", . where the identity of the actor completely leveled in favor of the author's conception.,

. In his early paintings ( "Kattselmaher", . 1969 "The Gods of Plague", . Why crazy Mr. R. ", . 1970; the "Merchant of four seasons", . 1970) is characterized by the lack of styling techniques and dramatic effects, and a deliberate disregard for established standards of cinematic language,
. Luggage in Fassbinder static, the dialogues are long and monotonous, but in spite of everything the director could have a dramatic impact on the audience. Almost all films directed by a greater or lesser extent, anti-social, provocative and shocking scenarios based on. Main topics Fassbinder - social disharmony and interpersonal relationships, aggressive use of some people power over others and the suppression of personality. Among his most successful works of noteworthy films "Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant" (1972), . Fear Eats the Soul "(1974), . Satanic potion ", . "Chinese Roulette", . "In the year of Thirteen Moons" (1978), . "Marriage of Maria Braun" (1979) and "Veronika Voss" (for the latest director has received the 1982 "Golden Bear" - Grand Prix of the Berlin Film Festival), . as well as the epic 14-part TV series "Berlin, . Alexanderplatz.,

. June 10, 1982 in Munich, Fassbinder died from a drug overdose
. Even after his death in rent was released last film "Querelle" - black masterpiece, based on the novel by Jean Genet's gay and who became a kind of testament to the film-master. Rainer Werner was one of the first directors, openly declare their sexual orientation on the screen. Even as a teenager he was surprised parents by saying that in love with the son of a butcher. Father shocked by the choice of partner rather than a general orientation of his son - "really could not find a any student?" Said an angry father. But despite the gay-bias, Fassbinder was married twice - to relatives in the spirit of the actress Ingrid Kavц╘n and editor Juliane Lorenz. It was he who opened for world cinema Hannu Shigulu.

Fassbinder was an extremely versatile creator: besides films he worked on television and in theater, played in many of their own and others' pictures and wrote a number of scenarios. His unrealized projects, and years later excite the imagination of modern experimental. For example, in 1999, French director Francois Ozon, who adores sex kinoprovokatsii, successfully filmed an earlier play by Rainer Werner "Water Drops on Burning Rocks".

1969 - "Kattselmaher" (Katzelmacher)
1969 - "Love is colder than death" (Liebe Ist Kalter Als Der Tod)
1970 - "American Soldier" (The American Soldier / Der Amerikanische Soldat)
1970 - "Why is crazy, Mr. P?" (Warum Lauft Herr R. Amok?)
. 1971 - White "(Whity)
. 1971 - "Caution before the holy harlot" (Warnung Vor Einer Heiligen Nutte)
. 1971 - "The merchant of four seasons" (Der Handler Der Vier Jahreszeiten)
. 1972 - "Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant" (Die Bitteren Tranen Der Petra Von Kant)
. 1974 - "Fear Eats the Soul" (Angst Essen Seele Auf)
. 1974 - "Fontane Effi Brist" (Fontane Effi Briest)
. 1975 - "Fox and the right to freedom" (Faustrecht Der Freiheit)
. 1975 - "The Ascension of Mother Kц╪sters" (Mutter Kusters Fahrt Zum Himmel)
. 1976 - "I just want to love me" (Ich Will Doch Nur, Dass Ihr Mich Liebt)
. 1978 - "Germany in the autumn" (Deutschland Im Herbst)
. 1978 - "In the year of Thirteen Moons" (In Einem Jahr Mit 13 Monden)
. 1978 - "Despair" (Despair)
. 1979 - "Marriage of Maria Braun" (Die Ehe Der Maria Braun)
. 1979 - "Third Generation" (Die Dritte Generation)
. 1980 - Berlin
. Alexanderplatz "(Berlin Alexanderplatz (Tv))
1981 - "Lili Marleen" (Lili Marleen)
1982 - "Lola" (Lola)
1982 - "Veronika Voss" (Die Sehnsucht Der Veronika Voss)
1982 - "Querelle" (Querelle)

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder, photo, biography
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, photo, biography Rainer Werner Fassbinder  Director, photo, biography
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