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Gennady GUSAR

( Footballer)

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Biography Gennady GUSAR
photo Gennady GUSAR
Born 11.03.1937 in Moscow.
Country USSR.
Clubs: "Torpedo" Moscow (1957-62), Dynamo Moscow (1963-68), Dynamo Bryansk (1969-71).
In the championships of the USSR: has 248 matches and scored 92 goals.

For some, football - all-consuming passion, which they are obedient and faithful to the end of his days. For others - youthful enthusiasm, . they give him a tribute, . but when it comes time to choose, . find a business, . work and occasionally indulge in football at leisure, . in the case of remembering, not without satisfaction: "He played in the first juvenile, . invited to the team masters, . but ... "And there are Combine, . do not want either to abandon football, . nor perenebrech their abilities in another area,
. Gennadi Gusarov, playing in Moscow's "Torpedo", graduated from Aviation Institute - its tyanulok Engineering. By itself, this fact could remain unnamed detail of the questionnaire Gusarov, if this forward in the game showed no engineering inclinations.

Distraction, I believe, will help us. In Club Fedotov was not included Valery Lobanovsky, the left extreme Dynamo, later coach of this team. Lobanovsky also from part -. He is a man with mathematical ability, playing in a team of masters, graduated from Polytechnic Institute, and becoming a coach, continues to be interested in the exact sciences and quotes Glushkov more than football authorities. Until now, . Although many years have passed, . remember, . a Lobanovsky handed corner kick, . twisted it into the far, . then in the near corner of the gate, . and died away as the platform, . he otmerival long steps up to the ball, . as methane and goalkeepers, . unable to guess, . what kind of impact will assume that red-haired, lanky guy with a straight face, . produces in the mind of one of his followers calculations,
. These his - who became famous for a long time - angle Lobanovsky previously calculated and rehearsed like a real engineer. And then, . in their coaching practice, . and training expected mathematically, . and the passage of teams in the tournament long distance planning up to half point, . and the game itself sees as drawing, . who are obliged to carefully and conscientiously apply the green football field whatman, . as a kind of "structure", . undertaken by "coalitions",
. And the players not Reconcile by eye, . not like, . and by fixing all their movements, . and the highest praise it sounds like: "What a car!" Mathematical bias, . intervening in a football game in large quantities, . built into a universal principle, . know how, . to good is he?,

. Gennadi Gusarov on anything so did not insist, he just played in the engineering style - clean, precise, calculation
. This was manifested in his nature. Football, magnanimous and generous, allowed him to. be himself. Gusarov and was outwardly, as they say, in the image: slim, selected, regular features, quiet concentration, excluding any outside the emotional - in short, even-tempered young man who knows what she wants.

. Gusarov was Frontline "Torpedo" 1960-1961 period, when the team established and led by a gifted, which came into force in coach
. Maslov, reached a transcendental heights and football, which in vain to measure the usual places and points. It was a team that plays smart and elegant. At that time, though modernized, the scheme of "double-ve". On the right wing were Slava Metreveli and Valentin Ivanov, on the left - Boris Batanov and Oleg Sergeev. In the middle - Gusarov. The design of its obligation to strike at goal. He was engaged in this and. Two consecutive seasons top scorer award the championship belonged to him. The secret of eleven able to make an outstanding team of coaches who were always fighting, knowing that he though rarely, but bestows a striking effect, probably the biggest secret in football. The wise coach once finding health eleven essential, for many years thereafter, were unable to repeat his findings. Even the players are the best, being mechanically assembled together, can not happen in command. When I think of "Torpedo" in those years, you clearly see that it is not all were "very, very". No amount of acting, and the product. That's a play on words asked for: the team as a product as something creative. And how do they all were not like one another? Thinnest techniques Metreveli, . impulsive and cunning ringleader Ivanov, . selflessly industrious Batanov, . desperate, . angular Sergeev, . Midfielders, . have always been together with them, all ready to take Valery Voronin and performs excellently jewelry work Nikolay Manoshin,
. And they all can not do it without Gusarov in the center of attack. All that they have undertaken more, invent, prepare, completed his logical, loyal, seemingly a simple blow to the gate. Austere, tricks, extravagance, he does not allow - to him, his soul is not lying, the soul of an engineer. Killed and others. And he, as we know, more often.

Torpedovskoe "work" was shortlived. They have deprived the post Maslova per second (!) Place in the championship in 1961, left the team, several of the eleven. By then they may replace lost was not returned. He left and Gusarov. In Moscow Dynamo, then strong.

In Dynamo Frontline Gusarov turned into a midfielder. He made himself quickly, and became a prominent player in this role. And what is most interesting: as I was, and remained an engineer. Movement - and a quick pass without delay, a clever drawing work. No fuss, no hassle empty, no aimless driving the ball around a little, loyalty scheme, where the arrows are transfers always advisable, always the best way continue the attack.

. Gusarov's name is not connected any feats, falling and rising
. Yes it is and would not have gone! He valued the net work in football, one from which most benefit. Because he and the Club.

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Gennady GUSAR, photo, biography Gennady GUSAR  Footballer, photo, biography
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