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( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography JENNINGS, Patrick
photo JENNINGS, Patrick
Born June 12, 1945 in Newry.
Country Northern Ireland
. Position Goalkeeper
. Height 186 cm
. Career: Watford (Watford England), Tottenham (Tottenham London, England), Arsenal (Arsenal London, England).
. Results for Tottenham played 472 matches.
. Total Arsenal played 308 matches.
. Titles: FA Cup - 1967, . Carling Cup - 1971, . 1973, . Super England - 1967, . UEFA Cup - 1972, . FA Cup - 1979, . The best footballer in England version of print journalists - 1973, . The best footballer in England version of the professional players - 1976,
Team: In Northern Ireland team had 119 matches.
Achievements: team record holder in the history of the number of the match, Member of two world championships - 1982, 1986.

Life and Career

Fearless and resolute goalkeeper. One of the best representatives of the British School Goalkeeper. Pat was born in the town of Newry, in the family had eight children, so that problems with partners in the football battles were. After many years, Jennings recalled that, despite the poverty - his father worked hard at the sawmill, and, frankly, does not flourish there - brothers lived very amicably. The only field of battle, a place where they were rivals - Football: When Pat was 16 years old, it drew the attention of trainer breeder 'Watford' - the team that competed in the third league championship of England. Thus began a career Jennings Goalkeeper. After two years he already played in the first team, impressing everyone with his huge dimensions - closed, it seemed, the entire surface of the gate! Invitation from the club of a higher rank is not long in coming. Since June 1964 he was - the guardian of the gates 'Tottenham' (the amount of transfer was 30 000 pounds).

The first two seasons, he was almost 50 to 50 with a living legend 'daredevils' Billy Brown, the same N1 team since 1959. In the 1966/67 season, Brown has already held for 'Tottenham' only 1 match - and 41 match in the asset Jennings. In all he spent in the 'spurs' as much 472 games, . and it is only in the league (all the same for 'Tottenham', he played nearly 600 meetings!)! And to finish his career was not going to - Jennings was destined to become one of the most prominent representatives of the 'Jurassic Park', . one of the best and most glorious Goalkeeper of long-living,
. It should be noted that Patrick, among other things, lucky in the sense that coaches teams, where he spoke, never tried to change his custom, seemingly clumsy goalkeeper equipment. Jumping from Jennings was astounding - he, . while at the bar, . easily took out the ball, . flying in the opposite corner! And this was exactly the case, . when the commentator had every reason to say mysterious at first glance, the phrase: 'He fell into a corner, . and the ball got in the other ',
. For twenty seasons Jennings shone on the football fields of the British Isles and continental Europe. In 'Tottenham', where he played until 1977, first won the FA Cup (in 1967), twice won the League Cup - in 71-m and 73 years

. In 1972, was the winner of the UEFA Cup (on the way to the trophy were bits Icelandic 'Keflavik' - 9:0, . 6:1, . French 'Nantes' - 0:0, . 1:0, . Budapest 'Rapid' - 3:0, . 2:0, . 'UTA' (Romanian team of Arad) - 2:0, . 1:1, . in the final of the same happened to meet with old friends from the 'Wolves' - 2:1, . 1:1,
. Now you can calculate the 'ratio neprobivaemosti' Jennings!). Curious remark: 'Tottenham' can rightfully call himself the first winner of the UEFA Cup in the history of mankind - before the tournament was called Cities Fairs Cup. In 1973, Pat was recognized as the best player on the England version of the journalists writing about football. Ah, the good was the team - before he left, Jimmy Greaves in the 72 th (incidentally, after the victory kept the tradition for some time, Chivers, and Peters tried) - the guys were playing happily and enthusiastically, attacking and scoring. 'Tottenham' in those years the World Cup championship has never sought, but among the best turned out regularly. Released in the UEFA Cup final in 74-m, but conceded there 'Feyenoord' - 0:2, 2:2: In the 1976-m Jennings recognized the best player of the country of his colleagues - professional soccer. And in 1977, when Greaves already hopelessly kvass at home, 'spurs' have left the First Division, finishing last, 22 th, the place: This season and was a farewell to Jennings in the team, with whom he has seen so much. Second Division in his plans clearly not a member, Pat has sensed in his silushku valiant, and skill over the years, only to multiply the experience. In this case, however, he did not think to demand transfer - not the person was Pat, to throw the command at a moment. And then there was a unique case - the president 'spurs' Sidney Weil himself suggested Jennings to move to one of the commands of the first division, since in his opinion, 'it's no good, it would be best goalkeeper of Britain' to play so low!

. Whale spent 31-year-old goalkeeper following respectful words: "Pat knew everything, seen everything and done everything - for him in this life, hardly anything can be new for me: 'Well, Pat is not gone in vain
. A further three times, he fought his way to the finals of the FA Cup with 'Arsenal', who played for since August 1977 under 1985, and again won the honorary prize (1979) - which has become almost legendary in the final of Arsenal crushed 'Manchester United' - 3:2. This match went down in history as the 'five-minute finale' - to 85-minute Arsenal led 2:0, . but seconds rivals have managed to equal the score! Additional time - where there: Gunners manage to snatch victory: Great match, . great game! Total Pat spent over Arsenal 308 games in the championship of England (a goalkeeper, . which many predicted the end of a career!),
. Total Summit Pat defended gate, if a little rounded, in 1100 games!

On his account there is a goal scored by August 12, 1967 with games at the gate 'Manchester United' (Super England. Draw 3:3). In September 1985 he returned to the 'Tottenham' (without signing a contract), and even held for the team one more game - a farewell (and this is the goalkeeper, who was already 40 years old!). However, . is time to tie it: Confessions of Jennings and the team has made Northern Ireland, . of which has played 119 matches (debut April 15, 1964 in the game against Wales - 3:2, . hundredth match played on Sept. 21, 1983 with the Austrian national team in Belfast - 3:1, . last meeting held on the day of his 41-anniversary of the World Cup in 1986 against the Brazilians - 0:3, . and stood at that time the most overage player in the history of 'mundialey',
. Four years later this figure has improved Cameroonian Roger Milla and his Goalkeeper record for number of matches beat Peter Shilton), 45 of them stood up 'to zero'!

Special success he suffered in the Spanish 1982 World Cup. Largely thanks to a brilliant game Jennings by Northern Ireland team came in the second stage of the tournament. When his team have gotten a sensation by defeating the hosts in the group tournament championship, Pat, who created miracles in the gate, after the game for a long time would not let journalists. And he insisted that the team played very well and to allocate any of the players it would be unfair: It is also quiet after the 1984/85 season (in forty years), he announced his retirement from the 'Arsenal', saying: 'It's time to give place to the young. I hope that sometimes the fans get the pleasure of my game. If football was not the main occupation of my life, believe me, I would have gone much earlier '. But finally, Patrick left the gate only a year later, yielding to the persuasion of coach Billy Bingham to take part in the matches of the final stage of the world championship, 86-year. In 1986 the University of Belfast awarded the renowned goalkeeper Ph.D.. He is a member of the club chiliarchs (those who spent 1000 and more games. Jubilee mark it reached on Feb. 26, 1983 in a match away against the 'West Bromwich Albion'. Pat, as often happened with him, stood up 'to zero' - 0:0). Since June 1993, is in 'Tottenham' curious position of 'consultant goalkeepers' (despite the fact that goalkeeping coach - Hans Zegers). This is hardly just a screen - not like that Jennings, to afford a loaf!:

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JENNINGS, Patrick, photo, biography
JENNINGS, Patrick, photo, biography JENNINGS, Patrick  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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