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Patrick Fiori

( Actor)

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Biography Patrick Fiori
photo Patrick Fiori
Patrick was born on September 23, 1969 in Marseille, France, but grew up at home mother Corsica. Patrick grew up in an international family: mother - Franco-Italian descent, his father - Armenian. At the same time, Patrick was the second child in a family of five children. For five years, he finds a capacity for music and singing, which begins to develop, dreaming of becoming a singer. In the year 191, in 12 years, Patrick, at the suggestion of Frank Fernandel, takes part in his first musical comedy 'La legende des Santonniers'. Once Patrick is on the professional stage, he realizes that the music - his vocation. He participates in many contests, often winning, that convinces his parents to the undoubted talent son.

The first record of Patrick refers to 1985, when his single went 'Stephanie' and 'Dans ton regard', and a year later there is 'Le c? Ur a fleur d'amour'. His first prize Patrick receives by participating in the program Leon Zitrona 'Les habits du dimanche'. Talent Patrick recognized specialists, he continues to take part in various competitions. In 1992, in the Pyrenees in the 'les francophonies' wins with the song 'Au fil de l'eau'.
. In 1993, Patrick participated in the fateful for him Eurovision Song Contest on May 13 in Dublin, Ireland, which represents France with the song Francois Valery and Marie France Briere 'Mama Corsica'
. Among the 25 countries participating, Patrick took the fourth place.

Then Patrick met with many composers wrote songs and in 1994 released his first album 'Puisque c'est l'heure'. Inspired by the success in 1995, he released a second album 'Le c? Ur a l'envers', also begins to take part in television programs. In spring 1997, Patrick signed a contract with Sony Music, and in May 1998 first album 'Prends-moi'.
. Eddie Marnie introduced Patrick Luc Plamondon, who after his first audition took Patrick to the role of Phoebe in her new musical Notre-Dame de Paris
. On September 18, 1998, Patrick played Phoebe in the Palace of Congresses in Paris. The success of the musical Patrick raises to the top of fame, all television programs dream of seeing him in his air. Already in 1999, Patrick is sent with the troupe of Notre-Dame on a tour to Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. Also in 1999, Patrick participated in the annual charity show 'Les Enfoires', as well as participate in the French animated adaptation of 'Mulan' and Disney's 'Le Prince d'Egypte' Dreamworks LCC.
. In late 1999, Patrick released the single 'Terra Umana', devoted to his native Corsica
. In early 2000, Patrick left the Notre-Dame, that together with Garou and Helene Segara take part in the French tour of 'Les Enfoires'. Meanwhile, Patrick vypukaet single 'T'aime' pair, with the song 'Que tu reviennes'. In early April 2000 the second album by Patrick 'Chrysalide', which for months has become a golden double. Tour of Patrick for France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, begins with a concert at the Olympia 27, 28 and 29 October 2000.

Patrick wrote the title song of their first album Julie Zenatti 'Si je m'en sors', is author of 9 songs from her second album. Patrick continues to participate in the show 'Les Enfoires', as well as in the project 'Ensemble contre le Sida'.

October 21, 2002 PATTEN new album by Patrick 'Patrick Fiori', as well as single with a song from the album 'Marseille'. Album today has become gold, and Patrick starts a new tour to France and Belgium in March 2003.

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  • Theon for Patrick Fiori
  • п·п?п°пІп°я? this Lapulyu! For 4 years, he won my heart with velekolepnym, pure and sweet voice! YaBez mad Patrick Fiori, who agrees with me, write to my mail
  • Teonka for Patrick Fiori
  • Without the mind of this Lapusi. Does anyone know about his marital status? He is married and has children there, although I'm a fan of his, but he did this I did not say:) Sisters in mind, zdu answer!
  • Fleur for Patrick Fiori
  • About the family situation I never nashla.On such lapulya, I simply obozhayu.Edinomyshlenniki write on mail
  • Fleur for Patrick Fiori
  • About the family situation I never nashla.On such lapulya, I simply obozhayu.Edinomyshlenniki write on mail
  • damira for Patrick Fiori
  • exellent voice.
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    Patrick Fiori, photo, biography
    Patrick Fiori, photo, biography Patrick Fiori  Actor, photo, biography
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