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Filippo Inzaghi

( football player)

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Biography Filippo Inzaghi
photo Filippo Inzaghi
Born August 9, 1973
Hometown Piacenza, Italy
Country Italy
. Position Striker
. Height: 181 cm
. Weight: 74 kg
. Football Club: Milan
. Nationality: Italian
. The striker, whose flair assists earned him the nickname "Pippogol" and was unable to take his proper place in the hearts of fans Turin
. Bought in 1997 from Atalanta, after a magnificent season, he soon became an invaluable partner in attack for Alessandro Del Piero. But, despite this, Filippo followed the example of Zinedine Zidane, who left Juventus. The reason for this was the acquisition of the "old signora" Garo EVRO'2000 French striker David Trezeguet. And after long negotiations, in July 2001, "SuperPippo" moved to Milan in exchange for Christian Dzenoni and 17 million pounds. Shows this season, the money was well spent, and Inzaghi scored regularly for the "Rossoneri". Their bundle with Andriy Shevchenko proved to be excellent, but injuries Pippo in the match against Chievo in early December 2001, interrupted by this "collaboration". Return Inzaghi is scheduled for March 2002. Inzaghi is a distinctive feature of his assists are a phenomenal feeling, which every season brighter and brighter on the field appears. Also in the habit of falling in the case of virtually any contact with counsel, when it can benefit the team, Pippo earned a reputation as the "simulator". But since it often fails, then we can only welcome such a capability in one of the best strikers in Milan.

His opinion: "Del Piero and I had a great couple, and certainly it is in team". "I have a contract until 2003, but I would like to finish his career in Turin. In this city, I had so many victories. Can not find something better Juventus. (January 2001)

Opinion about him: Carlo Ancelotti (his coach at Juventus): "You can not expect from a team like ours, of which there is Filippo Inzaghi, Vieri frantic attempts to buy. Pippo to score a lot of goals - is in his blood! "Gigi Kani (his coach in Piacenza):" I Pippo incredible flair goals. In the penalty he simply has no equal. "


Behind the enemy (an interview with Filippo Inzaghi from the magazine "Champions League", . February 2002)

When Pippo Inzaghi moved from Turin to Milan, . he considered, . that the fans will continue to consider him an enemy,
. His fears proved groundless. Those who had criticized him, now sing his praises. How times have changed!

It seems that in Milan he spent his entire career. He remains the longest after training at the base and takes full advantage of the headquarters of the "red-blacks" to relax and sometimes sleep there, if the Turkish coach Fatih Terim named the following day two workouts in a row.

. In the past, such habits were characteristic of only one footballer - Marco van Basten
. You do not need words to prove the benefit of an alliance between the outstanding attacker and the famous Italian club. Play Style Inzaghi does not instill much enthusiasm, but respect him, because he is one of the most successful forwards in Serie A. In the 1996/97 season he became the top scorer and the latest Italian, have achieved this rank. He scored 24 goals in 33 games for the "Atalanta" and then moved to Juventus. Therefore, Adriano Galliani, vice-president of Milan turned his attention to Pippo: "When I need to choose a striker, I do not necessarily see it on the field. I open my notebook and look how many goals he scored in the past. Then I decide how much money I would pay for it. The same thing I did in the case of Inzaghi ". As a result, a transfer cost of 105 million German marks. This is a record for the club, paid in 1999 60 million for the sniper Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko.

. Magazine "Champions League" all waited and waited, when he finished his training to interview:
. - Is it true that you agreed to the proposal Adriano Galliani set an upper limit of your salary?
. - Yes, but I signed my contract until 2006, and then I would be already 33
. I would like to finish his career at Milan and AC Milan want the same. I received a telephone call from Silvio Berlusconi, the club's president and Italian Prime Minister. This sign of personal sympathy gave me confidence. Three years ago at a meeting with my father, Berlusconi said: "One day your son will play for AC Milan!" And he kept his word! AC Milan paid me 105 million, more than ever here did not pay so much for the player. But in the next five years I will have enough time and opportunity to recover the debts of the club and fans. I did not expect such a warm reception, for playing "Bianconeri" I was an enemy and sent a lot of balls into the goal "red-black.
- Do you feel cheated Juventus?
- No, not at all. I had a valid contract, and I just discussed with the leadership of the conditions for its renewal, when he received an offer from Milan. At that time we have finished the second consecutive season in the step from the Scudetto and Juventus decided to koordinalnye changes. I was sold to AC Milan, but Zidane to Real Madrid. With the money that the leadership rescued for us, it was able to purchase Gianluigi Buffon, Lilian Thuram, Pavel Nedved and Marcelo Salas. I think it was useful to all transaction. I played for Juventus for four years and scored 57 goals in 120 Serie A matches. I was leading scorer in Europe: 27 balls, as much as a Roberto Baggio. I will always be good memories of Juventus Turin and Spectators. And, of course, about former teammates, and especially about Alessio Tacchinardi, with whom I now daily telephone.
- You had a terrific game with a bunch of Zidane. Do you need him?
- I was not enough as a friend, and on the field Rui Costa - Zinedine alternative classroom. Rui, together with Francesco Totti - Two best pleymeykera in Serie A. Shevchenko and I get great transfer, when playing in front of him. Rui Costa can make the game speed and depth. This is exactly what I need and Sheva to score goals. Some people say that we have with Shevoy will be a big problem, because we are both selfish and will fight for the same balls. I believe that the problem will get our opponents, trying to stop us: we are ready to help each other. Our relations are not limited to football field. We become good friends, along with publishing, dinner, and at the same time discussing not only football. Our friendship is reflected in the game. Perhaps this explains why we suddenly fell in love with each other to do the transfer.
. - What are the chances of Milan this season?
. - And Sheva, and I believe that we now have a team capable of winning and the Italian championship and the UEFA Cup and a double will make us much more famous than a pair of goals
. Each attacker can hit as many doors as he wants, but if he does not win trophies, no one will remember in future. Furthermore Sheva and I have been leading scorer in Serie A (Shevchenko in the 1999/2000 season with 24 goals). Now we both want something more meaningful, such as championship or the UEFA Cup. However, with Milan, we can win both those titles.
- How did your relationship with Fatih Terim, the new Turkish coach Milan?
- History speaks for him. He led Turkey to the final stage of Euro 96, he led Galatasaray to victory in the UEFA Cup 2000, conquered the first European Cup for Turkish teams in history, and more importantly, they did not lose in the tournament of any meet. Terim confirmed his reputation and last season in Italy, when even before the administrative crisis "Fiorentina" with him at the head climbed to the top of Serie A. Terim - a coach with the character of a winner. He, above all, able to create his players a good environment, and give the team unity. Once I read his comment about me, in which he said that "Inzaghi too often falls into Offsides". But then he personally told me that he had then in mind, and now we are happy to work together. This season is very important to me, as he finished the World Cup, I would like to get into the national team. But the competition is high: Christian Vieri, Vincenzo Montella, Marco Dellvekko and Alessandro Del Piero.
- You mentioned Del Piero. There are rumors that Juventus have sold you because of your bad relationship with him.
- Nonsense! We always laughed at the fact that the newspapers that we envy each other that we can not share the ball, etc.. We lost four years of side by side, and both succeeded in this. But there comes a time when you need is a new motivation, and this is what happened to me at the end of last season. I repeat: my move to Milan was profitable for all sides: for me, for both clubs, and even David Trezeguet, who has received more opportunities to act based on "Juventus" and to show his class. I'm 28 years old, and he has 24, the future for him. But let me say that it will be not so easy to score as many goals as I scored!

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Filippo Inzaghi, photo, biography
Filippo Inzaghi, photo, biography Filippo Inzaghi  football player, photo, biography
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