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Dwight YORK

( football player)

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Biography Dwight YORK
photo Dwight YORK
Born November 3, 1971
Hometown Kanan, Trinidad and Tobago
Country: Trinidad and Tobago.
Position Striker
Football Club: Blackburn Rovers (England)
In the past he played for: Aston Villa (England), Manchester United (England).
International career for Trinidad and Tobago: 55 matches, 23 goals
Strengths: He speaks perfect Paz and an excellent ability to move around the field.
Weaknesses: The speed and the ability to quickly connect to counterattack
. Achievements:
. -1999 Champion of English Premier League
. -1999 Carling Cup Winner
. -1999 Winner of Intercontinental Cup
. -1999 European Champions Cup
. -2000 Champion of English Premier League
. -2001 Champion of English Premier League

. Dwight Yorke felt nervous once in a lifetime
. At least it is his words. All night before the debut for Manchester United, he never batted an eye. Signing a record contract worth 12.6 million pounds, York has made an instant success and popularity among fans of Manchester United. At the end of the first season in the United, Dwight was named the best player of the year.

. Brilliant goals scored, a lot of work carried out on the field, as well as the obvious love and appreciation for football allowed York to become one of the most famous footballers of Manchester.

. A native of Trinidad and Tobago was in the English Premier League through last England manager Graham Taylor, who at that time served as coach Aston Villa
. He remarked York during the preseason tournament for the Central American islands. Ironically, York debut of Aston Villa in time for the game against Manchester United on Dec. 29, 1990, the stadium's Old Traford and ended with a draw 1:1.

. Because of injuries, York had to miss many games during a three-year reign team Ron Atkinson
. He had to sit out in the final game in the Cup Coca-Cola in which Villa defeated Manchester United 3-1.

During the reign of the team the next coach, Brian Little, a player team Trinidad and Tobago has received more playing time. He scored one of the important goals of the gate Leeds United in the final of the Cup Coca-Cola. The next year, Dwight Yorke became the first player Aston Vnlly since 1981 zabivshim 20 goals in the Premier League.

In the last season with Aston Vnlloy, 1997/98, Dwight helped the club win a ticket to the UEFA Cup, scoring 16 goals. When New York signed a contract with Manchester United worth 12.6 million pounds, many fans criticized Ferguson's team to have committed a big mistake. 12.6 million would be a great amount of Batistuta, but not for York, who brought only a little good in his career. Reproaches with reproaches, but the fans as they say, watching the battle from. They actually had no idea how good a player will come from York, where he was surrounded by a given player. The only person who knew about it was Alex Ferguson, "general" manager battle.

. After leaving the field in the United, Dwight Yorke had a fantastic season scoring 29 goals in great style and thereby helped the team win three titles in one season - the League title, European Cup and Champions League
. York is not just scoring goals, . but he did it at the right time sometimes hammering in the final minutes when the score was 0:0 (the gate Charlton, . Derby, . and Middlesbrough), or pocketing the most important goals in the gates of Liverpool in the FA Cup or the gate Juventus, . Inter, . or Barcelona in the Champions League.,

. Duo York and his partner Andy Cole, was a storm of European teams scored a total of 53 goals in 1999
. At that time in Europe, they probably had no equal "tandem". Relationships and excellent understanding on the field between York and Cole, was a big surprise to critics of the methods Ferguson. They said that the styles of both players were absolutely identical. But the day, beating all assists records, York and Cole proved them wrong. Excellent shape Dwight once again showed how good Alex Ferguson in the search for talent is there where it would seem they do not. In addition to the help flair and ability to score goals from any position, Dwight Yorke was an excellent assistant and if need be able to hold the ball in anticipation of partners.

Next season at Manchester City to reveal not so grand as the first. He scored some important goals in the gate Leeds, Everton, Coventry and Sheffield Vensdey. After that there was a recession York in the form, and he managed to score only 4 goals in 19 games. Only in the month of December, he was able to recruit the former form of scoring goals in the gate Vesthem, Bradford, Chelsea, as well as a beautiful hat-trick in Derby Gate. He also scored important goals in Fiorentina gate and Lester. Despite the fact that he had to travel the world during the World Championship qualifying tournament, York managed to score 23 goals.

. In that year, which seemed to York was in bad shape, he became the first United player since Brian Brokers in 1988 to score 20 goals in the league for one season (the last player to realtors to George Best)
. This achievement was one of the greatest events in the life of a football player, but all amazed legkota, with which he was able to score goals. Goals York became one of the main reasons for the conquest of the new title of Champion of the Premier League.

The next season was the deadliest in the career of York. He again lost his form and lost the competition in the place of Teddy Sheridan. The reason for this to become equal to the force of injury and performances for the national team of Trinidad and Tobago. The game for Trinidad and Tobago led the City to transfer the long arduous migration routes that the worst influence on the shape of the player. Alex Ferguson was very unhappy about this, and all his known relationship with model Jordan who got pregnant from York. By the beginning of the 2001/02 season it became clear that Dwight Yorke is no longer included in the plans Ferguson.

. Not only that Dwight's private life became cause of the failure on the field, but in the match against Sunderland York received a red card and was sentenced to suspension for three games
. Loss of gaming practice for three games, especially for the player in his situation, like the death. Speaking about his failures, it should be noted that New York scored beautiful hat-trick in Arsenal's Gate which Manchester won 6:1. That's one game that saw the platform of a strong and Assertive York, which they are accustomed to seeing a couple of years ago.

. Such players like Van Nistelrooy of Manchester, Sulshaer and rookie Diego Forlan quickly recruited good shape, and it became clear that the days of York in the United numbered
. Last season he went on the field only 6 times and scored 1 goal. When the proposed change in the Dwight Midelsboro failed through the fault of his agent, York became a "lodger" bench. After that, Dwight has not played a single game is not for Manchester, which was almost the end of the career of this brilliant player.

First price York was 6 million pounds. Blackburn Rovers were keen zaimet this player, but they could not afford such a price. After long debate, New York still has signed a contract with Rovers in July 2002. Contract price - only 2 million pounds. Another 600,000 pounds will be paid to the player, regardless of its games at the club.

. Having scored 64 goals in 151 appearances for United, York again became a partner Andy Cole, who signed a contract with Rovers a few months earlier.

. York could not hide his pleasure in the fact that he became a player Rovers
. He said: "I can not wait to start training with Blackburn. This is a new beginning for me and I intend to use this feature. This year has been very unfortunate for me, but he was already in the past. My goal is to score goals for the future of Blackburn and help the team move forward. "

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Dwight YORK, photo, biography
Dwight YORK, photo, biography Dwight YORK  football player, photo, biography
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