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Biography KEYROSH Carlos
photo KEYROSH Carlos
Born March 1, 1953 in the city of Nampula (Nampula), Mozambique.
Country Portugal
. Position Coach
. Achievements:
. Vice-champion of Europe (players under 16 years) - 1987/1988 gg.
. Vice-champion of Europe (players under 18 years) - 1987/1988 gg.
. Champion (players under 20 years) - 1989
. European Champion (players under 16 years) - 1988/1989 gg.
. Third-place at the World Championship (players under 17 years) - 1989
. Vice-champion of Europe (players under 18 years) - 1989/1990 gg.
. Champion (players under 20 years) - 1991
. -Cup of Portugal - 1994/1995 gg.
. Super-Japan - 1997
. -First place in the Championship of England - 2003
. -Technical Advisor Cup - 1991
. Career:
. -1983/1984: Coach "Estoril"
. -1984/1987: Assistant coach youth sports teams against Portugal
. -1987/1991: Head coach youth sports teams against Portugal
. -1991/1994: Head coach of Portugal
. -1993/1996: Coach Sporting Lisbon
. -1996: The coach of the New York MetroStar "
. -1997/1998: Coach Nagoya Campus Eight
. -1999: Coach of the UAE
. -2000/2002: Coach of South Africa
. -2002/2003: A second coach of Manchester United

. His major successes he achieved with Kanter and "polished" his biography of sports in Manchester United
. In the English club he has proved that too can lead the team of world stars of the first magnitude.

. Carlos Manuel Leal Britos Keyrosh (Carlos Manuel Brito Leal Queiroz) (Queiroz, or how to pronounce his name the Spaniards) was born March 1, 1953 in the city of Nampula (Nampula), Mozambique
. He joined the British team in June 2002 at the invitation of Alex Ferguson. Experience of the coach persuaded Ferguson to give him unlimited powers to manage workouts Keane, Van Nistelrooy, Beckham and company.

But his biography in the football world is much more extensive. He gained fame in 1989 and 1991, . when did the world champion among the players no older than 20 years of Portugal squad, . directing then promising "golden" generation of Portuguese players, . including, . among others, . Luis Figo was and Rui Costa,
. Fact Keyrosh known as the "discoverer Figo". He never concealed his admiration for the player of Real Madrid: "He is one of the best in game one on one. I've known him since then, as he turned 12 years old, he has always been a great player and has a strong personality. He always played with guys who were older than him, and they forced him to grow up in football terms. He never shirked responsibility in matches. For me it has always been a special player. "

He joined the coaching team of the Football Federation of Portugal in 1984 as an assistant coach of the team of junior categories, JosL Agust-n, although his work with Canter started earlier. From 1982 to 1984 he worked on various programs for the development of football in his country, as well as proposals for the establishment Futbol 5 (five-year players) and women's football.

. In 1991, . after, . he became the coach of world champion team of Portugal (up to 21 years), . He was appointed chief coach of national team, . and he was given the task - to bring Portugal in the final stage of World Championship, . held in the U.S.,
. His wards were unable to overcome the stage of classification, and was dismissed Keyrosh. Without a doubt, his image of a strict, hard and know their business a professional influence on the fact that his name sounded again soon as the coach benches. He began his wanderings, which led him to the post of coach of the UAE, and after - South Africa, in which he came to lead into the final of the 2002 World Cup. Undoubtedly, the internal problems that existed in this team, forced him to say goodbye to her for a few days before the start of the championship. At club level, his experience was very diverse. In his country, he was head of the Estoril and Sporting Lisbon, after a not! First started the "American" period on the bench coaching the New York MetroStar and finished it in Japan, coaching Nagoya Krampus Eight. Since June 2002, he applied his experience in coaching the team Ferguson, the Manchester United.

Keyrosh understands that football - the main protagonist in the play. And his methods of work are reflected in his philosophy, which does not admit of doubt. "The methods and exercises are bad, if players are not motivated. Nothing is so dependent on the system. It is essential that players get the maximum possible satisfaction. In this sport the mind and emotions are crucial. Football - game great technical and emotional, there is no doubt ". This is the new coach of Real Madrid, which is known as the "professor" (he is - a certified specialist in physical education on specialty "Football", as well as a member of the Technical Department of FIFA since 1990).

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  • Leili for KEYROSH Carlos
  • Thank You Sir The game was awesome, I am really thankful. Iran Vs Argentina Best
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    KEYROSH Carlos, photo, biography
    KEYROSH Carlos, photo, biography KEYROSH Carlos  Footballer, coach, photo, biography
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