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Mario Kempes

( football player)

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Biography Mario Kempes
photo Mario Kempes
Born July 15, 1954 in Bel Villiers (Province of Cordoba).
Country Argentina.
Position Striker
. Clubs: Talleres de Belle-Ville (1964-1972), . "Institute" Cordoba (1973N, . 13 appearances, . 11 goals), . "Rosario Central" (all Argentina) (1974M-1976M, . 107 matches, . 86 goals), . Valencia (Spain) (1976/77-1980/81, . 1982/83-1983/84, . 184 matches, . 104 goals), . River Plate Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1981M-1982N, . 29 matches, . 15 goals), . "Hercules" Alicante (Spain) (1984/85-1985/86, . 38 matches, . 10 goals), . "Viena" (1986/87, . 20 matches, . 7 goals), . St. Polten (1987/88-1989/90, . 64 matches, . 24 goals), . "Krems" (all Austria) (1990/91-1991/92, . 39 matches, . 7 goals).,
. Total Ligovo meetings held in 494 matches and scored 276 goals
Titles: World Champion 1978 (7 games, 6 goals. The best player and best scorer of the tournament), . The best football player in South America 1978, . Cup of Spain 1979, . Winner of the 1980 European Cup Winners' Cup, . European Super Cup Winner 1980, . Top scorer championships Spain 1977, . 1980, . Top scorer championships Argentina 1974N, . 1976M, . Member of 1974 FIFA World Cup, . 1982.,
. According to the IFFHS occupies the 23rd place in the list of the best players in South America of the twentieth century
Argentina squad 1973-1982: Held 43 matches and scored 26 goals.

PET Menotti

Bel Villiers - the place where born Kempes, - is a small farming commune, in which his father worked for the rental companies movers. Parents tell us that the little Mario remember them in the first place, constant fussiness and unwillingness to sit quietly and calmly. "He kept spinning, twisting, even when grown up - remembers her mother Kempes Eglis. - But this restlessness, as it turned out, helped him in football. "

Professional career of the striker has only just begun, when he has not attained and the age of 20, took the World Cup in Germany. Mario is obviously not yet ripe for such a level was timid and neprimeten. Neprimeten, however, in terms of game. The appearance of something he already had a colorful. In abounding patlatymi Argentine national team players on the splendor head of hair he was second only to teammate on the attack Ruben Ayala, who generally set the record for the world championships on the original "indicator".

. Despite the fact that the effectiveness of its actions in the world championship matches was zero, who led the team Luis Cesar Menotti chose Kempes one of the basic elements of the updated team.

. In Europe Kempes moved two years earlier from the club "Rosario", . in which he twice became the leading scorer in the Argentine championship (or rather, . Championship, . because their, . as now, . played out on two year, . in name only while they are different - "Metropolitano and Nacional").,

. In Spain, Kempes bombardirsky retained his enthusiasm and the move twice in a row won the "Pichichi"
. Valencia, where he went for 100 thousand dollars, so cherished, so long stubborn, unwilling to let him go to the mundial, although this condition was stipulated in the contract.

. In the end the hosts Valencia surrendered, but demanded in the first place, 25 thousand dollars of blood money, and secondly, the insurance of 250 thousand
. Menotti very aggressively fought for Kempes and persuaded the federation to meet the conditions of the club. Prior to May 1978 the second, when the situation with him was not yet clear, he had no one gave the 10 th issue, stressing that previous experience of this game scorer in the team where it all well know, ensures unity of command.



After completion of the first group stage of the Argentine World Cup impression, . that Kempes, . shining at club level, . re not allowed to show themselves at the forum of national teams and that Menotti is wasting so much energy, . defending it,
. Mario did not score a single goal in three games (at most, what he has done - hit the bar in the French doors), and if anyone at the time said that he would be and the best player and the best sniper of the tournament, it would be considered for an idiot .

. Metamorphosis from Kempes occurred at the second stage, where the same group with Argentina, were Brazil, Poland and Peru
. However, even with the team in general, too. After losing to the Italians and took second place, it has benefited from the windfall gains. Argentines had to leave Buenos Aires and go play in Rosario. There, far from the metropolitan hustle and bustle and constant pressure on the brain, they found a friendly and more relaxed atmosphere. And in the first place - just Kempes.

In the match against the Poles Mario burst. At the 71-th - surely an understanding of the penalty area with Zhmud and bitingly struck bottom. Argentina won 2:0.

The explanation of this metamorphosis has been given as follows: before the match with Poland Kempes performed on the field role ramming Frontline. But the second striker Leopoldo Luque was injured, and then Menotti invited Mario change functions - a maneuver-free forward, not tied to a specific position. Such a role was more liking Kempes.

Factor native of Rosario, changing functions: There was still a third, an unusual background to the fact that he finally began to hammer. The fact is that before the match with Poland Kempes: shaved off his mustache. As long Fart, football players, and not only they change their appearance. It's just superstition, but in the case of Kempes it really helped a great deal.

The final chapter of his legend Kempes finish in the deciding match against Holland. On the 38 th minute, receiving the ball from Luka, he was forwarding it between the two central defenders and splits pushed him into a corner. Nanninga then otkvital his goal, but additional time Mario once again gracefully went one on one with Yongbladom. In the fight against two defenders, who could come to the aid Yongbladu, Kempes pushed the ball into the net. But he clearly broke the rules, but a judge at such a moment would pay attention to "overlay" if it made a player of a master hand! Third goal against the "orange" is also organized Kempes and Bertoni struck the final blow.



Pyshnovolosomu Mario, when he reached the peak of fame and popularity, hardly of 24 years
. But later he had never been able to achieve this. Can be said and more: since the summer of 1978-th Kempes was only a pale shadow of themselves last, and when you look at it, people often shrug their shoulders: does the same?

. "The team we have made marginal effort, worked hard for two months
. Nothing for us there in life besides football and the desire to become champions - tells Kempes. - At this time we forget all of what constitutes a normal life. This concentration required exceptional psychic costs. When the final left behind, it was necessary to clear the minds of football to rest, if possible, to forget everything. But do not work. Came a succession of holidays, celebrations, parties, interviews. I needed were long, quiet vacation, which I was deprived.

Upon arrival in Spain, I was immediately forced to engage in a pre-tax "Valencia". I decided to train fiercer and more frequent, but this only aggravated the situation. I literally was dead tired when it was time to tour next Sunday. I stopped to hammer, and fans began to accuse me of not trying. Because they made me a target for attacks.

In sezone-79/80 Kempes began to show signs of returning to the previous level: by 22 in the championship Gholam Spain, he added nine in the Cup Winners' Cup, becoming the leading scorer in the drawing. At the end of Valencia on penalties beat Arsenal. Only from valensiytsev who have not realized their attempt was: Kempes.

In the summer of 1980, Mario, recently obzavedshiysya family finally got one holiday, which has sought for four years. For forty days, he completely broke away from football, spent his time exclusively with their families.

When he returned to the team, revealed that he had fallen in the opposite direction. The organism is not used to load and began to falter. Kempes scored three kilos overweight and in a hurry to drop. Hurrying, he began to receive one injury after another. In the fourth round of damaged muscle in his legs, was treated for a fortnight, returned to the match in the Cup Winners' Cup with a Carl Zeiss. There bad fall and injured his shoulder. In response the game once again fell to the traumatized shoulder and asked for replacement. Valencia, having a defective Kempes, lost vostochnogermanskomu club on aggregate.

. His form leaves much to be desired, and Mario was surprised when Menotti called him the "Golden Cup" - a tournament involving all the world champions, which took place at the turn of 1980 and 1981 in Uruguay
. In the first match Kempes again injured his leg, and serious.

River Plate disappointed in EXPECTATIONS

In March 1981 Kempes suddenly appeared in the River Plate. His move was a kontrhod "River" to get into their ranks his arch-rival - "Bokoy Juniors - Diego Maradona. In the course of two competing transactions appear huge numbers, although both clubs did not prosper financially.

River Plate Kempes was the sound of fanfare and, as announced, for 3,5 million dollars. Half a million of them were paid to Valencia soon. The remaining money was to be repaid over 12 months of payments to 250 thousand. But a month went by month, but to the Spanish club has not been assessed penny. Negotiations were held, which resulted in "Valencia" agreed to defer payment of debt for three years. The fact that she, far from being altruistic, went to such an assignment, suggests that she was glad to get rid of Kempes on what you like conditions.

. At the conclusion of transfer club doctor "Rivera gave the conclusion that Kempes is healthy and has passed all necessary tests
. Apparently, it was a superficial conclusion. Argentina's team doctor said in his speech that he is thoroughly and promptly reported to the chronic injury Kempes, when discussing his participation in the "Golden Cup". "River" simply was not interested in such a diagnosis, he concluded.

He ordered the long-term treatment, and the first half of 1982 Kempes missed. Menotti continued piously to believe in him, and took it to the mundial in Spain. The desire to speak at the third World Cup was, incidentally, one of the motives for his move to River Plate. But it was hard to expect that the hero of 1978-the first jump there above your head. He had not jumped.

Speaking at mundiale, Kempes remained in Spain. But his second appearance in Valencia again led to a revival of its former glory. After 30 years he had played only a second-rate clubs - Spanish "Hercules" and Austrian "VIENNA", "St. PцTlten and Krems". In 38 years he was hung on a nail boots, but in 41 months to put them on again, after playing for one of the Chilean second division clubs.


Albanian adventure

Kempes was unable to put together myself over the years of playing football decent condition, and he made an attempt to compensate for this shortcoming by going to the trainers
. In 1996, he received a tempting offer from where it least of all one could expect - from Albania.

. Pellumb Zhaferri, president of the club "Lushnja" from the same town 30 kilometers from Tirana, offered him more than a quarter million dollars a year and a half of work
. Kempes pecked at the bait of fat, not realizing that the money of dubious origin Zhaferri. His father Rapush "erected" in the Albanian pyramid schemes under the guise of the noble motto of saving people from the economic collapse. About how fantastic was the amount of the contract Kempes on impoverished Albanian standards, can be judged by the average wage in this country - $ 40.

. Prior to his arrival, Lushnja "occupied the tenth place in the table, although the efforts legionnaires from Brazil and Nigeria
. Plans have been Zhaferri Napoleon. "If I really wanted to, I would draw the team Arrigo Sacchi, - says he. - But he did not call me at the time, which I took for him. Well, nothing, but we have Kempes, another great figure. After five years Lushnja "enter the top eight teams of clubs in Europe!"

Reality quickly came into conflict with the plans of the builder "pyramids". "Lushnja" under the leadership Kempes managed to make only one small step on the path to greatness - defeated in the quarterfinal Cup "Teuta" (1:0). A week later the pyramid began to crumble. Deceived investors unleashed a civil war, and it fell exactly at the epicenter Lushnja as the ideological center of the pyramids. Pellumb Zhaferri was arrested.

We must pay tribute Kempes: he threw the team when she was in a difficult situation. He contacted his old friend Maradona and Passarella for that, not whether they can provide financial support to disasters "Lushnja". However, events unfolded rapidly: Championship Albania was interrupted for an indefinite time, and Kempes had no choice but to nothing for back pains in South America.

. He settled down in the Bolivian "Strongest", from left at the end of 1999, being replaced by another world champion in 1978 - Ricardo Vilyu
. He wanted to attract another club Bolivia - "Blooming", but he did not get to him in money.

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Mario Kempes, photo, biography
Mario Kempes, photo, biography Mario Kempes  football player, photo, biography
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