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Gunter Netzer

( football player)

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Biography Gunter Netzer
photo Gunter Netzer
Born September 14, 1944 in MцTnchengladbach.
Country Germany.
Position Striker
Clubs: 1952-63 Moenchengladbach, Borussia 1963-73, Monchengladbach, Real Madrid 1973-76, 1976-77 Grasshopper.
In the Bundesliga: spent 230 games, scored 82 goals.
Team: 37 appearances, 6 goals.
First leg: October 9, 1965 with Austria (4:1) in Stuttgart.
Last Match: October 11, 1975 with Greece (1:1) in Dц+sseldorf.
Achievements: European Champion 1972, World 1974, Germany, 1970, 1971, Spain 1975, 1976, winner of the Cup of Germany 1973, Spain 1974, the best football player in Germany 1972, 1973, the owner of "Silver Ball" 1972.

"If he would get up in the morning on the right foot, it will lead to confusion rival. If not from that - then his coach, "- the phrase, expressed once by someone on the Brazilian Romario, it is applicable to Netzer, colorful style of game which competed with the colorful appearance. By decreasing below the shoulders bright Patli he always caught the eye on the football field.

. Gunter grew hair at a time when nearly all polls were playing with shaved necks, and others like it, "scumbag" Get sidelong glances and public condemnation
. It was one of the manifestations of it very inconvenient for the surrounding nature. Netzer could be on the genius level, a series of games, but then, offended by something or someone to move sharply to the level otbyvateley numbers. Whole of his career - a chain of dizzying highs and deep downs.

Gladbahskuyu VfL Borussia many years, shook his conflicts with the coach Hennessy Vaysvaylerom, the same incorrigible stubborn, as he. But paradoxically, these conflicts has a positive impact on the game Netzer, naelektrizovyvali and stimulated him.

Partners knew "NNA" (as in North Rhine pronounced ege name) as pronounced egoist. But this does not prevent them from standing behind him mountain. Once they are against the will of Vaysvaylera elected by a majority of votes (13 against 6) team captain. Vaysvayler wanted to give a bandage Berti Vogts is much more calm and obedient.


Idle "festival"

Netzer often accused of laziness, penyaya him as he once uttered the words: "I understand that I must run, but I do so reluctantly, at least, without the ball"
. However, in his best days, he was unique. One of these was the October day in 1971, when the "Borussia" in their stadium Bekelberg "took in 1 / 8 Cup champions Inter Milan. This was the peak of the great team Vaysvaylera. Yes, exactly, although the match was far from final, but Borussia the era navyigryvala lot of trophies, including the European. But it never appeared as a perfectly organized. The case ended with an amazing, do not fit into any framework (based on the reputation of the opponent) score - 7:1.

Fantastic match dubbed "Festival Netzer, because patlaty artist shine on the field every 90 minutes. And his goal, after which the score became 6:1, he admitted later in his career best. It happened like this: Wimmer said Netzer and jerk with his half sent a long diagonal pass by the area left corner of the penalty area, . Gunter strides raced toward the ball and caught his outstretched right foot, . air transport it past the goalkeeper Lido Vieri,
. The ball has not yet reached the line, and Netzer had triumphantly raised his hands. Unfortunately fans of Borussia match masterpiece has been invalidated, and the result is annulled. Was caused by a bottle, as if falling into the heads of attackers Inter's Roberto Boninsene.


Robbed the "Golden Ball"

Next time on Netzer as organizers of the grand spectacle spoke after seven months, when the Germany squad for the first time in its history, defeated the English at Wembley
. Won no questions asked (3:1), although a draw held for very long. For Helmut Schoen was no doubt who primarily belonged to this triumph. "Netzer had his best game, - he said after the game. - His transfer to forty meters were amazing. He played with brilliant simplicity, and played briefly, and long. The feeling of distance in his amazing ". England's victory, the Germans were the most serious contender on the road to the championship of Europe, although it still was not even the final stage - only a quarter. When the time came to name the best football player in Germany in 1972, Netzer voted for the vast majority of journalists. He scored 417 votes. There are following him Mц+ller and Beckenbauer - only 127 and 102, respectively. But in a poll on the European Golden Ball "voting was quite different. Mц+ller and Netzer scored 79, and Beckenbauer slightly ahead of them - 81. For the first time the entire pedestal occupied by the representatives of one country.

Triumphant farewell with Borussia

In Germany, Netzer defended his title the player's number one and the next year. Defended in the first place thanks to his latest stellar match in Germanic territory - cup final-73. In Dц+sseldorf "Raynshtadione" fought "Borussia" and "Cologne". It was one of the most exciting finals in the history of the tournament. Despite the fact that 90 minutes of normal time the team scored in the gate each other just one goal from, the act was looked at one go. Netzer in a half hour on the field was not: he thoughtfully watched the game from the bench. Hard to say what is more influenced by the strange choice Vaysvaylera keep it in reserve: a contract with Real Madrid, which was already on his hands, or the fact that Gunter had just returned from the funeral of his father.

. But fans of "Borussia were categorically disagree with the coach and the farther, the more chanting the name of Netzer
. In the additional time they will finally was done. Much time Gunther was not required. Exactly 100 seconds have passed since his arrival on the field, as he with his trademark bold step rammed right in the center of defense "Cologne", played on the wall with a partner, and hammer the ball into the top nine.

. Borussia won - 2:1, and for Netzer farewell to the club where he spent ten years, and came to the country could not be more successful.



Almost every journalist who interviewed Netzer asked about his long hair
. Eventually he got tired, and he stopped responding to him. And the explanation he gave is: "Many people criticized me for long hair. But I wear them not because of their addiction to fashion. I have an ugly appearance, and long hair inexpressiveness brightens my face, make it a little more attractive ". Another special feature of his appearance were huge feet: he wore boots a size 47. Perhaps this was due to his unique dribbling, which was compared with movements of the skier in the slalom large: broad and sweeping run with constant twists. He had the nickname "Walking dribler.

Three mundialya, and all past

Netzer splash in the national team of Germany, referred to above, we got very late, and fleeting. Helmut Schoen first drew him into the national team in the fall of 1965, the match with Austria (4:1). His debut the newspaper described as generally good. "Gц+nter Netzer was the star of the evening - wrote nbrnbergsky" Shport-shop ". - He was a little lacking luck, and several times he was inaccurate podygryshe, but the figure did not alter the game ".

Nevertheless, even after playing a couple of matches - with Cyprus and Britain, Netzer then long disappeared from the team. He missed the application for the World Cup-66. The reason for this lay on the surface: Gunther claimed to be a key player midfield, but then he found a worthy competitor in the face of Wolfgang Overath, a universally recognized masters of this Position. Netzer this competition could not resist, especially because it is constantly harassed injury.

Helmut von Schoen advised to build the game so that the use of both stars simultaneously. And preparing the team for the next mundialyu - in Mexico, he really inclined to such an option. But a number of circumstances prevented him to implement.

It began with the loser out match against Spain (0:2), in which Netzer again after a long break donned a T-shirt team. His game von Schoen did not like, and in the locker room, he uttered to him: "Gunter, you're like a child, which should be put in the corner!"

. Extremely proud and touchy Netzer was hurt this remark, and at the exit from the stadium deliberately chased and delivered to the outstretched recorders reporters: "The team I am more or foot!"

. A few months through Vaysvaylera in the sports camp Hennef happened conciliation
. "Bury the hatchet" - suggested Shen. "And I have never from the ground and not digging," - said Gunter. A brief dialogue ended with a handshake.

And then in one of the last games sezona-69/70 in Aachen Netzer damaged muscle and was unable to participate in health benefit Borussia first in its history, the title of champion of the Bundesliga. It is this unfortunate injury, and not rancor Shen served as the reason that Mexico and Netzer in the list of the 22 missed. And although as a tourist to the championship, he still went, he was so worried that once again stayed away from the big event that, after returning home, two months had not touched the ball and stop thinking of football.

. In 1972, for a short time, but very convincingly eclipsed Overath Netzer
. But for all its surge "Vista" fate did not let him shine and at the third World Cup, where he could theoretically do it.

. Once again, he gave way as part of his eternal rival, but a draw fault except his own, this was not
. That the only time he appeared on the field, replacing Overath (this happened 20 minutes before the end of the insignificant match - against the team GDR), Netzer struck his flabby view. It appeared that he was totally unprepared for mundialyu. Accordingly, he left the game a miserable impression: Gunter acted at all times at random.


Glistens willows as manager

In each of the three seasons, held in Real Madrid, Netzer something so won: in 1974 - Cup, in 1975 m and 1976 m - Championship
. But the bright Spanish part of his career include difficult, because the European scene in these years, "Real" did not show. After another season in the "Grasshoppers" Netzer tied up with football and decided to find a commercial application of their education.

. In 1978 he settled a manager in Hamburg and stay there in that capacity until 1986-when he moved to live in Switzerland
. His eighth year in the Hanseatic club fans still remember with awe, as it is to be responsible for the golden years: When Netzer Hamburg three times, became the champion of the Bundesliga and in 1983, climbed to the European throne.

. These successes they see personal credit Netzer, its efficiency and large ties in football
. He managed in the years to bring in Hamburg masters such coaching business as Branko Zebets and Ernst Happel, and even persuaded Beckenbauer, after speeches in American NASL - a little more play in the Bundesliga.

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Gunter Netzer, photo, biography
Gunter Netzer, photo, biography Gunter Netzer  football player, photo, biography
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