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Givi Nodia

( Footballer)

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Biography Givi Nodia
photo Givi Nodia
Born 02.01.1948 in Kutaisi.
Country USSR.
Clubs: "Torpedo" Kutaisi (1965-66), Dinamo Tbilisi (1967-75), Lokomotiv Moscow (1976-78).
In the championships of the USSR: has 314 matches and scored 93 goals.

The way a player can Nodia so present, that in the end asked for an exclamation mark.

How he could remember, with eight years, was center forward. 17-year-old took it in Kutaisi "Torpedo", and two years later - in the Dinamo Tbilisi. In 18 years - in the junior team of the USSR, she wins the tournament of UEFA and Nodia - European Champion. Scored his youth he was given a surprisingly easy, to 22 years he scored 55 goals in his national championships, a record. Held in the first team, visited the World Cup 1970 in Mexico, participated in matches for the European cups. It included the "33 best", he is a member Fedotovsky Club, four times marked by a bronze medal at the national championship.

. All this together produces very impressive, and what can be no doubt that plenty of people manipulative seen, the train!

. Still, it seems to me that Nodia, if asked to tell about the past things as they are, will begin with a sigh: "I played not in the best of times."

. When Dinamo Tbilisi in 1964 became the first champion, his team has not yet been, when the achievement was repeated in 1978, he was no longer
. And the USSR Cup in 1976, the citizens of Tbilisi have won without him. In, European tournaments Dynamo at Nodia started, tried, trying, and as soon as accrue to the enemy with the name of the club from Holland or England, should defeat the time of victories over the "Eindhoven", "West Ham and Liverpool have not yet come. When the national team was strong, Nodia walked in juniors, but in his time it shallow, liquefied, lost the guiding thread. In Mexico, he said after opening match was moved to spare. Yes, and having in its composition of 21 games, Nodia scored only five goals, that does not fit with the reputation of a successful Frontline. And here, perhaps not before the exclamation mark.

Football figures have more power, sometimes even too much. 1:0 as a result of the match can not be appealed, but he was not always convinced us that the team zaimevshaya unit, better than the one that stayed with zero. The figures are as hieroglyphics, which relies on to break his head to penetrate into their essence. Soccer entirely encrypted digital code, but we Skolznev on the surface, if the entire trust him. Exactly, the ball in the ball for 100, scored members of the Club Nodia and Dementiev. Leave aside that they had nothing to do with each other as players. Pay attention only to the fact, . that Dementievsky 110 and for himself, . for witnesses, . and for the history of football were significant, . memorable only because, . that address not only this player, . and were killed for the glory of first Moscow Dynamo during its ascent, . then "Spartacus", . gaining force, . who created sensation in cup draws, . risen to championship level.,

. The fate of any great master reflects the features of the time, going through his team and football in general
. His art does not show the players in a vacuum, not in flasks, favorable circumstances they encourage and inspire the same way as adverse limit and stick.

Nodia great start. Gilot it youthful fearlessness, when he flew to a meeting with the ball, but better to say - to meet. Head squeeze himself into his shoulders, arms raised and dismissed it all as a bird. If, however represent the motion Tbilisi attack, then again betrayed avian reverse: wings - the flanks, and Nodia the middle, like a sharp beak. He conform with waving wings, closely watch them, the ball was sent from the edge of the field in the penalty area, thought it was his ball, he had to catch up to him and hit in the summer, with the move, with his foot or his head. Not very tall, he was able to jump high, and often guessed trajectory and catches up with declining ball.

Year by year this game was given more difficult. Perhaps accustomed to it, the defenders have learned to warn his falcon ups. But it is also true that there was not singing at that time a team game at Dynamo, and it is dependent on player's neighbors who need their generosity, more rarely met with the ball. His last goals in the account Fedotovsky Club Nodia scored in the Moscow "Locomotive", one by one, occasionally, Kopian grain by grain.

All the forwards changed over the years. Brave, placid youth Nodia, they lived in flight for the ball, perhaps a little long, has not received development. But she remembered. Beautiful were not so much fly ball, aiming it at the gate, how many flights of his own.

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Givi Nodia, photo, biography
Givi Nodia, photo, biography Givi Nodia  Footballer, photo, biography
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