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Saikin Valerii T.

( Honored Engineer of Russia, Chairman of the Committee on Insolvency (enterprises) of the Government of Moscow.)

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Biography Saikin Valerii T.
photo Saikin Valerii T.
Born in 1937. on the outskirts of Moscow in the village Kozhukhovo. Mother - Saykina Tatyana. Wife - Angelina Saykina Maksimovna. Son - Saikin Alexander V., graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, PhD, is engaged in business. Granddaughter - Julia.

The fate of the family Saikin fairly typical for that time. Father died at the front. The mother remained in the hands of six children. Tatiana has done everything that the children rose to their feet. Valery, the youngest in the family, from childhood characterized by firmness of character, desire to do everything as best as possible, benefit, success

. After the seven-year Valery entered the Automotive Technical School (1952-1956 gg.) - An educational institution which has, albeit small, but tangible scholarship, and thus the opportunity to help the family, but the main thing - to get a specialty and work

Foundry ZIL became the start of a working career VT Saykina, and the famous AMO ZIL - his fate, for many years defined the rest of his life. Molder-Melter - the first record in the workbook. This profession demanded great physical strength. Her classes have helped the development of classical control, which Valery was carried away during his studies in college.

Hardworking guy noticed. He becomes a master plot precision casting, and then - as a senior production engineer foundry. New work requires new knowledge. In 1964, Mr.. Valery Saikin graduates from All-Union Correspondence Engineering Institute, specializing in machinery and technology foundry ".

Tangible progress brings sport. Valery is the champion of Moscow, won coveted "square" - a silver badge "master of sport". Double wins the championship of the Union among young men, struggling with many famous athletes. All my life memorable duels with the great Givi Kartozia, the repeated champion of the world, other prominent artists, who Valery used to losing, but always fought to the end with the desire to win.

Organizational skills and engineering talent V. Saykina will claim to Zile. Becomes chief of the technical part of the vast body of gray cast iron (on the merits of the plant), and then chief metallurgist. The period witnessed the flowering of his creative activity - the development of many technological processes, . providing a combination difficult to combine characteristics: high performance, . excellence, . lowest energy, . material and labor costs,
. With the direct participation VT Saykina created and implemented: automatic molding lines, . new production processes and automated manufacturing line of rods in the burning boxes, ,
. For the development of technology of smelting foundry pig iron gets the title of USSR State Prize winner.

Ten works VT Saykina overall efficiency of over 8 million. Dollars per year (in 1985 prices) are recognized as inventions and are protected by copyright certificates.

Since 1971. as deputy chief engineer, he headed metallurgical production association. Defines the technical policy of not only the familiar cast, but the blacksmith, and thermal plants. Created VT Saikin pressing and body production and to this day are the pride of the domestic automotive. Oversaw the creation of new plants that are included in the auto giant ZILovsky: Mtsensk plant aluminum casting, Ryazan and Roslavl Automotive Units Plant, reconstruction and refurbishment of shops of metallurgical production at main plant.

By the mid 70-ies, it is clear that the basic truck ZIL-130, who was one of the best examples of automotive engineering 60-ies, requires major modernization. His gasoline carburetor engine must be replaced by a more economical diesel engine. By the end of the 70-s experimental work on a new truck ends. On the agenda is the issue of its mass production while maintaining the overall volume of production - 200 thousand pieces per year. New machines should gradually replace older models. Reconstruction of the plant must take place without interrupting existing production. This stage in the history of the plant is called "dizelizatsiya". In 1981. VT Saikin becomes first deputy and then general director of AMO ZIL, and, in fact, is headed "dizelizatsiyu". At the main plant building of new housing: Press-welding, bodywork, etc..

In g.Yartsevo Smolensk region to build a plant to produce diesel engines and cast iron foundry employing about 10 thousand. man. For their livelihood creating a city. All objects require constant attention and personal control by the general manager of the.

Spring 1986. at AMO ZIL comes CPSU CC General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. The visit was abruptly changed the fate of Valerii T.. VT Saikin was elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council

. This, . completely new for themselves, . role, he uses the principles of management, . developed by him on the AMO ZIL, . which has long been a city within a city and, . even, . state within a state, . which is associated with the fate of hundreds of thousands of people, . and where, . except production, . almost all sectors of the urban economy: housing, . Sports Complex, . Cultural institutions, . hospitals,

Directors' style of urban governance was completely new for the time. It was based on a detailed consideration of major issues the President personally, getting acquainted with their being on the ground. Then followed the development of clear timetable for solving problems and monitoring them, regardless of the person. Chairman has greatly weaken the tyranny of the Union ministries to consider their business as a fiefdom and virtually ignored the city government.

The leaders of district executive committees were surprised to learn that they are responsible not only for the sustenance of the population, but also for the results of economic activity of industrial enterprises located in the. In the period of the Chairman of the Board VT Saikin solved the major problems of development of the city of Moscow in the field of housing and health facilities, . Trade and culture, . reconstruction of the city center, . and the level of industrial capital was about 30% of the volume of production of the country,
. With the direct participation VT Saykina been upgraded, many enterprises of construction industry: the production of reinforced concrete structures and panels, . plastics and linoleum, . metal and hoisting equipment, . Machine and other,
. This allowed to significantly increase the amount of work on construction and reconstruction of the city

. Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Soviet VT Saikin personally engaged in service sector enterprises, . strictly controlling the quality of their work, . taking measures for their technical upgrading and construction of new laundry, . cleaning, . repair shops, . which made it possible to make life easier in the city's mega -,

In 1990. after the election period VT Saikin worked as deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR (April-August 1990), . then the first deputy chairman of the Bureau of the Council of Ministers of Mechanical Engineering (August 1990-April 1991) and first deputy chairman of USSR State Committee for Machine Building (April-August 1991),
. During this period, VT Saikin oversees the development and personally involved in the implementation of development programs, domestic engineering. In particular, it created an integrated, flexible manufacturing of parts of automobile engines in the Ural automotive plant

. In 1991, . refusing to recognize the future dam market transformations, and not wanting to be responsible for the apparent malignancy of their implementation, . VT Saikin returns to the AMO ZIL chief engineer and soon again become the general director of association,
. As a result of inadequate legislation and a number of other subjective factors in the process of privatization of a controlling stake of the falls into the hands of the commercial structure, . not interested in the preservation and development of production cars and refrigerators,

VT Saikin included in the hard struggle for existence of the plant. In the shortest time he managed to organize the development on the basis of model assemblies, modular design range of automotive technology with capacity from 2, . 5 to 40 tons, . and then develop and mass production of competitive light trucks, . received for its high consumer qualities respectful nickname "Bull",
. In the traditional approach to developing such a wide range of cars in the preparation of their production would require more than one trillion rubles. Also there are advanced military all-terrain vehicles and attachments to civilian vehicles (termokuzova, refrizhiratory, vans, Evacuation, etc.).

Overcoming resistance indifferent to the fate of the factory owners, "he actively promoted the transfer of AMO ZIL the property of the city. This is the last thing he did for the native plant. VT Saikin goes to work in the Moscow Government. In 1996. appointed Chairman of the Moscow Committee on Insolvency (Bankruptcy). In this position his main task sees the reorganization of enterprises, the implementation of economic reforms in the sphere of industrial production, preservation and development of industrial and scientific-technical potential of the city. On his initiative, formed by the Moscow Soviet on anti-crisis program in the industry. VT Saikin organize the development of a financial recovery plan so as to resort to the judicial bankruptcy procedure only in cases where the company has completely lost its productive capacity. As a result of such policies in Moscow succeeded in reducing the rate of decline in industrial production, to form a trend towards stabilization and growth, a significant increase in budget revenues from the debtor.

In political views consistent and firm. Joined the Communist Party in 1964, the communist ideals did not change. Mystery of his beliefs does not. Regularly published in the press in different directions their views on the situation of the country that humiliated and lost its national heritage and dignity. Repeatedly on all available levels expressed suggestions about the country out of deep crisis on the basis of recovery in industrial production.

As vice-president of Russia Academy of Transport, Academician VT Saikin oversaw the creation of "Transport of Russia", which is endorsed by scientists and specialists. For the successful implementation of this work Valerii T. awarded a prize by the Academy of Transport IA Likhachev. On the same theme, he defended his thesis on the award of the degree "Doctor of Transport

. VT Saikin awarded the Order of Lenin (1986, . for "dizelizatsiyu" production), . Order of the October Revolution (1981, . for the development of metallurgical production), . Order of Red Banner of Labor (1971, . for the development of foundry), . Order of Friendship of Peoples (1993, . for the creation of a new automotive technology), . medals "For Labor" (1971), . "For Valiant Labor" (1970), . "850 anniversary of Moscow", . awarded the honorary title "Honored Engineer of Russia" (1994),

Main hobby - physical culture and sports. Cultivates and promotes healthy lifestyle. Denies all the excesses. He loves animals, bred pigeons. Hobby - communication with granddaughter Julia. Hobbies - fishing and gardening.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Saikin Valerii T., photo, biography
    Saikin Valerii T., photo, biography Saikin Valerii T.  Honored Engineer of Russia, Chairman of the Committee on Insolvency (enterprises) of the Government of Moscow., photo, biography
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