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Biography SANCHEZ Hugo
photo SANCHEZ Hugo
Born July 11, 1958.
Country Mexico
. Position Striker
. Club: UNAM (Mexico) (1976/77-1978/79, . 1980/81, . 186 matches, . 98 goals), . San Diego Sokkerz "(USA) (1979/80, . 32 matches, . 26 goals), . Atletico Madrid (1981/82-1984/85, . 111 matches, . 54 goals), . Real Madrid (both Spain) (1985/86-1991/92, . 207 matches, . 164 goals), . "America" (Mexico) (1992/93, . 29 matches, . 11 goals), . "Rayo Vallecano (Spain) (1993/94, . 29 matches, . 15 goals), . Atlanta "(Mexico) (1994/95, . 31 matches, . 13 goals), . "Linz (Austria) (1995/96, . D-2), . Dallas Bern (USA) (1995/96, . 25 matches, . 11 goals), . "Atletico Zelaya" (Mexico) (1996/97, . 12 matches, . 2 goals).,
. A total of his career spent in the D-1 662 Ligovo the match, scored 394 goals (6-th index in the world)
. In the Cup of Spain held 52 matches and scored 35 goals in European competition - 44 matches and scored 22 goals
. Titles: Best scorer of Mexico 1979, . Spain's top scorer 1985, . 1986, . 1987, . 1988, . 1990, . Winner of the Golden Boot top scorer in Europe 1990 (38 goals), . champion of Mexico 1977, . 1981, . Champion of Spain 1986-1990, . Cup Spain 1989, . 2-time Super Bowl winner Spain, . winner of the UEFA Cup 1986, . best football of Spain 1987, . Member of 1978 FIFA World Cup, . 1986, . 1994, . Member of the Olympic Games 1976, . America's Cup Finalist 1993, . Intercontinental Cup 1981, . The best football player in North and Central America in the twentieth century version of IFFHS,
Team 1977-1994: held 40 matches, scored 17 goals.


Hugo Sanchez grew up the fourth child of a couple with many children Hector Sanchez and Isabel Marquez, a middle strata of society. It was a sporting family. Isabel's devoted herself to volleyball, and Hector on a serious level, played football and was considered at one time understudy from the Mexican superstar of that time Horacio Kasarina. In those years the fees were not enough players, so they can be seen as the only source of livelihood, especially for families with a crowd of kids, so Hц?ctor had to combine football with other work.

. Sport was a cult of number one in the family, . not surprising, . that all six children (whose names are curiously began with the same Latin letter "H", . not read in Spanish, . - Hector, . Horacio, . Hilda, . Hugo, . Erlind, . Haydee) achieved some success in one form or another sport.,

. Hilda under the influence of the mother was carried away playing volleyball and even married her coach
. Erlind became a champion of Mexico to the gym, trained under the guidance of the famous GYM SHOES Faith д?ц?slavskц?, represented her country at the Olympics in Montreal. Now she and her husband have two own gymnastics school.

All three sons went to his father's footsteps. Hector, the eldest, firstborn, was a midfielder UNAM from 1973 to 1978, and then retrained in a manager and is currently working as such in the well-known in Mexico football school in Tijuana. The second son, Horacio (named, perhaps in honor of Kasarina), defended the gates of the same UNAM and Puebla and made for the national team of Mexico at the Olympics in 1972.

. After the Mexicans took fourth place in the Olympics-68, . held in their home, . what was seen as a relative failure, . officials undertook the reorganization of the football business and decided to focus on the search for the most talented players, . scattered in different schools,
. Through the 'sieve' screened among others, two Sanchez - Horacio and Hugo.


"We lived in a quarter of Mexico City under the name Balbuena. It is saturated with sports fields, which often went to play the father. I watched him, and this was the beginning of my love for football, "- says Hugo. So he came to school youth UNAM, organized in 60-ies of the efforts of the Argentine star Renato Cesarini. In April 1974, 15-year-old Hugo Sanchez played on the traditional Junior Tournament in Cannes, after which he was enrolled at the left edge of the attack in the youth team of Mexico. Less than two years this team has gathered a rich harvest of awards - won the championship of CONCACAF (1974), the next tournament in Cannes (1975) and Pan American Games (1975). This brilliant team does not know defeat in 19 matches in a row. No wonder that many of its players hit the Olympic team at the Mexico Games in 1976. First and foremost, Hugo Sanchez, the most colorful figure among juniors.

From Hugo and company waited in Montreal a lot, but she did not live up to expectations. Already in the first match, despite the goal scored by Sanchez, the Mexicans defeated the French in large (1:4) and thus were not included even in the quarterfinals, while the group played with them yet, Guatemala and Israel.

. After this setback, work with the Mexican juniors headed as a technical director himself Horacio Kasarin
. Qualifying tournament for the first, just established at the initiative of Joцёo Havelange, the World Cup for 19-year-old Mexico won with a huge advantage. At 8 meetings of the tournament in Puerto Rico, she has goal difference 34-4. Hugo helped the team achieve that result, but at the final tournament did not go. Prevented for two reasons: firstly, it has already become a professional footballer UNAM, and secondly, to take entrance examinations and began his studies on dental specialty.

Obviously, it is Mexicans and not enough for victory. They reached the finals, there was played in regular time draw with the USSR team - 2:2, and then lost her in a penalty shootout.


MASTER acrobatics

"Pumami", as they call football UNAM, in the year when Hugo Sanchez led the Hungarian Gyula Marik, who had himself served in the Mexican professional clubs
. Very impressive look attack - a powerful Peruvian Juan Jose Munyante, a veteran mundialya-70, a pair of Brazilian "sorcerers" Candido and cabs, as well as Leonardo Cuellar, owner of the most magnificent head of hair all over the world football.

. Break in the composition at a clip was very difficult, and in the first season, Hugo appeared on the field rarely
. His first match he played on Nov. 7, 1976 against Zakatepeka "and scored the first goal of March 27, 1977 the first in the stadium" Estadio Azteca "in the gate" of America. "

. But having shown the dedication and tying together its strengths, it is already in sezone-77/78 was "titularom", and a year later shared with his partner Cab scorer Mexico
. Moreover, if for Sanchez, it was the first in his career, the cab headed the list of snipers in the 8 th (!) Times. In the summer of 1978-the first 19-year-old Hugo went to the Mexican national team at the World Cup in Argentina. Playing in the old-fashioned, slow and non-contact football, she's failed miserably - three defeats in group from Germany, Poland and Tunisia with a total score of 1:12. But the talent Sanchez, speaking ahead of a pair with Leonardo Cuellar, was evaluated.

Unusually light as a feather, he casually cut a variety of acrobatics, striking the ball of the most unimaginable provisions. In addition, his playing was characterized by intelligence, brilliant technique and incredible jumping ability. Low growth, Sanchez was able to jump to incredible heights. All these qualities made him a unique style. Like anyone else, he gave the impression of a man for whom football - it is not as much work as a hobby. Since, however, it was: Hugo paid much attention to learning, and football to be seen as a source of enjoyment.

. In 1979 and 1980, the summer vacation time, and in the Mexican league follows a pause, he went with permission from UNAM in the United States to play for the club, San Diego, acting in league Pat
. This allowed him to earn extra money and support themselves in the form.

. In 1981, after winning "Pumami" another championship title and receive a diploma Sanchez dentist, it was time to move to Europe, at a higher level
. By this time, to his credit were 98 goals scored in the championship of Mexico, and another 26 - in the U.S. championship. In parting, he helped "Pumam to beat the Uruguayan" Nacional "in the traditional games that hold together the strongest clubs of the Americas, North and South.



Path Hugo Sanchez was in Madrid Atletico Madrid
. Transfer, carried out on the initiative of then club president Dr. Cabeza, in the Spanish press has generated a lot of surprise and doubt. Doubt that its level corresponds to the level of the Spanish league. This was the first Mexican in it for many decades. Even the coaching staff Atletico Madrid took the arrival of Hugo with considerable skepticism. In such a difficult situation he had to assert himself in the Old World.

It took considerable strength to show the spirit and character. Vykladyvayas in training, Hugo was able to run sezona-81/82 enter the "basis". Moreover - he gradually became more and more beloved idol among Madrid afisonados. Last but not least thanks to its "circus" Gholam.

Effectiveness Sanchez went on growing, and his four-year period at Atletico Madrid win crowned "Pichichi" - the title of King scorers - 1985. However, that was enough for the modest results - 19 goals.

In total he scored for Atletico Madrid 54 goals in 111 matches. But these were, as they say, flowers, compared with what he has accomplished in the "Real", which is bought by its neighbors. In the "royal" club, which made far more emphasis on attack, bombardirsky Sanchez's talent blossomed in all its glory.

. During the first five seasons at Real Madrid in the league, he only scored exactly 150 goals - 30 on average for the season! Moreover, after each goal should have beaten them indispensable somersault.

. Sanchez virtually usurped the title of "Pichichi" only once - in 1989 - giving way to his Brazilian Baltazar from Atletico Madrid (and after taking him second place)
. Five years in a row, having such goleadora, never gave anyone a champion title and "Transformers."

The apotheosis of Sanchez's career, whose fans have nicknamed angle (ie Hugo-goal) was sezon-89/90, when he scored 38 goals. This allowed him to get a couple with Christo Stoichkovym the Golden Boot in Europe, but at the same time to repeat the Spanish record of performance over the season, owned by Sarah Telmo.


There is no prophet in his own country

In Europe, they admired and admired
. But at home, despite the fact that every match "Real" was broadcast in Mexico, the attitude was much cooler. And this is connected with the fact that Sanchez was unable to achieve the national team of at least the similarity of those successes, which came to him at club level. All three World Championships, where he was involved, nothing but disappointment he did not bring. In 1986, when he was in his zenith, and the Mexicans took mundial, expected of him especially much. But there are no exploits Hugo native field "Aztecs" is not made. Just one goal in five matches, Missed penalty and for three yellow cards - he's even in his team failed to become a true leader. Mexico reached the quarterfinals, but they lost in Germany.

At the 1994 World Cup 36-year-old Sanchez had gone, we can say as a tourist. Mexican Coach Miguel Mejia Baron allowed him to enter the field only once - in a match with Norway than the angle was clearly displeased.

. In 1992, Sanchez left and the "Real" (for which due to injuries in sezone-91/92 played very little, spending the last match on March 22 against Deportivo La Coruna) and returned to his homeland, saying that would play his farewell season for the club "America"
. They got him from the beginning had bad relations with the coach - the famous Brazilian Falcao, which, however, soon removed. "America" came to the stage in the championship semi-finals (in Mexico ends with tournament championship play-offs), and Hugo scored 11 goals for the season. Not so little for a 34-year veteran. But the Mexican press, to deny him superstar status (all because of the ill-fated 1986), and continuously attacking him, awakened in him the anger and the desire to shake the old days. He changed his original decision and postponed the completion of a career.

In 1993 it took an unexpected return to the Spanish league - even in one of Madrid club Rayo Vallecano ". The surprise is further increased to the extent that, as Sanchez began to stamp goals, as in the best years. Total them won 15, but could be higher if not for disagreements with the owner of "Rayo" Ruiz Mateos. Because of them, Hugo stopped performances for the club match April 10, 1994 against Zaragoza.

This was followed by a new return home - in the club "Atlanta". But this attempt to gain recognition at home finally fails, and in 1995, Sanchez went to Europe again. In the "Linz", the Austrian second division club, it was regarded as a living legend.

The second half of 1996, he spent in the American MLS, speaking for the Dallas Bern, and in early 1997, the second took third and most return to Mexico. This time, it seems more of a symbolic. In "Zelaya", is a city with 600 thousand population, were at the time of his longtime associate of Real Madrid Butragueno and Michel. Sanchez meant the arrival of a nostalgic association under one "roof" the most prominent veterans of Real Madrid 80-ies. It is true that existed trio "old men" long, a few months. His last match at the club level, Sanchez held May 4, 1997 in Torreon against the club Santos Laguna.

. When he finally decided to put an end to him, organized a farewell match in which the 18 March 1998 a rival team of Mexico was to become Paraguay
. 100 thousand visitors came to the "Aztecs" to Hugo. It was expected that he would hold on the field most of the match. But he felt healthy enough. And it was limited by the fact that he led the team on the field as captain, was involved in the drawing of the gate and struck the first blow on the ball. Immediately it was replaced by Luis Garcia. Hugo Sanchez was married twice. The first time he take the vows in 1992, the daughter of Adolfo Portugal, his coach during his teenage years. From this marriage he had two children. For his current wife, Isabel, Hugo lives in Madrid, at times, sometimes in Mexico City and in one Mexican city - Cancun.

As a dentist he had not worked a single day. I tried to labor in the role of the newsreader, but it quickly "kicked" out of the cab: far too sharp, straight and many were critical of his assessment.

Unable to him yet to prove themselves and to the coaching assignment. In February this year, took his coaching debut for which he is sought. And held in the club of his youth - UNAM. Hugo replaced in the course of the season who was sacked by Rafael Amador, brought the team to the semifinals so-called "summer" of the championship, but there she lost to Santos Laguna ". "Winter" is championship "Puma" began with two defeats and a draw in three rounds starting. Team administration immediately dismissed Sanchez on August 15, stating that this is the best step in this situation.

Because of his habit of cursing all and sundry, not hiding emotions, Sanchez damaged relations with many colleagues. He never tires of, inter alia, severely criticized Mejцґa Baron, now the coach of Atlanta, not wanting to forgive him, that he did not put him in the leg at 1 / 8 final against Bulgaria in the World Cup in the United States. "While he will not become wiser and learn to think before speaking, he will have problems" - so writes the Mexican press.

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