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David Seaman

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography David Seaman
Born September 19, 1963 in Rotherham.
Country England.
Position Goalkeeper
Club career:
"Peterborough" (1982 - 1984, 104 matches)
Birmingham City (1984 - 1986, 84 matches)
"Queens Park Rangers (1986 - 1990, 175 matches)
Arsenal (1990 - 2003, 561 match).
England squad since 1988 - England goalkeeper, for which spent 75 matches.
Titles: Champion of England (1990/91, 1997/98, 2001/02), winner of the FA Cup (1992/93, 1997/98, 2001/02), the English League Cup (1992/93), Cup Winners' Cup (1993 / 94).

At five minutes, "thousands,"

The average career of a professional football player holds 250 - 300 matches. Goalkeepers - a little more. Those who can do without serious injuries and remain stable for many years, bring this number up to 500. The most persistent in extremely favorable circumstances, can play 600, and 700 matches. Goalkeeper Arsenal and England David Seaman has played 999. The nearest exit to the football field will be for him 1000-meters in a professional career.

A goalkeeper in football has always been a special relationship. This is understandable - whatever one may say, too much depends on them. In this sense, Seaman is no exception - to him from the very beginning of his career were mixed as the fans and the press. For some he is a hero, a fearless guardian of the gate, a model of reliability and professionalism - for others, a gray mouse, which only by coincidence, went to number one position in the Arsenal and England.

. Meanwhile, Seaman will become only the second in the history of English football player, who already made - a four-digit number of matches
. The first was his colleague in the Role Ray Clemence. But he played for Liverpool, finished his career second-rate clubs. Seaman is in his 39 and a half years, continues to speak at the highest level. Stability of feature class, it is known to all. For this quality of David and was nicknamed Safe Hands - Safe Hands. Nickname, who agree, envy of any goalie.

. But we must admit that Seaman lifelong lucky: with few exceptions, he avoided the chief torment of many goalkeepers - bench.



It all started back in 1981, when 18-year-old David played for the youthful composition of Leeds
. However, the playing time he received not much, but had the makings of excellent. In the offseason Seaman was sold in the third division club "Peterborough" to 4 thousand pounds, and Leeds were still happy to return the money spent on the goalkeeper, who had no any chances to even approach the bench. Two years later, Seaman went on increasing: its price has jumped to a hundred thousand - it is for such a sum it was bought Birmingham City, who played in the second division. Another two years - another leap, this time - in the first (then called the highest) Division. It was during the years spent in the "Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper Seaman was a high-class goalkeeper, shot to fame without the weaknesses (and later a weak spot, however, was found, but more on that below) and having received the first call in England.

. November 16, 1988 David Seaman for the first time put on a T-shirt of the national team, replacing in the course of the match against Saudi Arabia, the great Peter Shilton
. After this became clear: the transition in any of the super clubs is only a matter of time. And it did: May 18, 1990 Seaman was last changed team after moving to Arsenal.

If a footballer, especially the goalkeeper, can not find "their" team, he can consider himself lucky. Seaman cost Arsenal in 1 300 000 pounds. Even despite the fact that prices in the modern world football fell today, this amount seems ridiculous. But then it was a British record for goalkeepers. As in all previous teams, he immediately won a place without any problems in the starting lineup, and since not inferior to anyone. Although we can not say that the contenders for the number one in the Gunners' No: on the contrary, all 13 years old Seaman constantly experiencing healthy competition from a much younger colleagues.

. The first match for Arsenal Seaman played on Aug. 25, 1990 against Wimbledon
. Standing at the gates of the Arsenal would have dreamed of any goalkeeper. In many ways it can be said that the defensive orders Arsenal's early 90's were close to ideal. Magnificent four defenders - Steve Boulden, Tony Adams, Martin and Nigel Kioun Uinterbern close and did not let rivals to his penalty. Seaman rarely come into play, but he almost never lost his concentration.

A month before the start of the season-90 England team returned from the World Cup with a bronze medal. At the gate of the national team then was Shilton, which, however, immediately after his third world championship announced the completion of an international career. The veteran left with a calm heart, recognizing that in the face Seaman had appeared a worthy heir to the team. And he did not disappoint: brilliantly defended the first match for England, firmly and permanently winning post number one.

It should be noted that at the time to do it was much harder than it is. Competition in the British team was crazy - in fact in 16 out of 22 British clubs first rooms among British. Today the picture is quite different: in teams of the Premier League gates protect three Finns, two Americans, two Irish, two Dane, a Dutchman, a Pole, Belgian, Italian and Australian. In such circumstances, any subject of Her Majesty, who managed to win a place at the gates of the club of the English elite, automatically becomes a candidate for the national team.

But for all that time the competition claims to the Seaman was. For the time being. For 1991 was for him not only World Cup championship year of Arsenal, but the starting point from which his life has become an unpleasant phenomenon. He himself calls it "a succession of absurdities". Rest of the world it is known as.

Lyapy Seaman

The fact that it broke Seaman Goalkeeper Transfer Record, was by no means accidental. The style of his playing left no doubt in an ultra-reliable. Confident of the outputs, excellent reaction, a cat jumping ability, excellent reading of the game - all this in the opaque manner in general, were with him. And it did not want to believe. Well do not happen perfect goalkeeper must be some kind of negative!

Beginning "simenskim ridiculous occurrences put none other than his partner in the team Paul Gascoigne. It was the FA Cup semi-final match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur FC. In the past, along with Lineker, Hoddle and Waddle played Gazza. He was the one when the score was 3:1 in favor of the Gunners and scored unique in all respects goal. After receiving a pass from Chris Waddle, Gascoigne lost shoes in the collision, but continued the attack, went one on one and struck one after the other two attacks - both bare foot! First Seaman repulsed, but the second reached the goal - the ball was in the near corner.

. It would seem that the goalkeeper is not guilty - albeit without shoes, but the strike turned sighting
. However, the story had continued in playoff: Gascoigne scored another ball, this time with a penalty kick. Goal turned out funny - Gazza from an acute angle hung the ball straight into the near corner of the gate, which Seaman obviously did not expect: he was going to go to the interception. This goal decided the fate of the fight. Tottenham Hotspur won the Cup, while first appeared Seaman detractors.

After that for several seasons, all the rivals Arsenal tried to use the fact that Seaman almost never taken the position on the goal line. Accustomed often stand in the line goalie, however, he did not want to change the style. A couple of times Seaman obviously lucky - saved from the goal cross bar - but everyone knew that sooner or later one more goal he gets curious. Who could know what the important match this happen!

After winning the FA-93, Arsenal and then won the Cup Winners' Cup. A year later, "Arsenal" again reached the final of this tournament and had all chances to become the first in the history of the Cup Winners' Cup team that won the trophy two years in a row. On the side of the Londoners were all. On the way to the final, they looked much more confident Spanish "Zaragoza", and the best in their composition were Ian Wright scoring at all stages of the drawing, and David Seaman, who took that season six penalties.

Game with the Spaniards was a difficult. After 119 minutes of desperate struggle on the scoreboard shone two units, and all went to the post-match penalty shoot-out. Confident in the fact that too few blows from the point he would certainly Seaman moved out of the gate - it seemed already heading to the center of the field, because just about had sounded the final whistle. But in "Zaragoza" found a great villain - Moroccan Naieem. Being on the sidelines of forty meters from the gate of a rival, he decided to blow the adventure - rather up, and not on the gate. From the side it looked like an attempt to quickly get rid of the ball, but he started up in the heavens, suddenly began to descend toward the gate. Seaman saw this one last, ran to the "frame", but only in order to be together with the ball in the net.

Goal Naieem - the greatest misfortune in life Seaman. Until this unfortunate strike, he was chief, but that there is major - the only candidate for the prize of best goalkeeper of the world for 1995. But the goalkeeper, to let such a goal, nothing shining. And the prize went to a completely unknown in Europe at that Paraguay goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert. The following year award went to the German Andreas KцІpke, although the Euro-96, he was no better than Seaman

. It has been seven years, and the Gol Naieem remember literally all the media related to football
. The young Brazilian Ronaldinho in the 2002 World Cup quarter-final threw Seaman "the neck" yet another "butterfly". Approximately the same distance (Brazilian, though, punched a free-kick), the same, right from the goalkeeper, "nine" and the same outcome - Seaman in the grid with the ball. To its credit, Ronaldinho is worth mentioning that recently, after eight months, he admitted that he did not hit the gate, but just trying to hang on far post. By the way, neither Naieem, nor Gascoigne did not.

These flaws and did not have to wait long. Two months later the ball player attached deadlights Bolton Gareth Farrelly, to everyone's surprise, including himself, and for the striker, dropped to as the "nine" behind Seaman. A month later the Macedonian Artim Shachiri Seaman scored a direct hit from a corner, and this led to the loss of the British two points in the qualifying tournament Euro 2004. At this time in England was a storm disturbance. All too often "super" Seaman began allowing butterflies! And increasingly become sound opinion: in 39 years to do nothing in the national team - it's time to give way to young.

However, I think you should not rush. First, no matter how much it was Seaman - 39 or 40, but the fact remains: today he is the best goalkeeper, an Englishman, and Sven-Goran Eriksson is perfectly sees. Secondly, David's iron character. He - a true professional, able to adequately keep the football blows of fate. After goal Naieem, for example, he met and brilliantly held sezon-95/96, following which was recognized as the best player in England (a rare prize for the goalkeeper). In the summer of 96-th practically without errors defended at the European Championships, where England team reached the semi-finals. Particularly successful has turned the match with the Scots, in which Seaman with a 1:0 in favor of the British took the penalty kick, that a few minutes later, inspired all of the same Gascoigne Goal-masterpiece.

. In general, whatever may be said about lyapah Seaman should not forget that skipping goals "by the collar, he had never let balls between your hands, did not realize the transfer of rivals and not" brought "stupid head.

. Came a David and after the goal, Ronaldinho
. True, at first goalkeeper announced his retirement in the team, but a positive response to coach Arsenal's Arsene Wenger on the question of whether he intended to continue to play at all, given only a month after his return from Japan.

. As a precaution, "Arsenal" in the course of this season took another two goalkeepers
. But neither the Egyptian Shaaban, no Frenchman Varmyuz, no long-term understudy Stuart Taylor was not able to oust the veteran from the. However, their chances of Shaaban and Taylor have received, but only because of injuries Seaman. And Wenger, and Ericsson will provide its best goalkeeper even more recovery time than necessary. Both are interested in the fact that Seaman was playing as long as possible - in fact worthy successors to either team, nor the club have not yet seen.

. Sam goalie gives no cause for alarm: the results of tests of physical endurance, held as usual before the start of this season, Wenger stunned
. Seaman is not just in the order. He showed the best results for ten years!

Horse Tail

In 1000-th time Seaman could get on the field two weeks ago, in a game Arsenal - Blackburn Rovers. But injury prevented, which proved to be quite serious and did not allow the goalkeeper to mark an anniversary in the game for the national team, which over the past week played two qualifying matches. But there can be no doubt: the goalkeeper with a hairstyle known as "horse's tail", will complete his career is not soon. First, because it intends to achieve with Arsenal major successes at European level, and secondly, because he wants to play in the England team at Euro 2004.

. No need to wait for Seaman finished playing, to classify it to the great
. He had long since become the object of worship, in a symbol that connects fans with the times Shilton and Banks. Illustrative episode occurred recently after the match Arsenal - Birmingham City. Golkiper guests Nico Vaesen went to the locker room "gunners" and asked Seaman ... autograph! David has shown magnanimity by giving the Belgians, who, by his own admission, dreamed of having an autograph idol all my life, Goalkeeper sweater.

. Special reverence for Seaman has shown leadership and a semi-amateur club Fanboro Town ", which ugorazdilo face Arsenal in the third round of the FA Cup
. The draw determined "Fanboro" master of the field, but the Londoners invited to play at "Highbury". Beginning of the financial negotiations, and fans of the first thing they asked: will play Seaman? "If so, we agree to concessions, otherwise - for anything" - such was the position of president Fanboro.

. By the way, for "horse tail" Seaman is also a lot of criticism
. Like, in a respectable age of the distinguished people in society and the idol of young people quite inappropriately changed quite "normal" hairstyle and her hair had grown to impropriety. Whether the "tail" Seaman or not - a matter of taste. He himself know what to say to critics: "In 19 years I'm standing at the gate - and always under the first number. For all these years, realized one thing if you criticize me for such a trifle as a hairstyle, it means only that its substantive work I'm doing well. All the rest - not important. And stop asking about when I will conclude his career! My body has nothing new on that score does not tell. And, therefore, I still remain in the gate. Especially I like that. I can say, happy man! "

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David Seaman, photo, biography
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