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Biography Just FONTAINE
photo Just FONTAINE
Born August 18, 1933 in Marrakesh (Morocco).
Country France.
Position Striker
Clubs: AK Marrakech "," USM Casablanca "(both Morocco) (1950-53)," Nice "(1953-56)," Reims "(both France) (1956-62).
He worked as a trainer in France, Spain, Morocco.
In 1967 - France coach.
. Titles: Champion of France 1956, . 1958, . 1960, . 1962, . Cup France 1954, . 1958, . Champions Cup finalist 1959 (top scorer of the tournament, . 10 goals), . Top scorer championships 1958 French, . 1960, . 3rd prize-winner of 1958 FIFA World Cup (6 matches, . 13 goals - a record championships), . 1960 European Championship semi-finalist, . Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor,
France squad 1956-1960: Held 21 games, scored 30 goals.
The first match for the team: October 7, 1956 with Hungary (1:2).
The last match for the national team: 11 December 1960 against Bulgaria (3:0).

Juste Fontaine - one of the best strikers in the history of football, but fully realized he did not let injury that ended his career too early - at age 27. His name translates as "The Fountain", and it is no accident. This was the "fountain head".


Fontaine was born in Morocco, in Marrakech - where the residence of the Moroccan Kings. His mother was a Spaniard, his father - a Frenchman, Inspector General of the tobacco factory "Tabakalera.

As a child, his name is often pronounced in Spanish fashion - Justo. The passion for football manifested in him early, . but some time he had to deal with the reinsurance caution father, . who considered football a dangerous sport (as if in anticipation of heavy trauma Juste) and persuaded him to move out of, . From his point of view, . "humane" - basketball or athletics.,

. These attempts failed, and Just starting to speak for the club of his native city "AS Marrakech", won him the championship in Morocco youthful discharge
. In 1950 he took a stronger USM from Casablanca, where he lived directly on the stadium. As part of this club he won the so-called Cup of the North (referring to North Africa) - Club of the Maghreb - and became its leading scorer.

. The fame of the "Fountain heads" came to France, and in 20 years, he moved to the Cote d'Azur in Nice "
. In his first season (1954) with Fontaine "Nice" won the Coupe de France, and in 1956 won the championship.

. In 1956, "Reims" Kopa sold in "Real" and as a replacement purchased Fontaine, paying "Nice," a record for French football money - 10 million old francs
. Just himself from this transfer almost nothing was. But it was for that time in the order of things.

"Random" record-breaker

In the French team Fontaine debut - at the youth level - as soon as he moved to Nice in 1953. He made his debut hat-trick at the gate of Luxembourg (8:0). But for the first team, which went through a year at the World Championship in Switzerland, he was still too young. His first appearance in the main team Tri-Color "was held on Oct. 7, 1956 in Paris, in a match with Hungary (1:2).

Fontaine was not tall, but physically strong. It was a bunch of muscles, perfectly controlled the ball and was always confident. Lightning front speed and intuition allow him time after time to break away from the guardian and stamp goals. Close to almost no one could.

Very successful for Fontaine turned in 1958. From Reims, he made a "double" by winning in the championship and the Cup of France, and in addition won the competition scorers with 34 goals. But with all that, it is still not considered a major forward in the national team.

. When the "tricolor" preparing for mundialyu 1958 in Sweden, Fontaine went into the control games, but always emphasized in his conversations with reporters that "playing up until not come Kopa"
. The fact that COPA helped Real Madrid win a third consecutive Champions Cup and so his arrival at training camp was delayed.

. Fontaine, in the end still went to the main five attackers, but only because the injury before the tournament was his team-mate Rene Bliar, who was quoted by coach Paul Nicolas higher
. Strange but true: the phenomenal record held only by such a random event, as trauma Bliara, which is currently outside of France, few people remember.



Two large master - Fontaine, Kopa, and - soon began to understand each other as if played together for many years
. In the first match against Paraguay (7:3) Fontaine scored a hat-trick. Then - in a double lost a duel with Yugoslavia (2:3). Ended group tournament for the Tri-Color match against Scotland (2:1). Goals were scored by the French Kopa and Fontaine.

In the quarterfinal with Northern Ireland Just made another double, and his team so easily severed opponent (4:0), that it began to others in the most likely world champions. Yes, before the semifinal with Brazil, France was quoted higher than the "magicians Ball. But forecasters do not take into account one factor - the presence of a 17-year-old Brazilian named Pele supervunderkinda. Bursting into a hat-trick, Pele had left the French no chance (5:2) and sent them to play "consolation" final with Germany. Fontaine also in the match with Brazilians left the field without a goal, bringing a personal account for up to 9 goals.

While the record of world championships belonged Sц?ndor Kocsis, who scored in the previous tournament 11 goals. To override it, Fontaine needed to score three. He surpassed the this condition and made poker (6:3).

Since then, his "devil's dozen" no one even approached. Moreover, Fontaine remained until 1974 record and the amount of goals scored in World Cups, although unlike many other snipers took part only in one final tournament. Gerd Muller has surpassed it, scoring two drawing 14 goals and still ranks first in this category. But there is no doubt that the injury did not prevent Fontaine to speak at another mundiale, and this record now belonged to him also.

Here's the description given him after the World Cup-58 Didi: "I am he recalled Ademir. This is a man who in 9 cases out of 10, receiving the ball, sends it to the grid. If he played in Brazil, two months would be a common idol. "



In 1959, Fontaine was the best scorer in the Champions Cup (10 goals) and helped to Reims for the second time to reach the finals of this tournament, where the club once again gave Real Madrid
. In 1960, Just for the third time became the champion of the country and once again won the contest scorers (28 goals), although the season finish before the end could not.

The fateful date in Fontaine's career began March 20, 1960. On this day, "Reims" played with FC Sochaux-Montbц?liard, and defender of the names Sik entered Just so that he broke his leg in two places.

Six months of his leg was in plaster. Fontaine was fighting for his return to the field and 11 December of that year, newly released in the Tri-Color "in the game against Bulgaria (3:0). But this meeting was for him last at the international level since the first day of 1961, he broke his leg again - and from a new injury had not recovered. His career ended in 27 years - as well as in Hennessy and Uli Anatolia Byshovtsa. Total in official matches he scored 159 goals.

In the four years of stay in the team managed to Fontaine for her 20 matches - nothing at all;. However, they scored 30 goals, showing a fantastic average performance - 1.5 goals per game. His 30 goals were national record and remained so until 1984, when Michel Platini at the European Championship crossed the bar set by Fontaine.


Coaching - IT'S NOT GOALS score

In later life, Fontaine tried to be a journalist, union leader (one time he led the Union of Professional Footballers France) and the coach
. He led the "Toulouse, PSG, teams of Spain and Morocco. The apotheosis of his coaching work was the appointment in January 1967 in the French team, which is experiencing at the moment "troubled" times.

This appointment was seen by the public as a surprise. Knowing how best to score goals, a 33-year-old Fontaine was at that time only a minimal teaching experience. The most reasonable explanation for this choice was that the federation, . that the appointment of Fontaine as it symbolized anathematization that defensive style, . not peculiar to the French school, . Guerin who practiced at the World Cup 1966 in England,
. "Beton" Guerin led to disaster: the French have lost two matches, and a third have reduced to a draw. Put the team on the basis of "Nantes", the champion of France, Guerin forced the players who are accustomed to attacking football, go to the diametrically opposite version, which immediately identified them and their inability and unwillingness to force combat.

. Following the resignation of Guerin's team led the duo of Jose Arribas and Jean Snell, but they followed gerenovskomu variant and were discharged after first defeat in qualifying for Euro-68 match against Belgium (1:2)
. In such a state team went to Fontaine. Of course, not having any kind of meaningful experience, the role of "savior", he did not pull. One desire was not enough. Fontaine tried to return the team to "correct faith", but nothing good came of it. Two losses in Paris from Romania (1:2) and the USSR (2:4), his epic as a mentor "Tri" and was exhausted.

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Just FONTAINE, photo, biography
Just FONTAINE, photo, biography Just FONTAINE  football player, photo, biography
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