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HAJI George

( football player, manager)

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Biography HAJI George
photo HAJI George
Born February 5, 1965.
Nickname - "Gicha" and "Carpathian Maradona".
Midfielder, Manager (height 174, weight 73 kg).
The best player in the history of the Romanian Football. It possessed a magnificent vision of the field, perfectly felt the rhythm and tempo game. An outstanding master of the last pasa, but never missed an opportunity to note in the gates of the enemy. Amazing blow and owned Paz from the left. Each team used neprekaemym authority and everywhere was the leader.

Born in the tiny town Sasele grew up in the port town of Constanta, where he was taken to a local club at the age of 13. Macedonian by birth, he considers one of his ancestors of Alexander of Macedon. , This fact no one to refute, as well as Haji prove unable. They say that only the intervention of dictator Ceausescu decided the question of passing a talented football player at FC Steaua. And before that Hadji played in a team Constanta, Farul "(1978-83), then in Bucharest, Sportul" (1983-86), where the season-86, scoring 31 goals, became the top scorer of the national championship. The structure of the capital's "Stars" ie. FC Steaua Bucuresti, Hadji came when the leader of the Romanian soccer owned the Champion Cup. Shortly after the match for the Supercup in Europe with the then owner of the CCO Dynamo. The only goal scored by rookie team (albeit clumsily - a bounce from the wall after a free kick), decided the outcome of the bout.

. Three times in a row and then won the championship and Cup of Romania after the fall of the communist regime "Gicha" appears in Madrid, but it was not the best years in the biography "Real"
. In the seasons 90/91 and 91/92 royal club dispensed with big victories. Soon, Haji in the Pyrenees is sent to the Apennines to his compatriot Lucescu, who coached then the "gap" and, in due time, as coach of Romania, invited 18-year-old Haji to the national team (match against East Germany).

. Despite the departure of a series of "B", . "Gicha not lost their best qualities and well-played on FM-94, . which helped the team reach the quarterfinals Then there was an attempt once again to conquer Spain, . but in the "Barcelona", . where his betrothed Hristo Stoichkov, . not happened - here he could not find common language with the Johan Cruyff, . trained Catalan club,
. But all was well on the shores of the Bosphorus, where Haji went in 1996, could not resist the sverhzamanchivym suggestions received from Galatasaray.

In 35 - 36 years it still could not be called frail "old man". George was still in fine form, organizing the game, Galatasaray and crowning club career win the UEFA Cup and (second time) UEFA Super Cup.

. Regardless of the club career Haji, a team he has always been a leader, becoming two years after the debut of the team captain
. After FM-98 announced the termination of speeches in the national team, but then changed his mind.

Hajji at home not only to respect but also love. Known a poem dedicated to George, and in the Romanian confectionery constant demand as a cake "Hadji":

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HAJI George, photo, biography
HAJI George, photo, biography HAJI George  football player, manager, photo, biography
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