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Julieta Venegas

( Singer)

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Biography Julieta Venegas
photo Julieta Venegas
Julieta Venegas (Julieta Venegas) was born on November 24, the 1972-1975. All her childhood she lived in Tijuana (Mexico). Julieta says that her ancestors came to Tijuana in order to "move to the other side" (the city is located on the border with the United States). Like many other families they have left in this city. "This is a rare place, a frontier town and this means that many people want to live there to move to the U.S.. All live the idea of emigrating. My parents did everything to leave, but we stayed in Tijuana. My father could not move to the U.S. for cultural reasons. He proved to be impractical in most situations: to earn pesos and dollars spent. People are always done on the turnover. "
Julieta Family: Parents Father Jose Luis (Jose Luis) mother Julia E. Venegas (Julia E. Venegas), sisters: Jeannine (Jeannine), Julia (Julia), Giovanna (Jovanna) and twin sister, Yvonne (Yvonne) and his brother Joey (Joey). "My parents forced me to completely random deal classical piano, as well as recorded on my courses, dancing, and drawing.
I was 8, and the following nine years I have dedicated academic. We are all forced, my sisters and brother, but they gradually found their way, and I totally surrendered to the music. Despite the fact that my father was a famous photographer in Tijuana, and my sister Yvonne is also interested in photography, I began to sing "

Father Huliety always looked suspiciously at the North Americans and their culture. "My family tradition is correct, very religious, my father always talked about gringos pejoratively, he regarded them as a people without culture, without roots, without identity,". But Julieta still wanted to emigrate. It is constantly crossing the border to go to the movies, concerts or just buy a plate

. In October 1988, in the most remote corner of Mexico, lived a simple guy named Alex Zuniga (Alex Zuц?iga), . He liked music group English Beat, . X, . The Clash, . The Damned, . The Specials, . Bob Marley, . Red Hot Chili Peppers, . Dead Kennedys, . Iggy Pop, . Sex Pistols, . Black Flag and other, . which only appeared in the corner,
. He created the group "Radio Chantaje". In the same godforsaken town lived a very shy girl with a face bearing an impress of deep melancholy, all the days she just did was play the piano. Her name was Hulieta Persevault Venegas (Julieta Venegas Percevault). She performed the things of his idols - Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian. Also she liked the music Tom Waits, Suzanne Vega, Lou Reed, Lori Anderson and Iggy Pop. At their concerts they always ran out of the country. These two strange man crossed in the school, and Alex invited Julieta group. Alex wanted to play a gay windup music about life in Tijuana. Their style was based on ska, punk and a little reggae. First Julieta played keyboards, and then began to sing. Eventually, the group "Chantaje" collapsed, but the guys have created a new group of "NO". The philosophy of the group consisted in the denial of everything that did not correspond to the political and social needs of the people who have tired of listening to promises.

In 1989, the band consisted of Al Borja (Al Borja), Jorge Jimenez (Jorge Jimц?nez), Alex Zuniga (Alex Zuц?iga), Ceci (Ceci 15 years) and Julieta. Through some time they had to change the name of the group, as it has already been employed. So they became "Tijuana NO"
Six months Julieta decides to leave the group and start a solo career (all with Alex, they have played 2 years). It is already beginning to compose his own songs. The song "Podre de ti" hit "Tijuana NO", which performed Ceci wrote Alex and Julieta.
After leaving the band in 1990, Julieta lives in San Diego and works in American stores LPs "Wherehouse".
So she study music in the South Western College de San Diego. Podnakopili little money, she goes to Mexico City Mexico City. There she rented a room along with his twin sister, Yvonne).

Julieta give English lessons to how you earn a living. She knew the language almost perfectly, because she learned it from childhood, as she herself said, "watching TV Gringos".
Gradually Julieta acquainted with local musicians and in 1993 there is a group "Lula", but soon Julieta away from her, wanting to pursue a solo career.
At this time she decides to buy an accordion and synthesizer and begin to write their own songs. She visits the record companies, but it did not pay attention. She meets Fratta (Fratta), Rafael (Rafael Gonzalez) and several members of the group "Cafц? Tacuba" and they invite her to compose music with them. With Frate Rafael and they create a project "La Milagrosa". A year later the project is given the name "Julieta Venegas". Between 1994-1996, Julieta write enough songs for first album. Friends from the group "Cafц? Tacuba" acquaint it with Argentinean producer Gustavo Santaolalla, . who listened to the two demo disc, . was amazed and humbled to, . Julieta on which she sang without the accompaniment of his own accordion, . He agrees to produce the first album, Julieta, . which was released in 1997 under the name "Aquцґ",

"Como sц?", "De mis pasos" and "Andamos Huyendo" became the most popular songs from this album. He was awarded the prize for the best Nuestro Rock 1997 album. A year later, MTV gives her the prize for best female video "Como sц?", directed by Francisco Franco.
In 1998 she married a Chilean singer Albaro Enrikes (Alvaro Henriquez band "Los Tres") after a year of dating. The wedding took place in Los Angeles, attended the family Julia. But a few years they were divorced.

In 1999, Julieta involved in numerous tours to Mexico and Spain.
Julieta has worked with many artists, the CD Shasha Sokol she sings with Pedro Herra (Pedro Gerra) - song "Niц?os". The disc Mastreta Nacho (Nacho Mastreta) - "Luna De Miel". Tributes to different groups, she sings "El triste", "La Jaula De Oro". She also sang for the films Amores Perros-track "Me van a matar", Demasiado Amor - "Acariciame" and El Sueц?o de Caiman song "El sueц?o de Caiman".
. The second disc "Bueninvento" (2000) opened her doors in North America, Chile (where she is also known for ex-husband Alvaro Enriquez), Colombia, Argentina and other
. In recording the album in 2000 she helped the well-known professional musicians: Joe Gore guitar (Tom Waits, . PJ Harvey and Lisa Germano), . Percussion Joey Waronker (Beck, . REM, . Smashing Pumkins), . Fernando Saunders (Lou Reed), . Rick Boston played with Rickie Lee Jones, . Steve Berlins saxophone (Los Lobos) and Joe Cicanelli.Za this album, she won two Grammys in 2001 for best rock album and best rock song "Hoy no quiero",
In October 2000, Julieta visited Germany in Hanover, where the recorded songs for Expo "Music Bridges".

"It was funny," says singer, "We recorded songs by day and night. I had to record a song with two girls, one Ildiya (playing the violin and singing), she from the former Soviet republics, and the other - Francesc Ankarola from Chile. The three of us composed and performed the song La Distancia "and with Frances Tus Ojos". Frankly, it was unforgettable and interesting ". Ibid Julieta composed a song with a Russian musician Vladimir Meteski. "It was half Latino, half-Russian, frankly, very unusual. He took it and possibly write. "

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Julieta Venegas, photo, biography
Julieta Venegas, photo, biography Julieta Venegas  Singer, photo, biography
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