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Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel

( Actor)

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Biography Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel
photo Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel
Full name: Gustavo Ariel Bermudez (Gustavo Ariel Bermudez)
. Height: 1.85 cm
. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
. His father: Manuel Bermudez (died), Sales Agent at the factory windows and doors
. Marital status: Married to Andrea Gonzalez, has 7 year old daughter, Camille
. The most distinctive feature of his character: humanity
. Food: Vegetarian
. Drink: Champagne summer
. Joy: family
. Possession: work
. The problem: the death of his father
. Happy memories: the birth of daughter
. Concern: When my popularity exposes privacy
. Dreams: to have many children

. When women say that there are no perfect men, it does not apply to Gustavo
. 1.85 cm, it is not only a slender figure and interesting person. From the very beginning of his career, he demonstrated his talent and his appeal. There is no doubt that the attractive looks and actor's efforts led him into the privileged circle of Argentine actors.

Gustavo Bermudez - open, humble, sincere man. His childhood took place in the suburbs Tavlado Rosario, Santa Fe. The first in college, participated in sports. Always wanted to be an actor. He felt his calling, but had no predecessors in the family and, therefore, that dream seemed impossible. When Gustavo told his father that he wanted to go to Buenos Aires to try their luck, then found him its reliance.

In Buenos Aires, he walked all the TV studio, this time earning a living so that the import of foreign goods into the country, and then with his father and brother traded clothing. Once, he went on trial for the program 'How do people' (Como la Gente), his chosen from nearly 200 people. Then he enters into a contract for participation in the comedy 'Here the jungle' (Aqui la jungla), also participated in the '24-hour '(Las 24 horas) and' compromise '(Compromiso). Then in the 'hairs' (Pelito, 1984), in the telenovela 'Rossi' (Rosse), with Linda Cristal, 'A man who loves' (El hombre que amo, 1986), 'Grecia' (Grecia, 1987) c Grecia Kolmenaris. In 1988 a small role in the film Alberto Migros 'will not go, because our lives asunder' (No va mas, la vida nos separa), in 1990, plays Nacho Arana in 'I love you' (Amandote 2), together with Gabriel Corrado Arnaldo Andrц╘. Together with producer Raul Lekuna does 'I want to scream that I love you' (Quiero gritar que te amo, 1990), 'Celeste' (Celeste), 'Antonella' (Antonella) and 'Celeste, Celeste is always' (Celeste, siempre Celeste). Later, he signs the contract with 13 channels and removed in the 'Nano' (Nano, 1994), 'Sheikh' (Sheik, 1995), 'Allen, moonlight' (Alen, luz de luna, 1996) and Alas poder y pasion, 1998. In 1997 participates in the mini series 'Labyrinth' (Laberinto). Also, he is working in the theater: the first work was presented at the hotel Hermitage - it 'the night together' (Una noche todos juntos), second in 1995, where he was an actor and producer - 'Romeo and Juliet' (Romeo y Julieta ).

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  • Jeanne for Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel
  • Gustavo Bermudez for me ..... Gustavo paired with Andrea Del Bokoy the most ideal para.ya hope ever Gustavo and Ardrea Del Boca soedinyatsya.Takaya love should not fail due to the fact that Gustavo zhenat.Esli his wife will prevent their connection, . I read it a crime to its storony.Ya think the whole world wants and people are praying that finally something really filled the front and pozhenilis.Chtoby have been born many children are smart and beautiful as a mother and father (Gustavo and Andrea),
  • mary for Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel
  • Anonymous for Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel
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    Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel, photo, biography
    Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel, photo, biography Bermudez, Gustavo Ariel  Actor, photo, biography
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