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Comments for ARISTIZABAL Juan Esteban
Biography ARISTIZABAL Juan Esteban
photo ARISTIZABAL Juan Esteban
Juan Esteban Aristizabal (Juan Esteban Aristizц¦bal) was born August 9, 1972 in the small town of Carolina del Principe (Carolina del Principe), near Medellin, Colombia. His father, Javier, was the owner of the ranch, and his mother, Alicia - housewife. Juanes is the youngest of 6 children. He has 5 older brothers: Javier, Luz, Mara, Jose and Jaime. They, along with their father, Juanes learned to play guitar with such a young age that he did not recall when he learned that. His interest in music grew along with him. Even though he did not know English, his favorite artists are: Metallica, Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Juanes says: 'Music can be love and not knowing the language: I had no idea that Metallica singing, but I loved it - guitars, drums, their power. Music - one of the languages of the world language '.

At age 14, Juanes has organized a group called 'Ekhymosis'. The name was taken from a medical dictionary, and means 'bruise'. In the early music 'Ekhymosis' has influenced much of the heavy metal, which was popular at the time. But Juanes wanted to include more traditional Colombian folk sounds of music, . that when a conflict with other team members and one of the many factors, . which ultimately led to the disintegration of the group after 5 recorded albums and 11 years together.,
. The tragedy and loss touched Juanes at the beginning
. Riots and terrorism in Colombia claimed the lives of two people close to him. A friend was killed during a shootout in a nightclub, and a cousin was kidnapped and then murdered, despite the fact that Uncle Juanes pay ransom for his return. Furthermore, when Juanes was 16 years old, died from cancer, his father. These events have greatly influenced him and shaped his perception of the world today, have an influence on his life, in the manner of writing music and what he wants to say to those who listen to his music.

The year 1998 was for Juanes year of great change. After the break with 'Ekhymosis' he decided to create something of their own and went to the United States to start a solo career. For him, it was extremely difficult to leave his home, his family, his girlfriend and all that he knew and to go very far, to a new location. But it was what he had to do. He arrived in Los Angeles and on those savings that had on him, settled in a tiny apartment, eat at fast-food restaurants and made his 3 tattoos. It was a very dark time in his life, and he fell into a depression. He spent much time composing music for his first solo album 'Fijate bien' (Look good). In connection with his mood at that time, the album has turned out very dark, and says about such issues as war, terror and death. The album includes 'Para ser eterno' (To be eternal) - a song he wrote in memory of his father. The album was recorded at the studio Santaolalya Argentinian Gustavo (Gustavo Santaolalla), . (very well-known name in the circles of Spanish-language rock music), . which is called 'La Casa' for 40 days and was presented in the National Museum of Colombia - the place, . where music like this never penetrated beyond the main entrance,
. Discs are very diverse in styles, it is: rock, salsa, rhythm and blues, trance, valenato, funk and pop.

Life Juanes was able to change at a time when his first solo album was released. Even his name Bralo new identity. His first and second name 'Juan' and 'Esteban' were joined together to create a new name 'Juanes' (as he was called in childhood). Album 'Fijate bien' was a great success, he received 3 awards Grammy Latino: 'Best Rock Song' (Fijate bien), 'Best New Artist', 'best solo rock vocal for the album'. Award was to be held September 11, 2001 in Los Angeles, but because of all the events unfolding on that day, the ceremony was postponed and ultimately rewards were distributed on a small press conference. Juanes has not received the publicity that would have been if the award was held at any other time.

Shortly before September 11, Juanes began to write songs for her second album. He composed music for 'A Dios le pido' (Please God), but not yet written the words. After September 11, he was inspired to write a song request to God to take care of loving and future generations. His latest album 'Un dц-a normal' (typical day) was released in May 2002. He stands on the absolute contrast with the 'Fijate bien', because it has a much more innocent, soft, bright, sunny and optimistic sound. Says more about love, peace and happiness. He is the residency of each day and love him as if he was the last. Juanes wants the world to know that there is another side of his Columbia than death and destruction. His country - very close to his heart, and he wants to send a message of hope that the terrible things that have plagued the country for decades, can be overcome and that they can find a way out and get stronger, the people no matter what.
Album 'Un dц-a normal' was sold to a circulation greater than 'Fijate bien'. In September 2002, at the next ceremony Grammy Latino Juanes received the award in the category 'Best Rock Song' (A Dios le pido). Also in his collection of awards' MTV VMA Latin America '-' Best Singer 'Award' Oye '(Mexico) -' Song of the Year '(A Dios le pido), Prize' Onda '(Spain) -' Best New Artist and Latin American group '.

He received recognition and its popularity is growing.
Juanes is currently touring the United States and Latin America, as well as preparing a new album, one of the songs which has already been written and is called 'Madre' (Mother).

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ARISTIZABAL Juan Esteban, photo, biography
ARISTIZABAL Juan Esteban, photo, biography ARISTIZABAL Juan Esteban  Singer, photo, biography
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