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TERMS Carl Adol'fovich

( Outstanding domestic electrician)

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Biography TERMS Carl Adol'fovich
Charles Adol'fovich Circle - outstanding domestic electrician, one of the founders of higher electro-education in our country, founder of the Moscow School of Electrical. In memory of K. A. Circle one of the buildings of the Moscow Energy Institute, in which Karl Adol'fovich spent almost half a century since its foundation until the end of his life, a memorial plaque with bas-relief of the scientist.

In 1905, Mr.. the Moscow Higher Technical School to. A. All around were trained in the specialty "Electronics", on this basis was later established the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. The first lectures on electrical engineering students to read it to. A. Krug.

Carl Adol'fovich belonged to the people at the recollection of which there are no significant differences or even more disputes. "On the contrary, - as his biographer wrote, - appreciation of his spiritual qualities unanimously enormous importance of his work - is generally recognized.

. Although Carl Adolfovich was born in Ukraine, his childhood, youth and the whole life took place in Moscow, even in the same area, named after the revolution Bauman.

. Carl Adol'fovich lost my father when he was barely four years, and the family had experienced considerable difficulties after moving to Moscow
. Therefore, training in the gymnasium, he combined with work and has worked with sixth graders tutoring, supporting not only themselves, but the whole family. In Moscow 4-th High School Karl Adol'fovich demonstrated exceptional ability in mathematics, and the last two years a teacher of mathematics P. A. Pokrovsky (who later became a professor at the University of Kiev) did not call him to the board, putting him five in advance, and classmates like him for that, coming to school, he offered the solution for the entire class.

. From a young age and throughout life to
. A. Terms keen sports. He loved skating, skiing went well, was engaged in athletics. In 1920, Mr.. He passed the exam on the right to operate a motorcycle, at that time are rare. Former students and colleagues of Charles Adol'fovich remembered that he had a far younger age walked so quickly that not everyone is able to withstand his pace and many envied his stamina.

In 1892, Mr.. K. A. The terms entered the Moscow Higher Technical School (Moscow Higher Technical School). Simultaneously, he gave lessons, worked in the school workshops, and then, interrupting his studies, he entered the Mytishinskiy Wagon Works, where he worked for about two years lathe machine shop.

. While many technical colleges began teaching electrical engineering, mostly optional
. Carl Adol'fovich carried away in their final year electrical engineering, worked as an electrician and has shown remarkable progress so that after finishing school in 1898. was seconded for two years in Germany to get acquainted with the state of the electrical industry and prepare for teaching this subject in college.

. He was very lucky: he got in Darmstadt Higher Technical College, where he taught electrical engineering began in 1880-s
. and a course closely linked to practical issues. It is no accident in the same school brilliantly apparent ability of an outstanding Russian Electrical Engineering M. O. Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, completed the 15 years before the arrival of Charles Krug. After a year of hard work to. A. Krug received a diploma in electrical engineering, then went to Berlin, attended lectures on electrical engineering and worked as a mechanic for almost six months on an electromechanical plant.

. Trip abroad has helped Carl Adol'fovich acquire new deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of electrical engineering
. But after returning to Moscow, he was unable to immediately apply the experience they gained as laboratory facilities in electrical engineering in college yet created, and he began to teach physics and worked as a laboratory in a physical office.

. Believing in their deep knowledge of mathematics and physics, . Carl Adol'fovich decides to pass external examinations for the full course of physical-mathematical faculty of Moscow University, . and a year, . in 1903, . he did it - he received a diploma from the University, . third degree for five years.,

. After the organization's MTU and electrical specialization Carl Adol'fovich prepared and for many years successfully read several electrical rates, showing uncommon erudition and a truly encyclopedic knowledge
. In 1908, Mr.. he was created a course "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, on the improvement of which he worked almost all my life and who endured a lot of publications. For several decades, it remains required reading for generations of students and electrical engineers. This classic work contributed to the formation of scientific literature in electrical engineering terminology, symbols and signs unification units.

. Established in MEI under his leadership the department of "Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering has become one of the leaders in the country, her team made a huge contribution to the science and engineering education in electrical engineering.

. As one of the leading specialists in the field of energy and electrical engineering, to
. A. Krug was appointed a member of the Board of electrification and under his leadership developed a plan of electrification of two major industrial regions of Russia - Central and Volga.

. In connection with the rapidly growing domestic energy and the electrical industry there is a need to establish a major research center, able to carry out a variety of experimental studies
. In 1921, Mr.. initiative to. A. Circle of government decision was taken on the organization of the State Experimental Electrotechnical Institute (GEEI), . subsequently transformed into the All-Union Electrotechnical Institute (VEI), . director of which is almost 10 years has been to,
. A. Krug.

In 1933. Carl Adol'fovich elected a corresponding member of Academy of Sciences.

But with all the diversity of scientific interests of Charles Adol'fovich closest to his heart was a concern for the preparation of engineering and scientific-pedagogical staff. And so he paid special attention to the construction of new buildings MEI, the expansion of its laboratory facilities, the establishment of faculties of the latest development trends of Electrical Engineering and Energy. In 1934, Mr.. He led the organization of the new-energy physics department, who played a huge role in the preparation of specialists in the field of electronics, automation and computer engineering. The students of this department has successfully engaged in solving urgent problems in the field of radio electronics.

All his life Charles Adol'fovich someone help. With a phenomenal memory (he never had the notebooks), it is up to the last days of his life he never forgot the promise and kept the amazing responsiveness and clarity of logical thought. He could not tolerate bureaucratic red tape, not afraid to argue with his superiors, seeking solutions identified cases - big and small.

. All who knew Carl Adol'fovich, noted that he had a very strong sense of new and accurately predict the immediate prospects for development of electrical
. His disciples, he never tired of repeating that not only monitor and report on progress of science: while you can "go back or side". But to go next and be able to make the first step forward.

Carl Adol'fovich died April 24, 1952, his ashes rested on Vvedenskoye (German) Cemetery in Lefortovo.

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TERMS Carl Adol'fovich, photo, biography
TERMS Carl Adol'fovich, photo, biography TERMS Carl Adol'fovich  Outstanding domestic electrician, photo, biography
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