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Tengiz Abuladze Evgenjevich

( Russian and Georgian film director and screenwriter. People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Tengiz Abuladze Evgenjevich
photo Tengiz Abuladze Evgenjevich
Abuladze, Tengiz EVGENIEVICH (1924-1994), Russian and Georgian film director, screenwriter. People's Artist of USSR (1980). Born January 31, 1924 in Kutaisi. He studied at the Tbilisi State Theater Institute. Rustaveli (1943-1946). In 1953 he graduated from the directing department VGIK (workshop L. Kuleshov and A. Khokhlova). Since 1953 - director of film studios 'Georgia-film'.

Creative history began with the production of short documentary films ( "Dmitry Arakishvili, State Dance Ensemble of Georgia) in collaboration with R. Chkheidze. In 1955, together with Chkheidze put fiction film "Lurdzha Magdala" (top prize at Cannes International Film Festival, . 1956) - both realistic and lyrical sketch of the life of the Georgian villages, . opened in his art gallery of vivid characters compatriots,
. In 1958 his debut in the individual directors, putting in the style of Italian neorealism household melodrama "Alien Kids" (International Film Festival Award in London, 1960), a plot that traces the conflict situation in the young Georgian family. In neo-realist tradition was taken down and "sad comedy" "I, my grandmother, Iliko and Hilarion" the novel by H. Dumbadze. Cute characters of her heroes, the people of a small Georgian village of wartime, and distinctive Georgian humor's liking a wide audience, painting with great success at the box office and brought fame Abuladze-Union. Later comedy talent, as demonstrated in almost all films Abuladze, was most fully realized in the comedy "A necklace for my beloved" (1971), but the lyrical and poetic nature of its humor left indifferent mass audience.

Earlier, in 1967, film-parable "Prayer" Abuladze opened the epic trilogy, where the age-old national material was begun talking about universal values. Center plot composition "entreaties" became a generalized figure of the Poet, in a way that hid a classic of Georgian literature Vaja Pshavela (in explanation of his poems, and was filmed). In 1977, the trilogy continued poetic drama "Tree of Desire" - elevated the story of two young lovers from the Georgian villages in the early 20., A feeling which is killed by the aggressive conservatism and feeble mind villagers. The final film trilogy has become a philosophical parable "Repentance" (Big Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival, . 1988), . where sinister images Varlam Aravidze plastically and the plot was brilliantly zakleymlena figure of L. Beria and the whole machinery of political repression of his era,
. However, the film, . in poetics which intertwined high civilian pathos and caustic, . sometimes absurdist irony, . become not only an artistic debunking the mythology of the cult of personality, . but a kind of manifesto, . signaling the beginning of the political 'restructuring' in the USSR,
. Distinctive feature of the style Abuladze become expressive, . poetic and yet close to documentaries plastic solutions, . tendency to philosophical metaphors, . pritchevym subjects, . expanding the horizon of the national perspective to the human scale,

Died Abuladze in Tbilisi March 6, 1994.

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Tengiz Abuladze Evgenjevich, photo, biography
Tengiz Abuladze Evgenjevich, photo, biography Tengiz Abuladze Evgenjevich  Russian and Georgian film director and screenwriter. People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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