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Andzhaparidze Veriko Ivlianovna

( Georgian Soviet actress, People's Artist of the USSR)

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Biography Andzhaparidze Veriko Ivlianovna
Andjaparidze, Handbook produced by Vertic IVLIANOVNA (Vera), (1900-1987), Georgian Soviet actress, People's Artist of USSR (1950), teacher Tbilisi Theatrical Institute. Rustaveli. Three times awarded the Stalin Prize I degree (1943, 1946, 1952), four times the Order of Lenin, Order of Red Banner of Labor, Laureate of. Rustaveli (1979) and Mardzhanishvili (1975), Hero of Socialist Labor (1979), honorary citizen of Tbilisi.

Born Oct. 6, 1900 in Kutaisi, the son of a notary. As a child brought up in a creative atmosphere. After graduating from high school went to Moscow and entered the studio dramatic actor Maly Theater SV Aidarova (1916-1917). His first teacher thought I. Pevtsov, who prepared her to play the role of Salome O. Wilde for their future Musical Drama. Revolution has prevented further study. She had to return to Georgia, where the actor's studio theater in Paris 'Antoine' G. Dzhabadari in Tiflis met the talented youth (1918-1920). There she met her future husband, M. E. Chiaureli. When the studio was broken up, came to work in the theater im.Sh.Rustaveli (Tbilisi), under the leadership of S. Akhmeteli (1920-1927). In 1922 he traveled to the five-month trip to Berlin, in 1926-1927 worked in Batumi Theater under the direction of Pagava. Stage in the life was 1928, when Veriko met the founder of Georgian theater KA Mardzhanishvili, who came to Georgia with his famous performance of "Fuente Ovejuna" by Lope de Vega. Since then she - an actress of his theater, an associate and a better representative of his school, worked in the Theater. Mardzhanishvili and as an actress and as a director in 1957-1960 was the artistic director of Theater. In 1933 worked in Moscow under the leadership of the realistic theater NP Okhlopkova.

Andzhaparidze presented during the romantic Georgian theater. Endowed with excellent external data, inspired beauty, a unique throaty voice, she knew how to create a bright stage image, imbued with subtle lyricism, convincing psychological pattern. Brilliant possessed acting technique, 'knitted lace' filigree polished parts of character: intonation, gestures, facial expressions. Playing the role of the complex global and domestic drama, quickly earned a reputation Georgian Komissarzhevskaya. For the first triumphant success in performances Mardzhanishvili "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare (1928) and "Uriel Acosta" K. Gutzkow (1929) in the roles of Ophelia and Judith, . became the top of her creativity, . followed by the Countess in the comedy by Beaumarchais (1937) and Desdemona Shakespeare (1932), . Louise Schiller (1937) and Larissa Ostrovsky (1944), . Mirandolina Goldoni and Medea by Euripides (1962),
. Best part: Ginatre (Guria Ninoshvili "Dadiani, . 1934), . Jawara and the Gypsy ( "Exile" V. Pshavela, . 1945), . Cleopatra ( "Antony and Cleopatra" by Shakespeare, . 1951), . Marguerite Gautier ( "The Lady of the Camellias" Dumas, . 1940), . Mary Stuart (the play by Schiller, . 1955), . Grandma Eugenia ( "Trees die standing" A,
. Casoni, 1957), mother ( "Mother" by K. Capek, 1965). His favorite roles was of Judith, . played for forty years, . Ginatre, . Marguerite Gautier, . Cleopatra, . Grandmother (her first role of age) and nesygrannoy - Juliet (Mardzhanov going to put the tragedy of Shakespeare's Juliet - N. Vachnadze and Romeo - V. Andzhaparidze, . but this kind of project remained unrealized),
. Veriko was universal actress, was able to shine and comedy paints (the Countess in The Marriage of Figaro, 1937, Mirandolina in Mistress of the Inn, where a partner was Veriko S. Zakaridze). It is known that when Veriko played the role of Marguerite in La Dame aux Camelias, V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko said: 'At last, in my old age, I saw you. So the actresses in life, I would place the monuments'. And compared it to Sarah Bernhardt. Her latest work began Fru Alving in "Ghosts" Ibsen H. (1978) and directed by Nenni S. Chiaureli "Effect of gamma rays on the pale-yellow marigolds, the play Zindella P. (1984). Works as a director: "Treason" A.Sumbatova-Yuzhin, 1966, "Don Carlos" I. Schiller, 1972. In 1972, as directed by the legendary play resumed Mardzhanishvili "Uriel Acosta!, Dedicating it to the 100-th anniversary of the teacher (played by her daughter Judith, Sofiko Chiaureli).

Since 1923 she acted in movies, mostly from ME Chiaureli in movies. To act in films did not love, she did not feel the logic of creating the character and the audience reaction to her work. Only Rusudan (George Saakadze ") and the mother in" Otarova widow "by the drama I. Chavchavadze she recognized his artistic success, perhaps because the fate of the heroines were close to her personal tragedy - the loss of an adult son

. Small masterpiece has become one-minute episode of "Repentance" by T. Abuladze, . where the actress says only one, . aphorism which has become a phrase: 'Why road, . if it does not lead to the temple? " The last work in the film - "The Family" N. Janelidze, . which created a piercing image of bitter loneliness of old age,
. Over the years it has become easier to play, left an inherent romantic pathos. 'Now I'm playing in slippers' - she said of his recent roles.

Veriko lifetime became a legend and a classic Georgian theater and cinema, she was awarded with every imaginable and unimaginable rewards. In the history of culture 20 in. actress with a worldwide reputation came just as Veriko. Sometimes it is called the 'Mother of Georgia', although it had a difficult independent character, an explosive temper, a sharp sarcastic wit. Her life in the theater evolved far nonsmooth, . In her youth she abruptly broke up with the director innovator S. Akhmeteli, . of a quarrel with N. Okhlopkova played only one role in its formulation ( "Mother" by Gorky's play, . 1933), . despite, . that the projects had other roles of Joan of Arc, . Tatiana in "Eugene Onegin",

Spent almost 90 years, 70 of them - on stage, 11 years held a number of KA Mardzhanishvili. She was friends with F. Ranevskaya, S. Mikhoels, M. Babanova with Kachalov read on a platform of "Richard III". There is a legend, . that the poet Akaki Tsereteli in 1900 on the occasion of the celebration in honor of the new century, raised his arms the infant Veriko declared it a good Fairy 20 in: "You must glorify their homeland in the new century!" In 1992, an encyclopaedia 'Who is who' (London) is included in the top ten most outstanding actresses of 20 in,

Died Jan. 31, 1987 in Tbilisi. She was buried in the Pantheon of Georgian cultural figures on Mount Mtatsminda.

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Andzhaparidze Veriko Ivlianovna, photo, biography
Andzhaparidze Veriko Ivlianovna, photo, biography Andzhaparidze Veriko Ivlianovna  Georgian Soviet actress, People's Artist of the USSR, photo, biography
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