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Boleslavsky Richard V.

( Russian and an American actor, film and theater director)

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Biography Boleslavsky Richard V.
Boleslavsky, Richard (Ryszard) Valentinovich (cf.. name and surname - Strzheznitsky, Rudolf) (1887 or 1889-1937), Russian and American actor, film and theater director, teacher. Born Feb. 4, 1887 (or 1889) in Dд?bowa Gura Pе-ock Province. family Polish artist Valenta Strzheznitskogo. After the death of his father's family moved to Odessa, where Boleslavsky graduated from technical school. Studied in Novorossiysk, and then at Moscow University. He played in amateur theatricals Odessa 'Polish hearth' ( 'Ognisku Polskim') and the Russian company, then in the performances of Russian mobile group.

In 1908-1918 - Moscow Art Theater actor, played 20 roles. The first role - an officer in the "Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov. Successfully debuted in the big role Belyaev ( "Month in the Country Ivan Turgenev, 1909). Other roles - Lev ( "Miserere" Yushkevich, . 1910), Laertes (Hamlet Shakespeare, . 1911); Fabrizio ( "Mistress of the Inn" C. Goldoni, . 1914); pan Wroblewski ( "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel, . 1910); lawyer Petrushin ( "Living Corpse" Leo Tolstoy, . 1911); Aslah ( "Peer Gynt" by H. Ibsen, . 1,912), Alcide ( "shotgun wedding" Moliere, . 1913); Baranowski ( "Autumn Violins II Surgucheva, . 1915) and others,

One of the founders and organizers of the 1-st Moscow Art Theater Studio, where he staged "The death of 'Hope'" G. Heyermansa (1913), "The Pilgrims perekhozhie" V. Volkenshtein (1914). Simultaneously played William in "Celebration of Life" G. Hauptmann (1913), Sir Toby in "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare (1917).

In 1916 he volunteered for the front, fought in the First Lancers (Polish), was wounded. In 1918 he returned to the Studio.

In January 1920, went to Poland, where he began work at the Bolshoi Theater in Poznan. Postavil in its design "Deluge" Yu-H.Bergera. Then he entered the actor and director in Warsaw, Polish Theater, where he staged "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Moliere (Joint. with L. Schiller, 1920), "Romantic" E. Rostand (played the role Staforelya, 1920), "Mercy" Rostvorovskogo K. (1920), "The Flood" (played the role of O'Neill, 1920), "Ruy Blas" In . Hugo (1921), "Kiki" LA-B.Pikara (1921).

In mid-1921 Boleslavsky away from Poland and joined the 'group Kachalovskaya' Art Theater in Prague. He worked as director of the Russian Theater of Miniatures. In autumn 1922, while in the U.S., as a director and actor took part in a tour of the Moscow Art Theater in America, where he stayed after leaving the theater in Moscow.

In 1923 he organized a small school-theater 'Neyborhud Playhouse', staged in the Queen-actress "(The Player Queen) and" Blanco Posnet ". In the theaters of Broadway in New York undertook a number of productions: "The King of tramps" (1925), "White Eagle" (1927), "Mr Minipenni" (1928), "Judas" (1929). Together with M. Assumption founded 'American experimental theater' ( 'American Laboratory Theatre'), where he staged "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas, "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Macbeth" by Shakespeare (1928), "Miracle" (1929). Advocating the idea of Stanislavsky, in October 1923 in the journal 'Theatre arts monthly' published an article describing 'Stanislavsky system'. Subsequently, complement it, and in 1935 published in a book "The Art of the actor", the first six lessons (Acting: the first six lessons), passed the nine publications.

Even in 1914 Boleslavsky debuted in film in the role of the artist in the film Volin Ya Protazanov "Past Life" ( "Tale of Life") and a dancer in the movie "Dance of the Vampire". In 1915 he staged his first films: "Three Meetings", "You still do not know how to love", followed by "Family Polenov", "Do not mind, and passion rule the world", "Little House on the Volga"

. Hollywood made a film "Girl-treasure" (to music by G. Gershwin, . 1929), . "This is Love" (1930), . "Rasputin and the Empress" (1932), . Storm at Sunset "(1933), . "Beauty for Sale" (1933), . "Men in White" (1934), . "Patterned cover" (with Greta Garbo, . 1934), . Clive Indian "(1935), . "Les Miserables" (1935), . "Theodore is going crazy" (1936), . "The Garden of Allah" (with Marlene Dietrich, . 1936) and others,
. Ten films were Boleslavsky 'Oscar'.

Together with H. Woodward wrote a novel, the memory of the battles of the Polish Uhlans at the end of World War I. In the second autobiographical book contains chapters on the Moscow Art Theater in the year of the revolution.

Died Boleslavsky in Los Angeles on Jan. 17, 1937.

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Boleslavsky Richard V., photo, biography
Boleslavsky Richard V., photo, biography Boleslavsky Richard V.  Russian and an American actor, film and theater director, photo, biography
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