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Katya Lel

( Singer)

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- First would reveal to readers a little secret. Lel - this is your creative nickname, as far as I know, but the real name - Chuprinin.
- Actually Lel has become my name on the passport. Simply artists often pose themselves nicknames that correspond to their internal 'I'. So initially I decided to come up with something positive, sonorous, a short and luminous
. Actually I have such a cheerful disposition - when they meet often ask: "Katya, why have you got your mouth from ear to ear? Something happened? " And I'm just such a smiling through life.
. - Three years ago you became an honored artist of Kabardino-Balkaria republic - despite the fact that had long lived in Moscow ...
. - I have the 11 th year in Moscow.
. - How it happened: Katya Lel lives and sings in the capital, and the Distinguished Artist - Kabardino-Balkaria?
. - Every artist who begins to sing in the province, there is very appreciated
. After all, in Moscow, leaving 99.9 per cent of artists. And, frankly, in such a young artist's first few believe. I am happy that the republic is appreciated and proud of me. As for why the reward is not in Moscow ... For me it is too early to get the deserved actress. All in good time. So many awards - 'stopudovo hits', 'Golden Gramophone' ... Already set nowhere.
- As far as I know, first you greatly helped Lev Leshchenko.
- It was 10 years ago. At one of the music competitions, I went to Leshchenko itself. As I remember, without sentiments of some, because my cheerfulness faded - because I knew that you were here, in Moscow, no one needs. Survives really strong. I asked: 'Is it true that you have a center of young talent? " He looked at me pointedly and said: 'And what did you - talent? ..' I replied that I was a very talented girl, write songs and they execute. And he says: 'People like you - millions'. I still gave him a cassette with its coordinates.
Then he flew to his Nalchik to their parents, and called me a girl with whom I stayed in Moscow, and said: 'You know, you called. The voice was like Leshenko '. I pulled back. Three days were my first tour - from Karelia, Saint Petersburg and other places ...

Lost weight until he lost consciousness

- Heard that before you begin working with the current producer, you had a haircut badly and lose weight.
- Indeed, I had a haircut, and not only. The most difficult thing was to convince Max Fadeev work with me. He asked: 'Are you ready for hard work? " And I asked: 'Are you ready for success? "
Then I set up was really starting from scratch. He told me: 'First, you're fat' - when I weighed 52 pounds during the growth of 165 cm, and I was offered work as a model. I had to lose weight in three to four kilos.
I remember how when I worked with four-time world champion fitness - it was my diet with a minimum of calories, very strict. Until that I fainted on the stage. And in the end to the clip 'Mamey' I lost weight by four pounds.
- That your victim ended?
- Oh no. Then it was: 'You're too beautiful to wear - wear jeans, you should be what you want to see teenagers. Your hands - just look at his hands in the clip 'came the' - they are also a million dollars! Can not have such well-groomed hands'. And I replied: 'Well, I'm a woman! "
In the end, before you get to the producer, I ran to the bathroom and mochila carelessly head because he was indignant: "You again as a beauty salon!" Had to go unpainted.

One guard did not saving

- Number of fans Katya Lel not much strain?
- The main thing is there were peaceful. While I, of course, protect the guards, but now has already taken two. One fails. And this is all that I was not aggressive people, and not denied autograph ever.
- Not strewn with flowers, as in the famous song by Alla Pugacheva?
- I've got a constant fan. Since I moved into a new apartment about eight months ago, he does not forget about me. We, the artists, you understand, we see a lot of colors, but this I have never seen. For example, he gave me a bouquet of 150 roses.
A recently set a record: 333 roses. They were not able to make in my apartment - had to open the two doors of the corridor. I signed the card: "With love and affection '. Very often, the male fans are added that will wait for a lifetime.
- And you?
- And what am I? My heart is not free. In the sense I am not married, but met a man with whom I want to link their future life. I think it could soon be raising a family. This man just took me to the quick. Neighborhood, you always live with the expectation of happiness

. Secret Love

. - Your chosen one is related to show business? Then what Alexander Volkov? I heard that there were discussions about a fairly serious relationship with your ex-producer ...
. - I do not want to give comments about my ex-producer
. He has a family, a wife, beautiful children. As for your question, my chosen one - a man known enough. He's a businessman, and I can not disclose his name, as now, yet there is such possibility, we live in, hiding our relationship. But, I feel that soon everyone will know anyway.
- He probably corresponds to your masculine ideal. Which, by the way, he describe ...
- Most importantly - a bold spirit, intelligent. He must be decent in his thoughts, actions, actions. For example, in my life attended the man who committed some things, not listening to society and going against him, because he had an opinion on this.
Or not so long ago we were shooting video 'Two drops'. Pavel Bure, with whom we have been friends for ten years, I was very surprised. His participation in the clip was not possible for various reasons. I can not say what - but it is impossible or even forbidden for him. And he did so, he considered it necessary. I'm still a sense of gratitude to this man.
- And how untrue stories about your affair with Bure?
- Yes about what does not hear! People in April 'moved' me with things to his home. And I'm waiting for him at least a child, and in general we will soon be a wedding held. I told him if you see each other, always inform: 'Do you know another important moment in our biographies? ..'
We Pasha - in a very warm, friendly relations. I am happy that I have a friend who betrayed you. It is usually known people like for what they are. He was an athlete, I am artist ... But it is very expensive, that he respects me just as a person.
- You said you found the second half, but did not say when will be your most important life event ...
- I think it is too early to talk about it. But answer this: I recently was at a wedding. And there the bride throwing a bouquet of tradition. I have not caught him then, because there was a very agile girl who wanted to catch him mad - and she was able. I did not set out to catch him. I need not - and so it will. I know for sure. From the fate no escape - all in time.

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  • It is unclear why constantly stretched from ear to ear? Image of benevolence? Very factitiously all, as in the so-called cheap teatre.Pro "creativity" as something not talk decently
  • korifanski666 for Katya Lel
  • It is unclear why constantly stretched from ear to ear? Image of benevolence? Very factitiously all, as in the so-called cheap teatre.Pro "creativity" as something not talk decently
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  • All the goats, envious and idiots! Katya Lel best singer!
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